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Okay, so…Neon…LIFE GOES ON.

LIFE GOES ON, is a current fact.  Life doesn’t need us as a species, to go on.  If we become extinct, life will just make more life out of whatever’s available. That’s what this place is all about…making more of itself.  It’s all about reproduction and making stuff.  Facts are often temporary.  They change as things change.  What was once a fact is no longer a fact.  The fact that humans still believe things to be true, when they aren’t is just silly, but we never stop doing it.

People believed the world was flat and that we were the center of the Universe.  Neither of those things were ever true.  Same goes for god and all the other things people make up.  Racism, sexism and all the rest are based on lies, not on facts.

But we rely on facts, even though they may only be opinions.  We act as if what we know about the universe is a fact, until astronomers and physicists tell us “new” information showed them that the facts weren’t facts at all, so pardon our mistake, but here are the new facts.  I’ve noticed they are more careful about how they say things nowadays.

History books are lies, pretty much every single thing we have access to is an opinion, prejudice, manipulation, or tool for conditioning.  Today we have “fact finders,” so people can check to make sure the facts are facts, but who are the “finders?”  How can they check to find out whether facts are true or not?  Who checks the facts the finders use to check the other facts?

Sometimes we can see through the lies but that doesn’t really change anything, which is pathetic.  We’re a species that started out small and manageable, then grew until we became too big to move in any direction, or know what’s real and what’s not.

I remember when Deb and I were marching in Washington for CHOICE.  The crowd was gigantic.  Thousands upon thousands, upon thousands of people were there.  The group was so HUGE that you had to hold on to each other or you could easily be swept away and be unable to swim backward.  Once the crowd started moving it was impossible to turn them around, or do much of anything with them.  The crowd took on a life of it’s own and we could literally hear the chanting, wash over the crowd, moving as it went from front to back, because there were so many of us that it actually took TIME for the words to pass through/over us.

Thinking about that now, I can see how dangerous it was.  If anything happened, there was nowhere to go.  We were trapped in a sea of bodies.

But here’s the thing…lies and false statements keep growing until they are out of control and become facts that we can’t run from.  We can’t inform the hundreds of thousands of people that they are being conditioned and used by the lies they hear from the pulpit, the rich, and those in charge.  People get dragged along in the stream of false information.

Priests are still raping kids because that’s what they do.  Everyone in the church knows it and nothing is done, other than covering things up and paying people off.  Because that’s what the catholic church does.   It’s lies are believed, it’s secrets kept.

It’s like that with pretty much everything.  So, we pick and choose what we want to believe and think of as facts, when we have no idea what’s real and what isn’t.  All we have is information from people who may or may not know what they are talking about.  People who may want to use us for their own purposes.  You’ll notice that the news doesn’t come from the STREET, from the people are are IN THE NEWS.  It comes from the rich who own the networks and have their own agendas.

We are being played, everyday in every way, every day.  The rich, including the catholic church, continues to get richer and everyone else gets by.  I love that the pope asked the poor people to help the sick and really poor people.  I asked our guide, when we were watching the pope stand in the the tiny window at the Vatican and tell everyone to give more, what the church gives to the poor and she said, “They give nothing.”  But the pope has a cool bullet proof car, and satin robes, let’s not forget that, when he drives past the homeless in the streets.  Oh, and they have money to pay lawyers and silence people.  We need to remember that as well.

My fact is that the church controls and manipulates people to support it while hoarding, lying an raping kids.  A lot of organizations lie to get power and control.  The church is a business.  Think about the people the pope hung around with, you know, Hitler.  I’d tell you about it but you can look it up and decide what you want to believe, just like we all do, with everything.

If people stopped giving to the church, or evil companies who pollute and will not stop, things would be different.  Those who support the church are supporting rape, lies and greedy egomaniacs.  But those are just my facts.  Obviously, people still give their kids to priests and still support companies who destroy the environment. That’s why they both exist.

I’ve said this before, but have you seen any new Hummers on the road lately?  People stopped buying them and they’re pretty much gone.  There’s wasn’t a boycott, the cost of gas and other things convinced people to look elsewhere.   WE HAVE THE POWER TO BRING ABOUT CHANGE but we don’t use it.

Anyway, the reason I wrote this…LOL…is because LIFE GOES ON, but only for now.  In the end, as far as the current FACTS show, the Universe will die.  There will be NO light and it will be so COLD, we can’t even imagine it.  Dead planets and stars…dead everything in a pitch black sky…no movement, no life as we know it.  PITCH BLACK, FREEZING COLD STILLNESS.  DEAD.

Life goes on for the moment, would be a better way of saying it.  As our sun/star turns into a red giant it will eat the inner planets.  Oceans will dry up, everything will be gone.  We’re so used to life that even writing this, I feel as if we’ll be watching it happen.   But no one will be around to one will be taking notes, the sun will EAT the planets.  Then it will turn into a white dwarf.  And, as they say, that will be that.

I mean the universe is speeding away, faster and faster and no one has a clue what DARK MATTER IS, or DARK ENERGY.  It’s weird, but we have no facts, because we make everything up and then define it and sell it as truth.  And yes, if a tree falls in the forest, of course it makes noise.  It’s weird that we’re willing to die for things we make up.

But when you think about it, what else would we do if we didn’t kill each other and hate each other and give our freedom away to the rich greedy people.  If we didn’t work until we died, pray to invisible gods, build weapons and release killer germs into the air?  Seriously, how boring would it be to do whatever we want to do all the time?

I think people learned what life COULD be like, during the lockdown.  They don’t seem to want to go back to work for a paycheck that won’t even cover their basic bills.  It will be interesting to see what happens next.  People woke up.  Good for the people, but really bad for the manipulators.  Snicker, snicker.  Once eyes are opened…as the old saying goes.



Photo:  Andrea Santis





Okay, so…

Baby, Ten, Small, Newborn, Feet, Child

I’ve been thinking about how much time we have to spend, being taught how to live on our own.  Think about it.  Years and years of our lives are spent being conditioned, brainwashed, living by the RULES, forced to go to bed, get up, go to school and all the rest.

Kids have no control over their own lives.  We come here absolutely HELPLESS.  If no one takes care of us, we die.  If that’s not a bad design, I don’t know what is.  Even Bambi gets up in two seconds and is able to run next to his mother.

But us?  Nope.  Takes us forever to walk, talk, not fall asleep, eat, finding out what hot means, learn that the person doesn’t actually disappear when playing Peek-A-Boo, running in the street is bad, and all the rest.  It’s as if we are the dumbest infants on the entire planet.  No other animal has fewer skills than we do at birth.  We can’t even hold up our own heads.

We humans think we are special and that’s true,. We’re special because we are the slowest and most inept and dependent infants/children anywhere.  The other animals must be falling out of trees with laughter, watching us learn to SIT UP.  Pathetic.  Half our lives are spent learning how to exist and take care of ourselves.  Our brains are busy making patterns and zapping neurons into place, while other animals are having kids, laying around in the sun, playing, eating and moving on to start their own herds.

Leave a human toddler alone somewhere and he won’t know a single thing.  NOTHING at all.  He won’t know where he lives, who he is, the names of his parents or dog.  The only thing he might be good at, is crying or pointing, since he can’t really speak and even if he could, he wouldn’t know anything.  It’s a catch-22, if he DOES know something, he won’t be unable to tell us and if he could tell us, he usually won’t know anything.

How can we bee so bloody SLOW for so LONG?   You can say that we have lost our instinct (I think it’s just too loud to hear it) and animals live by theirs, but that doesn’t explain how slowly we grow, compared to a giraffe. Physically, all the other species have us beat by a mile, when it comes to strength and growth.

Sure, other than turtles and parrots, mot animals don’t live very long, compared to us.  But we live longer because if we didn’t, we all be wandering around trying to form sentences.  And then there’s our brains.  So complex, we still don’t know how they work.   It takes twenty-five years, for a woman’s brain to completely developed.  It takes LONGER for a man’s (seriously, it does).  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS and then we still do the silliest things.  Many animals don’t live for twenty-five years.  It takes us forever to grow up, especially today, when kids are kept children long past their “childhood’s expiration date.”  We’ve made it even more impossible for them to grow up by treating them like fragile ornaments and telling them to use their inside voices.

Really bad design.  We lose all those YEARS, just learning the basics.   Then we spend the rest of our lives learning to survive on our own, with the things we’ve been taught, that don’t make sense in the real world.  Therefore, we have to educate ourselves on what’s real and what’s not and there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny and too many kids today are finding out that their parents lied and they aren’t really all that special, and that life isn’t fair.

Animal babies are taught to find food, who to run from, how to steal what they want from humans, how to stay away from humans, how to climb, swim, fly, etc.  We learn math, where flax comes from, lies about HIStory and reading.  We don’t learn how to stop violence or any of the other terrible things we do, to ourselves and every other living thing.

And free will doesn’t exist.  We are run by our hormones and brains, so if your brain is flooded with a certain hormone, your choices will be made accordingly.

Look at it this way, when parents are all excited because their baby is saying da da, Bambi’s running for his life.  All the baby can do, if he’s lucky, is roll over.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.

Okay, so…

My thoughts are, mmmm, wandering, like wild horses out for the day.  I’m reading five or more books at the same time…very different from each other, and maybe that’s one too many, and I’m reading posts on everyone’s blogs and I’m thinking…a lot.

When I wrote the poem, LIVING, this morning, it made me think of more things and one of those things is our never ending and constant need to dissect things, to examine things…to NAME every feeling, emotion and thing that’s going on around us.  It’s silly, since we can’t possibly KNOW everything that’s going on around us, especially with other people and events but, here’s the thing…don’t we take away from our experiences and take away from living in general, by always doing that?

Do we have to know why sitting by a stream makes us feel good?  Do we have to think,  “Wow, this makes me feel peaceful, calm, etc.”  Or can we just sit there and FEEL what we feel, without examination?  Why does everything have to be broken down to it’s basic parts.  Where’s the wonder in that?  I don’t believe that other animal species engage in that kind of behavior.  I think it’s a symptom of what’s wrong with us.  Our need to fix everything, find out why something is happening, so we can change it, make it better, or worse, or whatever.  I think we all do it.  We’ve been taught to do that.  Break everything down, strip it of it’s beauty, and put it under a microscope, rather than see the beauty of whatever it is, whole and alive.  We kill things to look at them.

I think our constant searching for things, physical and spiritual, have become obsessions.  Competitions, a kind of insanity.  Sure, we want to know what’s going on.  Even though in reality, it’s impossible to actually know anything at all.   We have been taught to hunger, to know things.  It’s when we feel that we have to know everything, that we start to lose something important.  We stop feeling and start thinking.

I feel good when I’m outside with Emily and I don’t have to know why.  I could say, “Well, I like to pet her and talk to her.  I like it when she bumps into me and want’s more pets and attention…blah, blah, blah.  The reality is that when I see her, even through the window, I’m happy.  I don’t really have to know why.

Look at it this way…what if you were in the middle of an amazing kiss and started thinking…hmmn, his right hand is here, his left over there, and his head is tilted at that degree and his eyes are closed and his chin is a little lower than mine…and on and on.  Instead of going with the kiss?  Don’t you think that would take something away from the experience?  You might know the logistics of what happened, but the feelings would have been lost in the translation, so to speak.  I think it’s the same for a lot of things, but we have forgotten that, and we don’t realize what a huge loss that is.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.


Okay, so…

When you’re alone in the middle of the ocean all you can see is the water around you.  If you looked at the ocean from above you would you would get a completely different perspective. The higher you went the more your view would change.  It’s that way with everything, when we stand too close to whatever it is we’er looking at.   That’s what we’re doing right now.  We are in the political ocean and can only see what’s around us. We’re too close and no one will be able to see what’s taking place until it’s over and future generations, if there are any, will be far enough away to figure out what happened.  The sad part is that they won’t learn anything from this.  We didn’t learn anything from Germany.  As a matter of fact, we just invited Hitler and his men back with open arms.  We don’t learn from our mistakes, we just give them new faces.


Okay, so…

I’ve been thinking.  Lecturers and books try to answer the same old question, “Who are we?”  I think that’s the wrong question.  I think we should be asking, “WHAT ARE WE?”  We think we can change ourselves, become peaceful, nice and cooperative but we don’t know what we are, or why we are.  We may be war machines, violent entities that took over cavepeople (natural evolutionary creatures on the planet), and just used their bodies as vehicles.  Hey, I’m not saying that’s what happened but it could have. I mean WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT OURSELVES.  We don’t know where we are from, where we’re going, or what we are here for.  Maybe some humans are programmed to be peaceful and others are programmed to be violent.  There has never be a single time in our history when we haven’t been killing everything around us, including each other.  The reason’s we fight aren’t as important as the fact that we never stop doing it.

We make everything up and we made up the things we believe about ourselves as well.  The truth is, we don’t know what we are.  No one can see intelligence, just the result of thinking and imagining.  We have theories about what we are but that’s all they are…theories.  I can easily believe that we once lived on mars…destroyed the planet and then moved here to destroy this one.  We have to admit, we are very good at destroying things and being depressing and vicious.  Sure we love flowers and the beach, but for the most part, there are constant wars, murders, beatings and general ugliness in the form of politicians and just in general.

What if we are violence? What if we have been programmed, by something or someone, to be what we appear to be?  I don’t care if they find bones in Africa, I mean, it’s interesting and I would definitely read about it but I want to know WHAT WE ARE.  We can only see our physical being, which keeps evolving, but very soon we will be partly robotic.  We don’t know how the brain works.  We don’t know what it is.  We know the brain can malfunction, we can see it when it’s not working in someone.  But no one knows where ideas, creativity or emotion come from.  We can see parts of our brain light up, when tested for those things, but we don’t know what it means or what it is.   We don’t know anything at all.  The brain is an elusive thing, keeping its tightly held secretes in its wee synapses.  We are our brains.  Without them we can’t function.  Our bodies carry our brains from one pace to another so that we can do whatever we want to do.  I want to know what we are.  It is impossible that we evolved as quickly as we did.  Something else is going on.

We are already looking for planets we can move to, once we finish this one off.  Seriously, scientists are searching because they know we can’t stay here.  So maybe we really are just things that go around destroying life and lovely planets and all that exists.  Wherever we go, we can probably morph/change into what we need to look like, breathing what we need to breath, if we need to breath at all, and our brains just do their thing in our new form and the destruction continues.  Mars was like earth, now it’s not.  We are already turning earth into mars (destroying the atmosphere, climate change).  Maybe that is exactly what we are.  Like things traveling through the universe laying waste to everything in our path.  “Know your strengths,” I think someone said that once.  We may have a lot of strengths but greed seems to be the big one, as far as I can tell.  Always has been, the men in power, kings, popes, rich people…and then there are the peasants:)  The rest of us.  So what’s going on?  Why do we think we can do better than we are dong?  I’ve seen kind and generous people giving everything they have to bringing about good (define our terms, right?  Good…life affirming, yes that could be defined as well, but I do want to finish this, so bear with me), but they are facing the Darth and his crew, at every turn.  So what are we?  Are some the evil overseers?  Are we stardust (that’s what astronomers tell us) and a super fantastic three diminutional video game?  Are we energy just stopping by and using bodies to house us?  I mean, think about it, we need vehicles or the brain would just lay there until it dried out and turned into something yucky.  Are our brains just circuit boards filled with damp and wiggly highways, instead of chips?  What are we?  Okay, animals, check.  Human species, if the guys who wrote the dictionary says so, but that doesn’t tell us what we ARE, it simply describes what call ourselves and think we’re made of besides carbon, etc.

Well, that’s what I’ve been thinking about tonight.  If you have any answers, I’d love to know what they are.  Maybe we are like the guys who go undercover and then bond with the bad guys.  Perhaps we were neutral, at one point, but started hanging out with bad brains and fell in with that tissue to produce what we are now:)  LOL  Love this stuff.  It’s all true.  We don’t have a clue.

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