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This is an excellent TED Talk…

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This is a good TED Talk about gender identity and health care. The sound is tinny in the very beginning but it only lasts for a minute, then the sound is normal. I can’t imagine why this is even an issue, but it is. More discrimination for more people. This is a nice speaker. I like her and she’s trying to help people. Check it out.

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Play-write Eve Ensler tells it like it is in this outstanding TED Talk

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This horrifying TED Talk is what our culture is all about…the only thing missing from this incredible talk is why can’t we stop men from raping children and women? You need to watch this, if you think anyone is safe from men.

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Please watch this 6 minute TED Talk…

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This is about 16 minutes long but it’s SO IMPORTANT…I’ve been trying to say this FOREVER. PLEASE, if you have kids, or are a teacher…WATCH THIS VIDEO

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