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Snow at Night…(Emmie’s path)

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We, in the Chicago area, are supposed to get 11, yes, ELEVEN more inches of snow, starting this afternoon around four.  That’s on top of the snow already on the ground.  And more is coming. What fun.  Not! A friend … Continue reading

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Snow…2 pictures

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It’s snowing again…big beautiful flakes that don’t belong this close to May

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Woke up to…2 pictures

huge globs of snow are now falling from trees and roofs and it’s so cool…

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she thought the world must be ending since it was snowing so close to summer but then she looked at the flakes and knew they couldn’t help but fall it’s not as if they fell on purpose she thought like … Continue reading

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It’s almost May…in Chicago…snow in the forecast. The nice thing is that you never have to put your winter clothes away…you use them all year around.

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There is SNOW in the forecast for Saturday…AGAIN

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He said, she said…

“What does it mean when it thunders during a blizzard in the middle of April?,” he asked, looking at the huge snowflakes falling all around him “It means you’re in Chicago,” she said.  “Or it could be the end of … Continue reading

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The last pile of snow…not snow white, that’s for sure. I kind of feel bad for it. It’s all alone in a big parking lot. Poor thing.

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