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The chicklets, and all those at The Coop, stand with their human friends in solidarity…

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A committee, making plans to travel to The Coop, for the Easter Party…

“If only we could fly,” said one of the roosters. “We’ve been through this a million times,” said the hen.  “We CAN’T fly, and we will NEVER be able to fly, so give it up.” “I’m just saying…” “Look,” she … Continue reading

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In a stunning upset, all those who wanted to be Santa, decided that they’d rather do something else. Max happened to be walking by and was immediately elected to be Santa. He said okay but the ribbon had to go after the picture. He’s purrrfect for the job.

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Meet Martha…

Martha is on her way to The Coop for the parties.  She’s been traveling for quite some time, but she’s meeting up with friends this afternoon, who are going to give her a ride the rest of the way.  She … Continue reading

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Meet Zia…

Zia is on her way to The Coop, for the Turkey Party.  This will be her second year in attendance.   She plans on staying trough the Chickmas season, since she enjoys being in the kitchen when the cookies are being … Continue reading

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Getting gifts ready for friends…is always fun and exciting

Lou is getting some surprises ready for Chickmas.  Everyone at The Coop loves surprises and gifts and there are a lot of guests arriving shortly.  It’s a busy time for the chicklets, who are delighted by i all.

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The Party…

The party was a smashing success.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  The poetry readings lasted for well over an hour and many chirps and peeps could be heard when it was finally finished.  The bunnies taught everyone to do the … Continue reading

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Picture from: Pinterest Artemis is a beautiful sheep.  She has dignity and bearing.  She is filled with compassion, love, kindness and joy.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and she is a loyal friend.  The other sheep respect her, … Continue reading

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Iris, Pettie, Black Wing, Ducky, Cuddles, Batty, and Cloud

Iris is the animal wrangler for the Halloween Party.  Ducky dyed herself green because she  watched the Wizard of Oz and no one can convince her that witches don’t have to be any particular color.  Batty is going to hang … Continue reading

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Thistle, Cal and Toby…

 Today is Library Day at The Coop.  It was Toby’s first time among the stacks…he chose Harry Potter and Peter Pan.  Thistle filled her backpack with books about the Little Red Hen and other stories involving birds, as well as … Continue reading

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