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Okay, so…books

I’ve been writing about the books written for women.  Sure some of them mirror the lives of some women, depending on who you are, where you live and what you do, I guess.  A lot of women are cheated on, … Continue reading

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sometimes I am so filled with stories that I have to close my eyes and count to ten before I can open them and get back to my current reality

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Sometimes our personal stories are so powerful…we have to print them on our bodies…I get that.

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we are all story tellers we have to be that’s what our lives are stories a new word every second a page added everyday we start at the beginning being dragged into the world then there’s a middle where all … Continue reading

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Life stories…

Pixabay Each of us is a  different story and, like everything else, we are only interested in reading the stories of certain others.  There are some stories we would never think of scanning, let alone reading.  We go for things … Continue reading

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Pinterest buzzfeed.com This is so true.  You know how it is…after you live in a book…to come back to the world we believe is real…it’s a shock to our systems…it’s too much of the wrong story.  We are changed by … Continue reading

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my head is full of stories my own and those I’ve read in books their words and pages inspiring me and providing me with an alternate reality where not my president and his hateful fanatical henchmen do not exist how … Continue reading

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