Art and the philosophy of life

Pretend you are going to see a movie . You want to lose yourself in the movie, so the actors need to do a good job to make you think that what you see on the screen is almost real. That is the sign of a great actor or actress, one who gets you […]

via Ego’s Mask — secretsoftheserpent

Comments on: "Ego’s Mask — secretsoftheserpent (FABULOUS VIDEO…don’t miss it) seretsoftheserpent is an interesting blog…check it out." (2)

  1. what a thought provoking post…i read it but can’t watch the video right now…I’ll save it and come back!

    • The video is great. It’s an interesting blog. He’s all about matriarchal leadership, since without it, we’re dead in the water, so to speak.

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