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Things are moving along, with regard to the Valentine’s Day Party…As always, everyone is excited and VERY busy. Guests are arriving and the fun has begun.


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Tulip refreshed the Valentine’s Day Card Box and now it’s ready for the Party…

The Valentine's Day box



Mary Lou is practicing her routine for the party. She’s going to slowly swing back and forth but she’s going to do it while peeping her favorite song. This is her first performance.


Piggie Wiggie and Bertha are doing a short play at the Valentine’s Day party. It’s called, THE PRINCESS AND THE CHICKLET. The Piggie gets locked in a tower and the chicklet rescues her then they peep and grunt two songs and do a short tap routine.” Everyone’s sure it’s going to be a hit.


Colin thinks Journey is a beautiful chicklet and he’s bringing her flowers. He’s going to ask he to the Valentine’s Day Party.


Kitten and her big brother are helping with the Valentine’s Day party. They are part of the Decorating Committee.

ZZ and his little sister Sweet Pea…


The party plans are moving along nicely.  The heart-shaped corn bread is frozen and so are the cookies.  ZZ made a large heart to put over the doorway and Sweet Pea will be practicing her dance routine later this morning. The costumes are ready and the poetry reading sign-up sheet is full.  Everyone is very excited and the horses agreed to wear hearts in their manes.  I think it’s going to be wonderful party.

The decorations are going up…

The Decoration Committee is very busy.  Chicklets are cutting out paper hearts and stringing them together.  Everyone is getting excited about the party.  All of the newly baked cookies have been eaten…again.  Those in the healing rooms are feeling much better and most are looking forward to their very first party.

Pictures from the Chicklets Valentine’s Day Party…

The party was a smashing success.  All of the food was eaten, the Poetry Slam was wonderful, the dance was fun, the games and rides were a huge hit and so much corn was donated at the Story Booth, that the horses will have to help deliver it to the needy.  The decorating committee received a standing ovation and the dancers outdid themselves.  The singers invited everyone to sing along and that went over so well, they were on stage much longer than expected.  The youngest chicklets were worn out.  Today the chicklets will spend the day cleaning up but the hens are making corn pancakes for breakfast and that will get them off to a good start.

Valentine’s Day Ride…

The chicklets have one of the rides up and running.  It will go in a large circle around the party room.  They are thinking of adding two more cars but the stage crew is quite busy at the moment.  They are testing the ride at the moment and going through a bit of a dress rehearsal. Jim has been around the room three times and nothing has broken, so the chicklets are very happy.

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