From blogger: Cindy Knoke…every one of her posts is amazing

“But now they drift on the still water, Mysterious, beautiful” WB Yeats Swans swim, in synchronized, silhouettes. Mama delicately rolls her precious eggs, to keep them evenly warm, and plucks her feathers to tuck them in. Black swan, slides in singular grace, while Narcissus is bewitched by his own reflection. Cheers to you from European […]

via Drifting on Still Water~ —

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8 Responses to From blogger: Cindy Knoke…every one of her posts is amazing

  1. cindy knoke says:

    You very sweet friend. I am so lucky to know you. Hugs to you~ ❤

  2. So true. Cindy is amazing.

    • Indeed:) Hope your Mother’s Day was fabulous. All the music and fun must have been so lovely.

      • Yes, we’ve been having a great May over all. Was your trip a success?

      • It was fun but I would never go there again. LONG flight and seemed like Florida. Maui is a resort island…lush and gorgeous but confining and if you’re not into drinking and laying in a deck chair…not enough for me to do. LOLOL Waikiki was a lot more fun but it was Vegas, without the neon or gambling. I enjoyed it, especially the day I went out alone. They have street artists at night, B Boys dancing, music, etc. They also (like Vegas) have every high-end story imaginable, so window shopping is fun. Definitely not something I’d want to do again. Glad you’re having a nice May. Our weather is crazy, going from 85 degrees to 50, with high winds and lots and lots of rain. Temps in the 40s some nights.

      • We went to Kuai’i. Quiet and beautiful. Long, soulful walks on the beach. A canyon with wild moa walking free. Great food. Cool breezes. Exotic flowers. I thought it was heaven.

  3. I’ve heard that about the island. I’m so happy you enjoyed it. 🙂

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