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Okay, so…

If energy cannot be created or destroyed, then energy was already here when the universe came into being.  It had to be, since energy cannot be created.  The universe didn’t simply appear from a singularity, from no time and no space. Stuff was already here so things could kick in.

There’s just no way the big ban can make sense.  I am not a scientists, astronomer, or physicist, but the BB DOESN’T WORK, even to me.


There Was No Big Bang Singularity – Forbes › startswithabang › 2018/07/27
I just found this article…and it makes some sense.  I don’t believe there ever was a big bang.  I know this won’t matter to a lot of people but it’s interesting and akin to the world being flat.  We have to get over thinking that what we say is true, really IS true and not just what we know so far.
It’s time to admit that the big bang didn’t happen.  I know scientists don’t like to be wrong and they hold on to things with both hands but really, it’s time to let it all go and face the facts.

The Big Bang

The Big Bang


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