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The sunshine…a poem

life is so different when the sun’s out everything seems wonderful and I’m filled with energy birds sing flowers dance their petals reaching for the warmth and light people passing by smile and say isn’t it a beautiful day we … Continue reading

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IT NEVER STOPS RAINING AND BEING DARK…garden is eating the flamingos and I can’t save them because it’s too bloody wet…it’s always night and no spring or sun in May…don’t move to Chicago unless you’re a mole.

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it’s raining it’s pouring it’s flooding everywhere the ice is gone the snow as well the flowers wonder if this is hell and why they ask were they planted HERE where sunlight is but a genetic imprint something running through … Continue reading

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This was one of my frozen solid bird baths this morning. The second picture is one of the ice chunks that were falling from the trees…I kept trying to sweep the snow/slush off the plants last night, but some of them are still laying down.

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So, I woke up, expecting to see snow but happily, I WAS WRONG because I believed the weather people AGAIN.   This is a terrible and impossible habit to break.  When I was standing in line at the grocery store yesterday, … Continue reading

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Okay, so our weather…100% chance of snow. I don’t think that’s a CHANCE, if it’s 100%

Three to five inches of snow, starting tonight, and 10-20 mph winds, which we have had all day.  I don’t blame people for moving away from here.  It wasn’t like this when I was a kid.  We used to have … Continue reading

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It’s almost May…in Chicago…snow in the forecast. The nice thing is that you never have to put your winter clothes away…you use them all year around.

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