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Melinda and Polly sang a song to Pinky, their bunny friend. It was a very sweet song and Pinky loved it.

It’s the end of the world as we know it…

A short poem about voice…

Fantasy, Collage, Singing, Microphone

it doesn’t matter
how well you sing
it only matters
that you do



SIX LITTLE DUCKS…a song we sang as children…words below.

White Ceramic Bathtub With Gold and White Flowers

six little ducks
that I once knew
fat ones
skinny ones
they were too
but the one little duck
with the feather in the back
he ruled the others
with his

down to the river
they would go
wiggle waggle
wiggle waggle
to and fro
but the one little duck
with the feather in the back
he ruled the others
with his


Photo:  Lina Lisitsyna

The song…

green trees beside river during daytime

in the forest
where stillness lives
whispers can be heard
as nature sings
a song
of harmony
and beauty
a song
that humans
do not know


Photo: Robin Gaillot-Drevon

Sing to the song: Christmas Time is Here…

christmas time is here
cities full of cheer
county too
for me and you
this special time of

snowflakes in the air
cookies everywhere
hot chocolate
joy is in the air

some folks have no home
out there all alone
freezing cold
no one to phone
just one more day
this year

presents ‘neath the tree
opened merrily
children dance
and reindeer prance
and carols fill our ears

christmas time is here
hold your loved ones near
no regrets
just do your best
this special time of year

Hark the Herald…

When was the last time you said, “Hark?”  And a herald, as far as I know, is some guy who brings news to people from some other guy.  Basically, he’s a messenger, without a bike.  But he has news, and at a time when electronics were at an all time low, I suppose it was one way to tell people what was going on.  So, are the angels harking the herald, or is the herald telling people to listen to the angels sing?  I think the angels are telling people to pay attention to what the herald is saying, but they are singing it, instead of just saying, “Hey, listen up.” I wonder if the angels were visible, or if the people just heard them.  But no matter. Different times.  Today, if you hear angels singing, people would assume you were smoking crack.  Maybe, just maybe, the people back then were smoking something as well, and that’s why they thought angels were singing in the first place.   We don’t know enough about what was going on at the time, so we should be openminded about things like that.

I’m going to skip the glory part and go right to the god and sinners reconcile.  I have to think the angels, through their song, were telling bad people they thought were bad, to make their peace with god Sr.  If the sinners were terrified, after hearing angels sing, perhaps they did try to straighten up.  I’m thinking they didn’t hear anything, or they didn’t care because they were too busy drinking, gambling, beating their wives, children, or other guys, stealing, or slaughtering something, and just doing what a lot of men do normally.  I don’t think they would be willing to give any of that up no matter how many harks they heard.  I could be wrong, but I doubt it.  The ice caps are melting, and everything is dying right now, and people are pretty much watching TV.   People are people, I don’t care what age they’re from.  Greedy, violent, mean guys are always around and they don’t care about newborns, gods or harking.

I like the peace on earth part and mercy mild.  We still can’t do that either.  Dead kids on cement slabs in detention centers, remember.  No mercy there.  Nope.  None at all.  Zeus could come down here, Neptune could walk out of the sea and start shaking his trident at us and people would say, “Wow.  Freak much?”

There’s something wrong with us.  People sing songs about justice, mercy, peace, and all kinds of things that they actually take no part in at all.

Joyful all ye nations rise?  Really?  You mean we have to stop killing each other and be joyful?  When?  How?  What’s that even like?  When has that ever happened?  Why do we sing that kind of garbage when we are busy hating each other and killing kids?

More than half of the american public doesn’t even LIKE their own nation anymore.  Well, they like the country, just not the people killing everything and pretending they are running things.  To have any nations rise, joyfully would be a sight to see. Okay, maybe there’s a small country somewhere that we have overlooked, perhaps they could give a shout out now and then, but that’s it.  Then again, if they were smart they would remain silent, so we wouldn’t kill them too, after stealing any artifacts or resources they might not know they have.

Join what triumph in the sky?  What does that even mean?  Babies are born so fast we can’t even count them, let along pick one and watch the sky celebrate.  In case people haven’t been paying attention, priests, who are god’s REPRESENTATIVES,  are raping children and driving them to suicide.  And, as far as triumph in the sky goes, no one cares, unless they are giving out Michael Jordan’s for free.  It’s a new world.  People aren’t AFRAID of invisible gods any longer, they’re afraid of each other.  No one cares about a heavenly host, or proclaiming.  Those days are gone.  And what is a HEAVENLY HOST?  A person throwing a party?  Or a host like the wafers they hand out at communion?  Look, the oceans are dying, the ice caps are dying,  the polar bears and a million other species are dying, people are dying,  we have more important things to think about…like keeping the bees alive, so we don’t all starve to death, than worrying about a heavenly anything.

We aren’t what we pretend to be.  We don’t even try to be what we say we want to be.  We  keep singing the same songs but nothing changes.  The reason is, of course, that we are unable to be the things we say we want to be.  We’re a violent, deadly, greedy, unstable species, with opposable thumbs, who invents gods so they can control the masses through fear and harking.I

Hey, I’m not saying we’re all bad.  There are lots of amazing, generous, incredible people around.  People who give one of their kidneys to co workers, there are fire fighters and doctors and nurses who take their profession seriously and don’t do any harm.  There are people who feed the hungry and go into terrible and scary places to help others.  We can be absolutely amazing.

But it took all of us to make the mess we’re currently in.   We aren’t the gardeners of the planet, we’re the destroyers.  And you know how you can tell?  Because I shouldn’t be able to name those who are amazing, because we should all be amazing and if we were, then hatred and  war wouldn’t be words anyone would know about.  That’s how you can tell.  When doing something nice, makes you stand out from the crowd, then SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE CROWD!

But hey, that’s just my opinion.  The one I got from just looking around.


Away in a Manager…

It always seems weird to me that Away in a Manager starts out with “…no crib for a bed.”  Did they even have cribs in those days?  Maybe they meant CRIB, like someone’s pad.  Or maybe they had real cribs, back then, but didn’t know that the bars were too far apart to be safe

Anyway, a manger is a through that horses, or other animals, eat out of and cats often sleep in.  The cats look really cute and the horses are nice to them, or maybe they just don’t want their noses torn off, I’m not sure.  A through is usually off the ground, because the animals who eat out of them, are tall.  So, unless Mary was sitting in the trough, she was on the ground, trying to put herself back together, while her baby was sleeping in a  trough. Say the word trough ten times and it won’t sound any better.

Notice there are never any songs about what MARY went through?  It’s all about the men.  No epidurals for Mary.  Nope.  No doctors, nurses, no one.  I seriously doubt that Joseph was any help.  She gets off the poor donkey and has the baby by herself and do you think ANYONE said, “Hey, nice job Mary, you just had our new god all by yourself.  Thanks a lot, is there anything I can get for you? Like THICK PADS to stop the bleeding, or a change of clothing? How about some juice?”

A lot of kids in America’s slept in drawers.  Their parents were poor, so they just dropped the baby in the bottom dresser drawer and that was that.  Safe and sound, but no one wrote a song about those kids, since they weren’t gods or anything.  I guess gods, or son’s of gods are expected to have better accommodations.

I think cattle do the lowing thing all the time.  Cattle don’t really care about babies, gods or not.  I bet somewhere, right now, cattle are lowing and no one is listening and there’s not a baby in sight.  And a lot of kids don’t cry, but see, if people think you’re special, then anything you do is a miracle, or outstanding, or something no one else does, even if EVERYONE else does it.

I don’t believe for a second the stars looked through the roof of the stable to get a glance at the newborn.  Stars, otherwise known as suns, are busy exploding and shooting energy into space, you know, solar flares.  They couldn’t possibly care about what any of us are doing.  Our sun is going to eat the earth, eventually.   That’s how little they care about us, or what happens to us.

Animals never bow down to us, they bloody RUN AWAY.  At least those who know anything about us do.  The manger scene, with lambs, camels, a donkey…works only if they lived there and thought food was part of the deal.  Why would a camel spend two seconds thinking about a human baby?  It wouldn’t. Animals are far smarter than we are, they don’t worship anyone, they just live.  Ever see an alter with 24k gold statues, in the desert, with a bunch of camels, bowing down to it, while dressed in costumes?  Didn’t think so.

Does ANYONE pay attention to the words of these songs?

OH, SNOWY NIGHT…sing to oh holey night…snicker, snicker, holey, get it?

Microphone, Boy, Studio, Screaming

oh snowy night
the stars are out there twinkling
but can’t be seen
‘cuz the clouds
are too thick

my brother’s sick
the dog just ate
our dinner
the tree fell over
my dad’s on the floor

my mom’s in tears
her laughter is contagious
I look around
and ask
is this outrageous

another happy moment
the tree will get done
but we’ll have
to order out

oh night
of snow
oh niiiiiiiight
oh night
of snooooooow


Dogs can sing too, you know, so here is: SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO TOWN, the canine version.

Dachshund, Rauhaardackel, Dog, Animal

you better not fight
you better not bite
you better not whine
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town

he’s making a list
I don’t think he knows
about your mom’s shoe
or that you ate half the hose
Santa Claus is coming to town

he sees you when your eating
he knows when you’re asleep
Santa’s really creepy
so don’t even make a peep

you better not fight
you better not bite
you better not whine
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming TOOOOOOOO TOWN



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