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It’s okay, baby she said holding his hand don’t worry look up and see how beautiful everything is look around all you see is magic I know you’re afraid but I would never let anything happen to you she stopped … Continue reading

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R7641-7 Story poem

 R7641-7 was on duty her guns and her magic were ready to go trained from birth to protect the innocent from political forces she did whatever it took to keep living beings alive in the past governments slaughtered their own … Continue reading

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Martin Locky decided the best way to avoid the virus was to live alone on the island he had received for his twenty-first birthday he brought his tablet backpack and water hoping that Amazon would deliver food in a timely … Continue reading

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Social Distancing…

  Picture: Pixabay

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Moon Glow…a story poem

her name was Moon Glow her hair was the color of MIDNIGHT her skin PALE as the moon and her voice was part of the NIGHT itself when she sang the stars grew BRIGHTER and the MOON swayed back and … Continue reading

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All the World’s a…Stage

life is one long GIGANTIC DIVERSE INSANE COLORFUL DEADLY PLAY if you doubt that for even a second just think about the WORDS we use to DESCRIBE others did you see the way he ACTED I never saw anyone ACT … Continue reading

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Adventure…a story poem

…and then I told Toby Toby’s my dog that we should run away because everyone needs adventures in their lives even dogs so I made some sandwiches and we left and now we met you and you are exactly the … Continue reading

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I was never sure about the whole snake thing a lot of “girls” like snakes Medusa was not an exception she thought reptiles rocked so she kept them around and they liked her so they stayed it was a symbiotic … Continue reading

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Roger was usually mild-mannered except on certain mornings then he looked more like THIS those were the days when people brought him coffee and sweet rolls stayed out of his way and walked softly past his door everyone liked to … Continue reading

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Kids collect a lot of things and they keep their collections in all kinds of places pockets drawers shoe boxes all kinds of places Zoe’s collection was a little different she collected stars and every time one came close enough … Continue reading

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