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Biden wins…

Tonight, many women will be beaten and suffer at the hands of angry male trump supporters.  It happens during Super Bowl, and this is really big.  Women are afraid of what men will do to them.   The men will be angry and take it out on those around them, just like trump.  It’s a sad repercussion of tiny weak and pathetic male minds…men who bully and beat weaker beings than themselves, in order to feel bigger than they ever could be.

Women pay the price for male anger and rage.  Emergency rooms, for those women who choose to go, will be busy tonight.


FromBored Panda: An ex-husband did this to his beautiful 34 ex wife, the mother of his child…I don’t think anything happened to him for doing it. He should have been put into an acid bath. They are actually trying to get a law passed to stop men from throwing acid on women, because it happens all the time. And she forgave him. That is why nothing ever changes. Women have been brainwashed to forgive and accept the things that are done to them. Men have not consequences for what they and it makes life a nightmare for women and children. Worse, she not only FORGAVE HIM, but she told her daughter to forgive him too, so she will never fight back as well…and that is the horror of it all. Teaching females to forgive men for what they do IS a huge part of the problem. That has to stop.

34-Year-Old Mother Survives Her Ex-Husband’s Acid Attack And I Want To Share Her Story

Quote: Patrick Stewart

Article from The Guardian

Another, and final, TED Talk for International Women’s Day. She’s great. Violence against women is so profound, insidious and terrible. Change can happen and here’s how it’s done.

This is what the law thinks of females…and yes I checked it on Snopes

Political Nation

not my president…this is what the world sees


Print Mag

I made these t-shirts in 1989 and we’re STILL fighting for our right to own our own bodies…how sick is THAT?


This is VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN on a government scale.  THAT’S WHAT IT IS!

I can’t even begin to tell you how cold it was that day. Demonstrating against VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN and the men driving by did their best to splash us and hit us with slush.

img_7710 img_7711

About the t-shirts saying that men oppose violence against women…Words from Peter

Peter Schreiner
And now, as a further precaution, be on your guard for any men who do wear the t-shirt, as I’m sure any psycho looking to lure a woman into his trap may well use this as a cloak of reassurance covering his demented will. In other words, trust no one. Absolutely no one. That doesn’t mean you can’t function in society, but always harbor a healthy, self-preserving degree of mistrust

Seriously, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this, since it happens all the time.  Thank you Peter.  I appreciate your honesty and courage.

Check out his fabulous blog.

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