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Check out these t-shirts…

Three of my many old t-shirts for choice…

img_7679 img_7682 img_7683

I don’t know where the others are.  I did find the pants I wanted to wear over the summer, however.  Sometimes it’s not better late than ever, since it’s almost Christmas time.  Anyway, I know my shirts are packed away somewhere.  I might have gotten rid of A few, that were falling apart,  but when you live in a patriarchal society, you keep things like this because THEY REALLY ARE OUT TO GET US.

About the t-shirts saying that men oppose violence against women…Words from Peter

Peter Schreiner
And now, as a further precaution, be on your guard for any men who do wear the t-shirt, as I’m sure any psycho looking to lure a woman into his trap may well use this as a cloak of reassurance covering his demented will. In other words, trust no one. Absolutely no one. That doesn’t mean you can’t function in society, but always harbor a healthy, self-preserving degree of mistrust

Seriously, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this, since it happens all the time.  Thank you Peter.  I appreciate your honesty and courage.

Check out his fabulous blog.

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