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I think it’s strange that…

…people are asking for others to pray for the “president.”  I just don’t have time to do that. I’m still busy thinking about the kids who were ripped out of their mother’s arms, torn from their families, and placed in … Continue reading

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My daughter went for a walk and this is the sign she saw on someone’s lawn…

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Chicago and trump…

trump wants war and he’s coming to BLUE state Chicago to start one. He has hated Chicago since our last mayor wouldn’t let him take undocumented workers, and let their kids die on cement slabs and destroy families.  Chicago is … Continue reading

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not my president’s travel ban…read it and weep


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The Ugly American…


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The truth still gets out, now and then…

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Pixabay Johnhain

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trump and the media…


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The respect our commander and chief deserves…at least we can see where his hands are

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Noam Chomsky has branded Donald Trump an “ignorant, megalomaniac” with no clear positions whose election has energised neo-Nazis around the world.   Speaking to Al-Jazeera, the celebrated American philosopher and linguist delivered a scathing assessment of Mr Tump’s ability to … Continue reading

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