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After Alabama Banned Abortions, This Lawmaker Introduced A Bill That Would Make Vasectomies Mandatory

Comments on: "The idea that MEN can make laws that control women’s bodies, and FORCE THEM to have children after being raped, is so evil that there are no words for it, other than HATEFUL, CONTROLLING, DISGUSTING, EVIL, EVIL, EVIL…Women need to leave the state immediately. From: Bored Panda" (8)

  1. Reblogged this on THE PRODIGY OF IDEAS and commented:
    It’s very absurd that men want to control women’s body. It’s regression to the medieval past.

    • It shouldn’t even be a question. We abolished slavery. Women don’t BELONG to men. I’m so furious…AGAIN! I think mandatory vasectomies at the age of 18, then we’ll just die out. Doing it to older men, won’t stop the the younger ones from raping their own kids, or anyone else. Horrible people.

      • I believe that when a boy or a man abuses a woman or a child you deserve physical castration.
        Because there is no cure for pedophilia and rapists often repeat the same violence again.
        But only if women could really rule could such laws be made.
        As long as men are in power they will be able to make laws to defend murderers and pedophiles.

      • You’re right. Absolutely right.

  2. There are not even words!
    I know her proposed bill is just to make a point but I think it isn’t even enough anyway….I’m mean good for her for starting a conversation…but of course nothing will happen.

    • That’s all it is is a talking point. Men over fifty? Way to late. They need to get them when they’re say, 22 and stop them then. Keep a couple for procreation and forget about the rest. Then rape would disappear. Not murder or beatings, but at least no unwanted pregnancies. And perhaps with a little less testosterone, they would just binge watch TV and forget about hurting women altogether. The EVILS men do to women are UNFORGIVABLE.

  3. As Gloria Steinem says, “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”

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