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You know I love Chicago’s skyscrapers but did you know…


did you know that Chicago built the very first one?  AND a lot of the skyscrapers that have been built all over the world were built by Chicago architects, including the one in Dubi, which was built by 65-year old Adrian Smith.  Way to go Chicago!   Oh yeah, oh yeah, (you have to start dancing now,  to celebrate skyscrapers and Chicago).

I took this picture in the summer, you can tell, since the sky is blue and the color GREEN appears.

Chicago Skyscrapers…

I posted this picture before.  I love Chicago’s skyscrapers with a passion.  How could I not?  I mean look at them…they’re absolutely gorgeous and they represent home.  Anyway, I was thinking that skyscrapers have a life of their own.  We must seem like ants to them.  Meaningless in the scheme of things, other than for a lot of care taking.  Without us they would rust, and die.  We’ve all seen the programs of what happens to the things we’ve built, once people are gone.  They fall apart.  The windows go first, birds and plants move in, wildlife…that kind of thing.  It’s beautiful, of course, but they aren’t the shining buildings we meant them to be.  Still, they don’t die, they just become something else…like us…we change…and become something else, whatever that might be, even if it’s nothing.  I think everything is like that.  Nothing lasts, or stays the same, not in a world that’s built on entropy.  Decay and destruction are built into the system. But while these buildings are around…they just take my breath away with their power and beauty.

I’m so in love with Chicago…I always have been…She’s so beautiful


Chicago skyscrapers…

IMG_5941In order to be considered a SKYSCRAPER, a building must have at least 40 floors.  Aren’t they gorgeous.  Like walking among giants.

Look up…skyscrapers


Chicago River and skyscrapers





Reflection of a buildings on a building.

There are two seasons in Chicago…winter and road repair

Sky scrapers, old buildings, hanging baskets and the el tracks.  There is a garden on the top of the gray building with the white trim.  We are known for roof top gardens:)



SkyscrapersDebbie and I spent the whole day downtown.  Perfect weather, lots of people and huge buildings.  Flowers, beauty and fun.




My kind of town

Chicago’s skyscrapers are made of glass and steel. They catch the light and glitter. Some buildings reflect the sky in such a way that they almost disappear. They are beautiful and make me think of old Gods standing guard over the city and it’s inhabitants. They exude a sense of energy and incredible power. As the sun blazes above, the people below are often shrouded in darkness, the rays blocked by the buildings themselves. There is a sense of enormous strength in the buildings and when I stand among them I feel revitalized and filled with hope.

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