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It’s too early for snow, but I wonder…(thoughts)

do the trees
know what’s coming
do they sigh
and shake their limbs
getting ready for the weight of the snow
or are they happy
to see the hot weather go
so they can rest
sleep deeply
and dream
lovely tree thoughts
about new
green leaves
as they stretch
ready to feel the sun
on their branches
once again


Photo:  Florian Pinket

Some trees, like some of people, just want to be left alone…

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It’s starting…a poem

Autumn, Maple Leaves, Season, Nature

the trees
are getting ready for winter
with a fashion show
of color
as they drop their leaves
and begin to shut down
conserving their energy
divesting themselves
of anything that can’t
hold heavy ice or snow
and then
when their branches are bare
they softly sing themselves
to sleep


Photo:  Pixabay

Trees are magic…

sun light passing through green leafed tree

trees are magic
their roots
touch the pulse of life
they see everything
they are the guardians
of Nature
the oxygen
the keepers
of wisdom
we ignore that
at our own risk




Photo:  Jeremy Bishop

A few words about trees, roots…

sun light passing through green leafed tree

Sometimes it’s a good thing to put down roots.  Not everyone wants to travel.  Some like to ride out the storm in one place and just send seeds to see the rest of the world.  Either way…as long as one is happy, that’s all that matters.

Trees tie us to the earth.  They ground us and show us what strength and beauty are.  Never take trees for granted.  Always be respectful and polite. If it’s okay with the trees, hug them.  Show them love and kindness.  We are so very fortunate to be able to see and have them.  Don’t ever forget that.


Photo:  Jeremy Bishop

Trees…a poem

gray asphalt road in between green trees during daytime

know how to keep secrets
they never tell
where nests are located
where a bunny or deer is hiding
where a boy and girl
had their first kiss
or where a new sprout
is pushing its way out of the earth

trees take everything in
and then let life move on
down it’s own path
in its own way
in its own time


Photo:  Cole Freeman


brown tree trunk on brown soil

Once upon a time, there was a special forest.  It was called Whisper.  Not everyone could find it, even if they looked for it.  The trees themselves decided who could, or could not see them.

If you happened to be walking down the street and suddenly found yourself on the forest path, well, you could be sure the trees had something to tell you.  The path was staggered, and just long enough to let those who visited, know what they were supposed to learn, because as once on the path, each tree Whispered something to the walker.  Each tree…had something to say, an important message to impart.

No one who walked the path, was ever the same.  They came away from the forest with new insights, a sense of joy and a better understanding of life itself.  It was like a Near Tree Experience, where a person leaves their body and is shown pictures and told amazing things.

Trees know everything.  They’ve been here from the beginning.  Their stories are handed down from tree to tree, from forest to forest, by the ancient ones, who were here from the first light.  Not all the things they show people are pleasant.  They show clear-cutting, the destruction of the rain forests the ugliness of humans and how they are destroying the earth, and everything on it.

But for the most part, they sing softly and tell exciting stories of the First Trees.  They tell of children, and other animals, climbing in their branches, laughing and napping among their leaves.  They tell of the love they have for each other and all of nature.  They whisper about how we have lost our hearts, hidden them away for money, power and status, leaving trees and nature itself behind, to fend for itself, as we cement the earth and pollute The Mother.

The Whispering continues until the path ends.  A person can only walk in the forest once in their lifetime.  The secrets the trees tell are too big, to hear them more than once. It’s a beautiful place, a living museum of time itself.  If you’re very fortunate, maybe someday, you’ll be invited to experience the Whispers.


Photo Mario Dobelmann

Trees make the world beautiful…

snow covered road between bare trees during daytime

Photo:  Max Bender


Debbie took this picture on the way to work yesterday…I love it.


Composing, Woman, Fantasy, Face, Beauty

trees talk to each other
they sing and sway
moving to the beat
of their own songs
and they laugh
tickled by bird feet
and squirrels
as they jump
from branch
to branch
they mourn
their felled friends
and celebrate new saplings
they watch us move about
listen to us
when we talk to them
they heal us
when we ask
and accept our energy
in return
they don’t mind
when we decorate them
and they love fairy lights
draped across their twigs
because it reminds them
of fireflies
fluttering through the night
have their own special magic
show them love
and kindness
not just because they keep us alive
but because everything in nature
should be treated that way

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