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Kevin is a leader and a guard sheep.  Ever since he escaped from the pen he was kept in, and took the others with him, he guards the free flock.  He’s very brave, very focused.  He knows he can be … Continue reading

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Marcy’s story…

Two years ago, I ran away from the farm that was holding me prisoner.  It was the best decision I ever made.  These are my free-born children.  They’ll never be thrown down and shaved, or slaughtered for human consumption.  As … Continue reading

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Beauty is when everything is in the right place, so that you can’t help but fall in love with what, or whoever it is.  Beauty calls to us, speaks our language.  This gorgeous sheep is perfect in every way.  Lovely … Continue reading

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“Uh, guys…there’s a weird sheep standing over there.” “Why can’t you just graze like the rest of us?” asked Ba ba. “I’m just sayin’ it’s not like any other sheep I’ve seen before.  If you could stop eating for a … Continue reading

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Sheep…and Harold, the bird.

“I think we should move to a warmer climate,” she said. “You know we’d be too warm.  It’s as if we’re wearing a million woolen sweaters.  Think about that for a moment.” “You’re right,” she signed.  “I’m just tired of … Continue reading

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Kevin, Marge and Suzi…

I’m Kevin, she’s Marge and this is our little girl is Suzi.  We are sheep, for those of you who might not know.  We do all the same things you do and have all the same parts, just extra legs.  … Continue reading

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“We could pull the sleigh. Sheep might not be able to fly but we could pull it. Santa never asks for our help. So we just watch the reindeer soar overhead and wish that one year, he would ask us to take him in the sleigh. We’re very nice and we’re pretty strong, you know.”

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Humanity. Until we stop looking, and acting, like this, there is no hope…

We aren’t all alike.  We’re all different but we have been trained to think that differences are dangerous and evil.  Bad and threatening, so instead of embracing out differences we kill them.

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“Look at them. Just standing there, because he won’t ask for directions. What’s he thinking?”

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Mabel and her crew…a short story

Pixabay Mable is a well loved leader.  Sheep and lambs followed her wherever she goes.  She tells them stories about sheep of long ago.  Brave sheep.  Sheep who bowed to no one.  She knows where the grass is the sweetest … Continue reading

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