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New leaves…

tiny new leaves reach out to spring only to find winter lying in wait

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For those of you who think snow is lovely…here are two pictures of what it really looks like and this is after a LOT of melting has taken place.

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I have NEVER once, in my entire life, thought of using an umbrella when it’s snowing. He can’t be from around here.

Picture from Pixabay

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Two pictures of the solid ice around Emily’s shelter…So finished with winter…she is too. By the way, the snow is frozen as well, so you can’t shovel it or move it in anyway at all.

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Sleet, snow and ICE…makes for a wet and slushy place to walk

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I put this on before but wanted to do it again. This is Emmie’s house. She has an electric heated bed on the porch and two soft cushy beds, on top of each other, in the other room. My son-in-law sawed a small opening in the side so if she was attacked, she could get out. Cats ALWAYS need two doors. There are two chairs, holding up the three heavy duty outdoor tarps that cover the area. So she has snug places to sleep and she’s off the cement. There’s a cat scratcher under there as well. The second picture is what her house looked like this morning. It has since snowed some more. Her door is at the far left and hits the ground so she never gets any wind, or cold air. It drives me crazy that she won’t come inside, but she’s firm about that. This is her 6th winter with me and I know when I’m beaten. Anyway…she’s doing fine but I know how much she misses doing her patrol everyday. She’s a guard cat and this is her territory. She can’t go anywhere at all, I think we have 16-19 inches.

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My patio…3 pictures…Emily is confined to a wee place, since there’s nowhere to go.

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