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I’ve fed lots of strays and feral cats.  None of them have been like Ginger Snap.  He was terrified, at first, a lot of cats are.  He started coming around last year but it was just now and then.  This summer he was here more often and then he simply moved into the yard. He started getting friendly with me.  He talked to me and started rolling around and making sweet cat noises and faces at me.  Then he started rubbing against me a little.  He started standing on his hind legs rubbing higher and not letting me walk.  He wound around me and kept arching his back and he let me touch him.  He was unpredictable.

The more comfortable he became, the more dominant he became.  He started terrorizing Emily.  She stopped eating and hid.  She started staying out longer and away from her bed. She was frightened and stressed.  He became bolder and bolder, attacking her while I was standing guard over her.  I started to belong to him and he was driving her out of her home.  He tried to bite and scratch me several times and I didn’t trust him.  I started wearing thicker clothing when I went outside.

I took him to the shelter.  I love Emily.  She’s my stray and I would do anything for her, including relocating Ginger Snap.  She’s finally getting back to her old happy self.  She’s still easily startled but she’s back to sitting on the patio and she comes home early.   We sit together and I pet her for long periods of time and play.  She does NOT want to come inside but I still keep trying.

Now, here’s the thing.  The squirrels have returned and so have the birds.  Today Em was sitting among the leaves watching the squirrels eat the peanuts I piled on the patio.  Emily is happy, the squirrels are happy, the birds are happy and so am I.

People are exactly like this.  Exactly.  Mean, and dominating people can drive others away and turn life from something beautiful into something tense, stressful and exhausting.  It doesn’t matter if it’s hormones, it doesn’t matter what it is.  Get rid of those people who want everything for themselves.  Who want to cut you off from everyone and everything else, who drive love and beauty from your life.  I loved Ginger but he was making life miserable for all of us.  We can’t allow those kinds of personalities to ruin things for everyone around us, not for just ourselves.  He taught me a good lesson.  He might not have been able to help being aggressive and nasty but that was unacceptable behavior.  I had to protect Emily who is sweet and afraid.  None of the other male cats have acted the he did.  I’ve know people just like him.  They can be cute and charming but they can also suck the happiness out of life.  I didn’t realize how much damage he was doing.  That’s common in situations with people as well.  I didn’t realize the squirrels and birds were gone, until they returned.  Emily would have eventually run away and she’s been with me for 4 years.  I watch out for her.  I’ve had lots of other cats here as well and they have all been respectful and nice to each other, even if that just meant leaving each other alone.

Never put up with people like this, and they are everywhere.  My garden and my animal friends are back to having fun and peace in their lives.  So am I.  Never let anyone cut you off from your friends, animal or otherwise.  If you’re unhappy and dreading something you once looked forward to and loved…there’s a reason.  Remove the reason.

I just came in from giving Em a full body massage, food treats and words of love.  She danced for me and purred so very loud, I’m wondering if you heard her.  I want her to be happy.

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  1. omtatjuan3 said:

    It’s a hard life being unloved… If I was a cat I’d hang near you.. Toonce agrees with me!

    • I love him still. He just can’t kill Emily, or drive her away. As I said, I’ve had other feral males here and they never attacked the other cats. Some are more aggressive than others and I couldn’t let him hurt her or bite me. It’s heartbreaking but I had to do what I had to do, to protect her.

      • omtatjuan3 said:

        I hear you!

      • Sigh. You would never let anyone be mean to Toonce. You wouldn’t let another cat drive him away, bite him, or make him stop eating and run to hid all the time. I had to do something. Hard but necessary. You’re almost going to see your grandson. How wonderful. Toonce will get lots of attention at the spa, since everyone loves him.

  2. Whee just wanted to say whee think it’s a wonderful thing you do caring for these kitties. Whee are sure they appreciate efurrything you are doing 🙂


    • Thank you so much. I love them and our winters are hard. I bought great winter proof houses for them and no one will go inside! Still they have electric beds but they aren’t as nice as the houses. Nothing I can do about it.

  3. I totally agree. My mother had a cat who bit her repeatedly…. I’m talking about 100 bites. He actually attacked. She would not get rid of this cat and would let him into her bedroom where he would attack and bite her. I installed a lock so she could keep him out of her room while she slept but she wouldn’t use the lock. Crazy. Yes. Finally she was so badly infected from a bite that her leg was amputated. That was it and the entire situation was what eventually killed her. Abuse is so sad and this was cat abusing human. What a switch. My cousin and I had the cat put down while my mother was in the hospital. She kept asking for her cat so we told her that he was rehomed. I guess he was…..the home just wasn’t on this plane.

    • Thank you. I’ve been feeling so guilty. I was afraid of being bitten by him. He’s feral and if I couldn’t catch him I didn’t want to be on IV antibiotics, or in the hospital for whatever reason. I’m so sorry about your mother. I can’t believe she let that happen. Love is a weird thing. But all of you were in danger. Just terrible. Plus I would never let anything happen to Emily and she was truly terrified. He was mean to her and I didn’t like my yard anymore, so I had to do something. I’m sorry I had to do it but I’m not sorry I did it. Thank you again for telling me what happened. I’m sorry for that experience but I don’t know how you could have stopped it any earlier. We get ourselves into such messes sometimes.

  4. Great post, wise words.

  5. Have you heard any news about how he is getting along in his new place?
    (As I type this, I have one kitty in my lap, which is awkward when trying to type, and another to my left on the armrest. My furry bookends!)

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