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Okay, so…I was talking to the chicklets and…

I asked them to help me show what society/culture does to people and what it’s like to be free, open, and creative.  They got to work immediately and three of the chicklets walked  into the Rubber Duck Pond to show … Continue reading

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Life, Death, Politics, America, Kids, Robots and other stuff…

I don’t understand people who say they want to live forever.  Even with constant advancements, which aren’t always a good thing, life remains repetitive and passing. If we could stop aging, that would make a difference, but even then, we … Continue reading

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This guy is fantastic…Up first is his second TED Talk…his first is underneath…both are excellent…if you haven’t seen the first one…begin there…although they are both stand alone talks.

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This is from last year but it’s a great, and important TED Talk…PTS, Vets, our Society and how to think about it.

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Next generation…

Picture from Pinterest We have always been partly robotic, not in body, of course, at least not in the beginning, but in the way we are easily programmed.  We accept the data we’ve been fed and usually don’t think about … Continue reading

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