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The future…

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Photo:  Dev Asangbam

The future…a poem

Old Letters, Quill, Old Photos, Pen

if we could see into the future
all the way to the end
of our own lives
how many of us
would choose
to leave early


Photo:  Pixabay

The Future…a poem

Steampunk, Punk, Night, Scifi, Cyberpunk

look what you did
to the world
you left this mess
for us to clean up
and how do you expect
us to do it
everything is
or dying
your greed
for more
left less
for everyone
even your own
but you didn’t care
and now
we fight
every single day
just to
and it’s all
because of
and the worst part
is knowing
that if you had the chance
you’d do it
all again

Quote about a new book:

From an Oxford economist, a visionary account of how technology will transform the world of work, and what we should do about it

From mechanical looms to the combustion engine to the first computers, new technologies have always provoked panic about workers being replaced by machines. For centuries, such fears have been misplaced, and many economists maintain that they remain so today. But as Daniel Susskind demonstrates, this time really is different. Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence mean that all kinds of jobs are increasingly at risk.

Drawing on almost a decade of research in the field, Susskind argues that machines no longer need to think like us in order to outperform us, as was once widely believed. As a result, more and more tasks that used to be far beyond the capability of computers – from diagnosing illnesses to drafting legal contracts, from writing news reports to composing music – are coming within their reach. The threat of technological unemployment is now real.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, Susskind emphasizes. Technological progress could bring about unprecedented prosperity, solving one of humanity’s oldest problems: how to make sure that everyone has enough to live on. The challenges will be to distribute this prosperity fairly, to constrain the burgeoning power of Big Tech, and to provide meaning in a world where work is no longer the center of our lives. Perceptive, pragmatic, and ultimately hopeful, A World Without Work shows the way.


Okay, so my question (I have NOT read the book) is: when has ANYTHING in our culture ever been fairly distributed?  Like that will EVER happen.  And WHO decides what is FAIR?  The rich guys decided what FAIR minimum wage is, remember that.  Not enough to live on.  I doubt whether you and I will be asked for our opinions.

I’m just guessing, but I think this will lead to a split society of the big time haves and the definitely have nots.  But maybe that’s just me.

Okay, so…

Vintage, Doll, Hurricane Harvey, Ruin

I went to Barnes today and many of the magazines were about the nightmares being caused by Global Warming and Climate Change.  So many articles were about crumbling governments, countries and people trying to escape death and misery.  It’s terrible and it’s all there, in full color.  The pictures are brutal.  People trying to escape, their children, terrified.  Animals hanging on by a thread.  AD BUSTERS screaming that we have to ACT now.  Mother Jones is still there, doing her thing, and Hedgehog is telling us what’s going on, as well.  Even Time, which is not a liberal mag, had someone important (don’t remember who, so not too important to me, I guess), on the cover, wearing a suit, standing in water almost to his knees.

Next to that are the music magazines, with QUEEN, Bowie, and all the rest, including Nirvana, and travel mags.  On the other side are magazines that cost $26, filled with pictures of the inside of homes.  Luxury magazines, for some, and regular flea market magazines, for others. Craft magazines and calming magazines too. Fun things, amid the death and destruction, but strict shelving to keep them far enough apart so as not to mess up their vibe.

I didn’t look at the war, gun and HUNTING things, I didn’t even look at the poetry or art magazines.  I was too tired from the onslaught of death and destruction.

I picked up a couple of things and finally just left.  I went to Noodles where I had a great lunch, followed by one of their giant chocolate chip cookies.   Then I felt a little better.  I felt even better after I got home and ate more chocolate and more cookies.  I eat that instead of food.  Food isn’t as tasty as chocolate and cookies.  At least not to me.  I did have tofu at Noodles, so I’m good.

I feel as if EVERYTHING is out of balance.  As if we are teetering on the brink of something we won’t be able to come back from.  Like we are going to be rebooted.  I don’t know how to close my eyes and just live my nice little life, when other people can’t.  I don’t know how to stop what’s going on…how to save polar bears.  I don’t know how to make things that aren’t okay…be okay.  I don’t know how we, as a culture/world, can allow inner cities and slums to exist.  How we can let race or gender matter. How we can allow poverty and hungry, starving children to NOT matter.   How we can let men beat, rape, control and kill women.  How we can have war and let the government kill our children and the children of other mother’s and father’s.  I don’t understand why people are greedy and hateful. I don’t get why fathers refuse to support their own children. Why people wear and eat animals, or kill them for fun.

It doesn’t help when people say, “That’s just the way things are,” because that just means no one cares.  Nothing is, “just the way things are.”  WE MAKE THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE.   We are driving ourselves to extinction.  I’m so okay with that.  What a wonderful world this will be without us.  No more mass killings of species, no more destruction of habitats, oceans, air, earth.  All the bad things will be gone, when we aren’t here any longer.  We ARE the bad thing.

But, at the moment, we still exist.  We still have a chance to change a few things.  And we still aren’t doing it.  We won’t do it either…not until the water is in our own homes. And maybe not even then.   That’s a sure sign that we deserve what we get.  Inaction.  Still using plastic bags, fracking, killing, blowing things up, fighting, hating, poisoning our water, our food, the bees, and taking from others.  That’s not the way to live, and to prove that, I think Mother Nature will kick our asses to the curb of the universe and that will be the end of us, once and for all.

Choices…3 pictures

What kind of future lies ahead for children?


or this…

It’s up to us to stop the insane men in power from killing kids, isn’t it?

All pictures from: Pixabay

Okay, so…this is in response to the TED talk I posted earlier today.

Imagine the future the speaker paints.  No jobs, for the great majority of people, who will be depending on a government to supply them with monthly wages, for doing nothing, when the government can’t even take care of social security, healthy or poverty with the money WE ALL GIVE THEM.  That is the most INSANE thing I have EVER heard.  Our government is a joke.  They greedy and they don’t care about anything but getting reelected.

Think about the government ever being in charge of the amount of money you get.  They would know every cent you spend and where it went, because you wont be getting cash, you’ll be getting chits and vouchers.  No privacy and no way to make MONEY unless the then thriving black market, in goods and services, will let you in.

The robots/machines are LEARNING.  He said that’s something we might want to WORRY ABOUT!  He also said that upper level jobs won’t be safe either.  So, so people will be on a more equal playing board EXCEPT FOR THE FILTHY RICH WHO DOLE OUT THE MONEY to everyone else.  Cuz you know how trustworthy THEY are.

He said we may have to use INCENTIVES (more money) to get kids to GO TO SCHOOL because well, WHY SHOULD THEY.  There won’t be any jobs and everyone will be getting money from the government.  Nice, right?

He said there could be a PROBLEM with people finding pretty much a REASON TO GET UP EVERYDAY.  We will need MEANINGFUL things to do, because there won’t be any work.  Now here is a telling thing…he said they can help other people and the ONLY reason for that will be because there will be more poverty and depression and, if I understand him correctly, that can only lead to MORE violence or complete apathy.  I think the country will collapse and civil war will break out.  Not a doubt in my mind.  CEO’s getting the same amount as floor washers…yeah, they will LOVE that.  He said that we can look forward to PAY CUTS!  Won’t that be nice.

This…is the most important thing I have to say…WE DON’T HAVE TO LET MACHINES TAKE OVER THE WORK PLACE.  NO ONE CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN.  WHY WOULD WE DO THAT TO OURSELVES…OR HAVE IT DONE TO US?  Greed.  Money.  But there won’t be any spending, there won’t be any money all there will be will be ANGRY, DEPRESSED people with NOTHING TO LOSE.  See if the government can stop that mob from happening.

So, this is the 1984 that is already on it’s way.  MEN ARE MAKING THE DECISION TO DO THIS TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF US.  It doesn’t have to happen but it will because of the greedy men who care more for themselves than they do for the people who live here.  I hope the revolution that follows will be quick.  I want to see the robots gone and the Greenpeace flag flown over the white house.  I want to see every person who made money off destroying the lives of people jailed for the rest of their lives.  I have other ideas as well, but yo probably wouldn’t like them.  There is no doubt that the economy will collapse and keep in mind, that America has all the guns.  Should be interesting.

It doesn’t have to happen, but it will.


Do you think this is all we will eventually be???

The future…

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