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Sparrow…a poem

Sparrow, Bird, Animal, Sperling, Perched

I doubt the tiny sparrow
thinks about how big the sky is
I’m almost sure
she just spreads her wings
and flies


Photo:  Pixabay

Why this bird sings…

I sing
because I can
I sing
because I’m happy
I sing
because my heart is full
of joy
and love
I sing
because I can fly



Photo:  Natalya Letunova

This is Bullet…a poem

selective focus photography of brown birdtiny sparrow
brave and daring
like a bullet
you shoot
through the air
wings tight at your sides
waiting for the right moment
to open them
and fly

Sparrow…a poem

brown bird in a wood near a plant during daytime close-up photography

by the things that
imprison us
this tiny bird
has more
than we will


Picture Andy Holmes

And I’m singing his song…for you…

Sparrow, Bird, Sperling, Nature, Animal

Picture:  Pixabay

Just a sweet picture to brighten you morning…

Sparrow, Male, Bird, Drink, Faucet

feathered wings
tiny feet
like tiny jewels
light up the sky

Picture:  Pixabay

I LOVE Sparrows…

This sparrow lives in Las Vegas


I’m taking off tomorrow and Monday
for the party…


Be back on Tuesday



This sweetie was sitting on the railing of the bridge going into the Japanese Garden.  Bling and I watched him for a while because we were afraid he might be in trouble.  He let us get very close.  He was singing and just sitting there enjoying the day.  He looked brand new and fluffy.  We wondered where his mom was.

People were crossing from the other side and still he sat.  And then, as our concerns grew, he just flew away.  We were so happy to see him fly.  He was a wonderful singer and I’m happy to have been able to see him. His feathers were beautiful and so was his spirit.



SparrowSparrow is in charge of the wedding sign that will be placed at the entrance to The Coop.  She is having a bit of trouble, however, and this is her second attempt.  I have no doubt that she will do a splendid job, once she gets the hang of it.  She has never made a sign before and she usually paints much smaller works.  I think one of the other chicklets is going to help her out this afternoon.




I love sparrows.  Tiny birds with a huge personalities.  Beautiful and while they are plentiful, I never see them as common.

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