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We are having a blizzard…LOLOLOLOL April 14th and this is our weather. How crazy is that?

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I just drove home in hail, sleet, snow and rain.  It’s 36 degrees.  My flamingo flock is freezing their feathers and wishing they were in Florida.  Happy spring.

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Two pictures of the solid ice around Emily’s shelter…So finished with winter…she is too. By the way, the snow is frozen as well, so you can’t shovel it or move it in anyway at all.

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Sleet, snow and ICE…makes for a wet and slushy place to walk

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rain sleet and ice are falling from the sky I’m waiting for locus the parting of Lake Michigan or perhaps an infestation of toads no one would be the least bit surprised not even a little

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My patio…3 pictures…Emily is confined to a wee place, since there’s nowhere to go.

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Everything was the most beautiful gray today. Like a fashion show in silver. Gorgeous. Dark but lovely.

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