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Neon…The Club…a short story.


“Excuse me,” said the bartender.  “You’re in the wrong place.”

The man looked around, took off his sunglasses and put them on the bar. “Look, it’s late, I’m here to start any trouble.  Can you get me something to drink?  I’m meeting a client here.”

“I’ll look in the back, but I don’t think I have anything for you.”

“Give it your best shot,” said the man, rubbing his eyes.

The bartender walked away and a woman slid onto the stool.  “Mr. Cass?”

He nodded.

“Thank you for meeting me here.  I hope you’re not too uncomfortable.”

“I’m fine,” he said.

“Can you help me?”

“I can try, but I can’t promise anything.”

She nodded and slid an envelope toward him.  “The photo is in there, along with the cash and something that belonged to him.”

The envelope disappeared into his coat pocket, just as the bartender returned.

“I’m sorry.  I don’t have anything.”

“Then give me a martini, dry.”

“You sure?”

“Why are you so mean?” asked the woman.  “They’re just like everyone else.”

“Using the word they, in that way, automatically means you think THEY are different,” said the bartender.  “Look, I just work here.  There plenty of Vamp bars around. This happens to be for the hearts still beating.  I don’t have blood cocktails in the fridge.  I’m sorry, but the sign says it all.  Coming here is like going to a vegan deli and asking for meat.”

“Sorry, kid,” said the man, throwing a fifty on the bar.  “You’re right.  But she was afraid to meet anywhere else.  I’m sure you can understand that.”

The bartender nodded.  “There’s a place down the block called ALL OF US.  It’s new and serves everyone.  You might want to try meting there next time.”

“She doesn’t want to meet where vampires are drinking.”

“I get it, but this is a place for living people only.  They aren’t afraid to come here, because it’s vampire free.  Shouldn’t they have a place where they feel safe?”

The man stood up, turned to the woman, and said, “I’ll be in touch.”

She watched him walk away, then drank his untouched martini.


Photo:  Maksim Goncharenok

The Queen…

Lack of Chess is fatal.

the Queen said
I wil not fall
so she sent her pawns
and rooks
her knights
and bishops
to defend her castles
and and finally
as he other side fell
she turned to the king
and said
when will you grow up
I’m so sick of fighting
your battles for you
then she moved across the board
reorganized her troops
and wondered why
she hadn’t stayed

Santa…a poem about Christmas

man's portrait photography

came to America
and found that
the streets weren’t paved
with gold
they were covered
with corruption
and homeless people
and racism
and hatred
the haves
and the have nots
someone hit him
took his
his red suit
and his hat
he was cold
his stomach rumbled
hunger and thirst
made him tired
he had no cookies
or reindeer
no sleigh
he thought about the presents
he left for the children
useless things
when what they needed
was safety
health care
and he wept
for he had none of those things
to give
but after sitting in an alley
next to a sleeping man
he realized
that he could do something
he could take
instead of giving
he could
become a new
Robin Hood
taking from the rich
and giving to the poor
he could leave coal
at the homes of those
in the government
he could change
yes, yes
he could do that
he could make America
a better place
but first
he needed
to find his way home


Photo:  Donald Teel

Witches…a story poem

don’t disappear
after Halloween
we’re always here
in spite of the fact
that men tried their hardest
to wipe us out
are healers
spirit guides
witches are everything
and with our sisters
we celebrate Yule
a holiday
stolen from us
by men
whose hatred
has never weakened
and continues
to this very day
but the light is coming
it can’t be stopped
and believe me when I say
neither can we



Photo:  Sierra Koder

Gary…story poem

Man, Music, Headset, Cartoon

Gary was always on his phone
he stopped hearing
the people next to him
his environment shrank
to a tiny lit screen
in front of him
his eyes slowly
lost their ability
to look from side to side
he rarely knew
what he was eating
he had no physical
those he knew
lived behind the screen
he held in his hand
some of them
weren’t even real
he stopped driving
so he wouldn’t have to
look up
his life
and smaller
he decided
here was no reason
to ever go out
so he sat
in his room
with his phone
and his charger
and pretended
that he was


Photo:  Pixabay

The Old Man and the Lake…story poem

it was cold on the water
and he had been alone
far too long
nothing changed
no matter how much time
he missed her
every moment
of every day
it was cold on the water
but he wouldn’t fish
he gave up fishing
for her
because she cried
when the fish were hurt
he loved that about her
she made him see that
all life
had the right to live
in peace
it was cold on the water
and he had lost the thread
to his life
he didn’t see the point
of going on
not without her
she had been all that had ever
all that made up his world
and she cried for the fish
and for the cows
and for all the living beings
whose lives were cut short
because of humans
it was cold on the water
winter was close
there were no more cats
sleeping in front of the fire
the dogs were gone as well
he was alone
and had been
for far too long
he stopped rowing
inhaled deeply
the Christmas trees
the cherry pies
the presents wrapped
in colorful paper
the warmth of her body
next to his
it was cold on the water
but he took off his coat
folded it neatly
and laid it on the seat
in front of him
he took off his shoes
then his socks
he ran his fingers through his hair
took her picture out of his pocket
and placed it carefully
inside his shoe
then he
lowered himself into the lake
it was cold on the water
but the water had always been
his friend
now it held him gently
and rocked him to sleep



Photo:  Fabrice Villard


quick warning
you can only walk through
this beautiful forest
at certain times each day
if it’s hungry
it will fold around you
and have you for lunch
or dinner
or even just a snack
the problem
is that no one knows
when those safe times are
since they seem to change
on a daily basis
the name of the forest is
you just have to remember
the chance you’re taking
is one of life or death



Photo:  Aoltan Tasi

Ava…Just a tiny story

man in white dress shirt

Ava was different
than most
she stayed by
which was better
for everyone
at least everyone
who was alive
you see
Ava could see
the dead

and the
could see



Photo:  Jakob Owens

A story poem…about being in the woods…alone.

brown dirt road in the middle of green trees

what terror
lies in wait
along the path
of the lovely deserted forest
Red Riding Hood
was warned
but her mother
still sent her on her way
the good thing
of course
is that she met a beautiful wolf
who killed the evil huntsman
before he got his hands on her
and that’s the moral of the story
always write your own endings


Photo:  Karsten Winegeart

She believed…

woman using smartphone

she believed in Fairy Tales
and happy endings
and strong independent
wo rode horses
and dueled
with evil kings
and tyrants
she believed in
and witches
in familiars
in the power
of words
she believed
that anything
was possible
so she did whatever
she could
to make
her own


Photo:  Giulia Bertelli



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