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purple Don't Just Exist neon signage turned-on

most of the time
a plant can manage to grow
where it’s placed
but in the right window
it will thrive
it’s like that for us
as well
don’t just exist
dragging yourself
through life
find your window
soak up the light
and thrive





I believe in thriving. In a perfect world I would like everyone to thrive and be well and happy. Lately, however, it seems to be a lot more difficult to think in a positive way. As I’ve said before, I don’t read the paper and I don’t listen to the news, but when I opened my laptop this morning, the first thing I saw was that a 5 year old girl in India had been raped and tortured and was clinging to life. It’s hard to thrive in a world where things like that are embed into your consciousness on a daily basis. I don’t want the man who did that to the little girl to thrive in even the smallest of ways. I don’t want the people who are responsible for the horrific act in Boston to thrive either. In truth, there are a lot of people who I don’t want to thrive. Sometimes, all I want is revenge.

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