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Waiting for peanuts…

Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson

One of my daughter’s daily visitors waiting for peanuts…

Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson

Fuzzy friend, looking for peanuts…

Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson

More please…

Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson


Peanuts and water, help a friend get through winter…

Photo:Deborah L. Carlson

“Excuse me, but we’re out of nuts out here.”

Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson

Thanksgiving day thoughts, from a fluffy and clever squirrel.

you guys
are crazy
you celebrate
a day of death
stuffing yourselves
on dead birds
talking about the
ugly pilgrims
and their hateful
religious beliefs
people who
celebrated the near destruction
of the Native Americans people
stealing THEIR country
and calling it their own
this is a day of mourning
for many
while Native Americans
go to get the last bodies of the
at a school where white people
murdered and buried them
all those years ago
how can you FORGET
what has been done
once white people
landed in this country
and started
I don’t get it
I really don’t
you put glitter on the
suffering of others
and give thanks
for what you have
but you are thieves
and murderers
picking and choosing
who shall be fed
and who shall die
squirrels don’t do those things
squirrels are nice
almost everything alive
is nicer than you are
you’re even killing yourselves
you’e a species out of control
driven by greed and ego
and everything around you
including the planet
pays the price for your insanity
what is wrong with you
and just so you know
pecans are my favorite nut


One of the MANY squirrels who visit my daughter’s window for peanuts, which they receive in abundance. They have a shelf outside the window so they have a place to sit and drink water as well. Yes, the cat does go a little crazy at times.

A squirrel is a squirrel…a poem

Squirrel, Young Animal, Small, Young

a squirrel
by any other name
would still be twitchy
and frisky
then leaping
from branch
to branch
that’s pretty much the
of a
unless you count
her soft fur
cute little ears
tiny clawed feet
big beautiful eyes
and long fluffy tail
no matter how you look at it
a squirrel
even thought often destructive
is absolutely adorable


This is the squirrel at my daughter’s house. He’s looking in the kitchen window, begging for peanuts and the cat. He’s sitting on the cat’s outdoor house. Snicker, snicker, especially the cat.

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