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Witch, a poem…

a Witch I was born like my mother before me and a Witch I shall remain until my final breath for all knowledge and everything beautiful is tied to that word

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Elizabeth Miller…Witch

Elizabeth Miller was an important American witch, during the early 1800s.  Intelligent and strong, she served those who came to her for help, healing them, as well as their animals.  When times were hard, she was often given food, as … Continue reading

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Witch, a poem

they asked her what she wanted before they lit the match she said she wanted to be free to live her life to help others to have a garden and some tea at the end of the day they laughed … Continue reading

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joined we are sisters one and all where there is one witch you will always find more harm one and you harm us all know that we are everywhere

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My name is Dark Matter.  My witch and I weave the world into being.  Without us, nothing would exist.  A witch and her familiar are bound together by their magick, by their hearts.  We just wanted you to know.

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These kinds of pictures, were made to show intelligent, powerful women as ugly and frightening.  The reverse is true but labels and fear are always used by those in power to destroy and prevent others from living their lives freely … Continue reading

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Mail art…

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Coming soon, to a night near you…cackle, cackle


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Witch…and a poem

Pinterest witchcraft.com   WITCHES we are here we always have been we always will be there is nothing you can do to destroy the magick that is passed from generation to generation nothing you can do   we are everywhere … Continue reading

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