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The first picture is what the pier looked like before the tornado went through one of the suburbs, last night, and the second picture is how it looked this morning, after the storm dumped more rain than anyone could have imagined, in a matter of minutes. My daughter took both of them.

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When I was little, I always wanted to play on a cloud.  I never thought about falling through one.  I incorrectly assumed that a soft and fluffy cloud, would be able to hold me. Yesterday morning I woke up and … Continue reading

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It’s snowing again…big beautiful flakes that don’t belong this close to May

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Woke up to…2 pictures

huge globs of snow are now falling from trees and roofs and it’s so cool…

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The letter…

Dear Human Beings: You are destroying my home.  You are poisoning and killing my friends.  I don’t care if you kill yourselves, but consider this a warning.  If you don’t stop, I will come for you.  You’ve seen what I … Continue reading

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Okay, so…First tornado alert of the season, last night…and then there are Superstorms…

I just watched a program on PBS about THE RISE OF THE SUPERSTORMS.  Because of what we did and continue to do, the horrific category 5 hurricanes that hit the coasts, etc., will not only continue, but get worse and … Continue reading

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We have had so much rain that as soon as it starts we flood…super saturated ground can’t take it…It rains pretty much every single day…right now it’s like dusk and it’s 11 a.m. so dark

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If only…

if only this were possible I’d take down the clouds or at least some of them to have a sunny day to end the darkness and stop the rain if only for a little while

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The sunshine…a poem

life is so different when the sun’s out everything seems wonderful and I’m filled with energy birds sing flowers dance their petals reaching for the warmth and light people passing by smile and say isn’t it a beautiful day we … Continue reading

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IT NEVER STOPS RAINING AND BEING DARK…garden is eating the flamingos and I can’t save them because it’s too bloody wet…it’s always night and no spring or sun in May…don’t move to Chicago unless you’re a mole.

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