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Quote: Starhawk

Wise woman quotes

Fire…a poem

every time
I see a beautiful picture
like this one
I hear women
as they are burned
for being
by white men
simply wanted
their possessions

if you’re very quiet
and pay attention
maybe you can hear
them too

they’re still


Photo:  Kristaps Ungurs


Believe it…

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Tonight’s the night…Blessed be

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Get your hexes ready…tonight’s the night…

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To be a Witch…

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to be a witch
is to be intelligent
to be a part of nature
heal the sick
bring life into the world
know plants
and understand what they can do
it means to be clever
and creative
to be able to communicate with animals
to be kind
and because of those things
women were hunted
and killed
by jealous
and hateful men
who had none
of those attributes

it’s still happening today

The Call…

The crow called to the witches.  Called the Coven to order.  The witches were meeting to save the environment, to save women and children, to save the world…so the crow sang, loud and clear, so that those who knew how to listen, would appear.


We no longer dress in costume
we blend in nowadays
we look like everyone else
but witches we are
and witches will will always be
handed down from generation
to generation
we are everywhere
and we will never forget
what you did



we see you
we know who you are
you killers of witches
of women
you are never
out of our sight
and we know
where you live


our hearts mourn
for the women murdered
at the hands of greedy men
men who feared a witches power
and wanted what they had
but in each of us a seed was planted
a seed called revenge
for our mothers and grandmothers
lost to us
through hate and selfishness
a seed men planted with their own hands
but one night
when they least expect it
we will come for them
and there will be no place for them to hide

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