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One of the MANY squirrels who visit my daughter’s window for peanuts, which they receive in abundance. They have a shelf outside the window so they have a place to sit and drink water as well. Yes, the cat does go a little crazy at times.

A squirrel is a squirrel…a poem

Squirrel, Young Animal, Small, Young

a squirrel
by any other name
would still be twitchy
and frisky
then leaping
from branch
to branch
that’s pretty much the
of a
unless you count
her soft fur
cute little ears
tiny clawed feet
big beautiful eyes
and long fluffy tail
no matter how you look at it
a squirrel
even thought often destructive
is absolutely adorable


This is the squirrel at my daughter’s house. He’s looking in the kitchen window, begging for peanuts and the cat. He’s sitting on the cat’s outdoor house. Snicker, snicker, especially the cat.


I was doing some artwork and this wee squirrel came to sit by my window and eat some seeds.


I can go to the chickmas party this year My sister went last time and said it was so much fun. I was too little to go with her but now I’m a lot bigger and I can’t wait. Really, I can’t.

Squirrel, Fur, Cute, Forest, Mammal

Sweet girl…

This adorable squirrel started hanging around when she was a baby (Spring).  She comes to get peanuts when I feed Emily.  She dances and comes way to close to the cat, until I put her peanuts in the corner, farther away from Em.  She is absolutely the sweetest baby. She’s so cute and has such a lovely personality.  Anyway…I’m crazy about her and yes, I do worry about her with Emily.  And no, I have no idea wether or not she’s a girl.  🙂


She is so cute.  I walked right up to her…she’s used to me and while the other squirrels run away, she just sits there and isn’t bothered by me.


Peanuts for breakfast this morning…

Nuggie on the ladder…


All the squirrels in my yard are named Nuggie or, to be more precise, Nuggie Mouse.  I couldn’t name all of them individually, keeping them straight was a real problem, so they all ended up with the same name.  They don’t seem to mind.  Not many come around anymore…not since the cats moved into the yard. I don’t see all the beautiful birds either.  Cats kind of make those sweet ones stay away. At any rate, every now and then one of the squirrels drops by to say hello and see if there are any peanuts laying around.

Angels are everywhere…


Picture from:  Pinterest

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