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A bird friend of the Chicklets, never misses a party. He’s leader of the SPARROW gang, and is pretty tough. But he’s lots of fun and gives the chicklets rides on his Harley. He also loves treats. Too cool for Story Hour, he leans outside the building an listens from there but don’t tell anyone I told you.


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I went out to water the plants and sweep things up and the sparrows were chirping at me.  They have a nest in one of the bird houses and their birdlings have hatched.  They were not happy that I was outside. I kept telling them that I would never hurt a single feather and that I put the house up just for them.  They were okay, unless they thought I was closer to the birdhouse than they liked.

I can see them feeding the babies and it’s so sweet.  They work so hard taking care of them. II know how fortunate I am to be able to see them.  🙂


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Photo: Pixabay

A morning at the spa…

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Sparrows are not a native species. They are dangerous to blue birds and other birds, killing them for nesting rights.

Our bird population has plummeted, due to environmental impact.

And while sparrows may not be welcome everywhere, I love them.  They’re tough little birds who were brought to Brooklyn, in the 1800’s, to eat caterpillars.

We think we know what we’re doing, but we never really do.  Sparrows took over and caused a lot of problems we never had, because some genius decided having them here was a really good idea.

Sparrows are fun.

Sparrows…a poem

Refrigerator, Sparrows, Winter, Birds

and in the silence
of the night
when fluffy
they dream
of flight
and gentle breezes
as downy
for the morning sun
when all their
come true


If you want to keep things going in life…you have to show up.

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Picture:  Pixabay

Birds of a feather…


I didn’t realize that sparrows were potting to take over the world, or at least America.  Seems that they drive off other birds, like Goldfinches, and want all the food for themselves. I love sparrows, they are beautiful, tiny and sweet.  See, there’s that whole, judging a bird by it’s cover thing, again.  I always hoped no one would hurt sparrows because they were wee but it turns out, they are tough enough to be the big bird on the block, or feeder, as the case may be.  Way to go tiny birds.  However, they may end up being the only small birds we have left, if their diabolical plan for world domination is successful.  I don’t know what their problem is, besides being really hungry, but they could live at my house…if it wasn’t for the cats, then the other people could feed and save all the brightly colored birds. Chirp.

There’s something about sparrows…


Downtown Chicago

I’ve always loved sparrows.  They are so tiny and fragile looking.  They hop around, beg for food, fight over the handouts and stop other birds from moving into their territory.  They weigh next to nothing but they are fierce and determined.  They are bright eyed and energetic.  There’s just something about them.  Some people don’t like them, they think they are common (as if that’s a bad thing) and drab. Everyone is entitled to his, or her, opinion, of course, but i want to tell those people to look into the mirror and see that they are common and drab as well…being part of their own heard/flock, whatever.

I didn’t realize that sparrows were driving other birds away but they are.  There’s certainly nothing I can do about that.  I mean I would gladly sit down and talk with them, explaining that there’s room for everyone but people can’t do that, so I don’t have any proof that it’s even possible.  See that’s the thing.  The rich and powerful forget that the tiny sparrows can take over a country, just like the herd, or any determined flock.  Once we get our sparrow on, we can drive the bad guys away.  Well, that’s the bird in my yard said, anyway and he should know, since he’s already doing it.


Dove bathing

Dove bathing

Dove bathing with sparrows

The dove was splashing everyone and they loved it.




Bath time

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