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From: Candy…women deliver vaccine to remote parts of Alaska…


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Think about this…everyone is upset by what happened yesterday.  No one is talking about the thousands upon thousands of Americans who died from a virus that the president said didn’t exist and even if it did, it wasn’t worse than … Continue reading

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Empty spaces…

A beautiful and peaceful spot.  I can imagine the dust motes in the air.  A lovely place to sit and read, or talk with a friend, over a cup of something delicious.  But many places are empty spaces (Queen) today.  … Continue reading

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From: Candy…

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Street art…

Matthew Waring unsplash

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From: Candy (Wear a MASK so they don’t have to)

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Doctors on news programs all say the same thing.  People aren’t taking this virus seriously.  They aren’t wearing masks, self distancing, or staying home.  They are also saying that people don’t understand numbers as large as the number of people … Continue reading

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From: Bored Panda…

Sick Of Ignorant People Not Believing In COVID-19, Nurse Quits Her Job In The COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit

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Okay, so…

People will do whatever they want to do in spite of logical consequences, pleading, evidence and informed information.  If people decide to go out for thanksgiving dinner, they will.  They won’t care if someone dies, or is handicap for the … Continue reading

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Wear a mask…before it’s too late.

  Photo:  Mathew Schwartz Unsplash

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