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Snow at Night…(Emmie’s path)


We, in the Chicago area, are supposed to get 11, yes, ELEVEN more inches of snow, starting this afternoon around four.  That’s on top of the snow already on the ground.  And more is coming.

What fun.  Not!

A friend of mine called and said they are warning people that if they go out tonight to be sure and have food, water, blankets and a flashlight in their car.  It’s never a good thing to hear that.

Apparently Mother Nature has been playing with us, leading us to believe that this was going to be one of the best winters ever.  She started out with a fall ice storm and then calmed down and things have been blissful.  Now, however, she’s decided that she’s been nice long enough, and all bets are off.  Sigh.

It seems ridiculous that we can’t steer the planet. I mean then we could just turn it toward the SUN, once in awhile.  It only seems fair.  But no. The planet pretty much does whatever it feels like doing, and we’re just along for the ride.  I mean it’s not as if we can go anywhere else, right?  I still can’t believe we all live on a rock flying through space and all we do is kill everything.  How crazy are we?  Never mind, it was a rhetorical question.

Is it spring yet?

Photo:  Aditya Vyas

Snow…2 pictures


It’s snowing again…big beautiful flakes that don’t belong this close to May

Woke up to…2 pictures

huge globs of snow are now falling from trees and roofs and it’s so cool…


she thought the world
must be ending
since it was snowing
so close to summer
but then she looked at the flakes
and knew they couldn’t help but fall
it’s not as if they fell on purpose
she thought
like everything else
snowflakes did
what they were programmed to do
never realizing that they would be gone
before they knew it
so she asked the flakes
to please be careful
of the new and tender leaves
of the buds
and wisps of living things
making their way through the soil
for their yearly chance at seeing
a ray of sunlight
and feeling a warm breeze
against their new born petals
she asked the flakes to be kind
but they looked at her sadly
and said
we are what we are
our path cannot be altered
anymore than yours
but we will land as gently as possible
and sing softly as we fall
and perhaps that will be enough
to calm your lovely garden
and warm your trembling heart


It’s almost May…in Chicago…snow in the forecast. The nice thing is that you never have to put your winter clothes away…you use them all year around.


There is SNOW in the forecast for Saturday…AGAIN

Snowfall, Winter, Snow, Snowflakes

He said, she said…

“What does it mean when it thunders during a blizzard in the middle of April?,” he asked, looking at the huge snowflakes falling all around him

“It means you’re in Chicago,” she said.  “Or it could be the end of the world as we know it.  But both things are the same, so just pick one and go with it.”


The last pile of snow…not snow white, that’s for sure. I kind of feel bad for it. It’s all alone in a big parking lot. Poor thing.

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