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A Strange Meeting…Twelve

The bookstore was lit up, the twinkle lights sparkling.  Parker and Lexi were through the door before Bill was out of the backseat.  They both sighed in relief, as they saw the old man standing behind the counter. “I’m sorry, … Continue reading

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Jasper Kingsley…Twelve

“You said yes, to Byron?” asked Raif.  “Why?” “Maybe he can make Fairy a better place to live,” said Jasper. “How?  And what’s wrong with it the way it is?” “What’s wrong with it?  It’s not fair.” “What is fair?  … Continue reading

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“I don’t think it was right of you to make me leave the room,” huffed Novak. “Okay,” said Louise. “Why did you do that?” “Because I wanted to talk to Mr. Tuche alone and I didn’t know how it would … Continue reading

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“Do you have a few moments?” asked Buttercup. “Yes.  I think I’ve seen all the sparkly things, so they won’t be as distracting.” They sat on an overturned log and watched the dancers float across the floor. “I’ll never be … Continue reading

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