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The kids moved into their new house and they are having everything redone before they bring their things over. Maggie is afraid they will leave her there, so this is how they found her today…in one of the suitcases, ready to go, if they wanted to leave.

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Vicious Beast napping, at her house, in her nest.

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Maggie Mae, AKA Mags, Magleana, and the ever popular…Vicious Beast, or VB for short…

Mags is fifteen years old.  She is hysterical to go wherever anyone else is going, so ninety percent of the time, she’s in the car.  She doesn’t care if you leave her in the car, she just wants to be … Continue reading

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Vicious Beast…aka Maggie, Mags, Magalena, VB…yes, she answers to all but Vicious Beast and VB

Mags and Sadie (cat) arrived yesterday morning.  All of my plants are in the laundry room, which is tiny, so it looks like a JUNGLE in there, and that’s totally cool but washing clothes is a complete impossibility.  Anyway, things … Continue reading

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Picture of Maggie, aka VB, aka Vicious Beast…she LOOKS so cute,doesn’t she? She didn’t get her nickname without earning it, believe me…

A four pound bundle of viciousness.  Sure, she can be nice and even adorable but that’s simply a ploy to get you to come closer.  She’s smaller than the cat but filled with growls, snarls and snapping fangs.  In this … Continue reading

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Vicious Beast

Vicious Beast without haircut.  I like her like this.  I have posted this picture before.  She’s s cute all fuzzy.

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Vicious Beast on Mother’s Day

VB (AKA Vicious Beast) had a hair cut.  I like her fuzzy but she’s not my dog, so she has a very short hair cut and her face is so skinny:(  She had a lovely bow around her neck, for … Continue reading

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