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Apparently, on a road to who knows where, you can do whatever you like, maybe just sit and enjoy the day. Free sheep can pretty much do as they please…so they do.

Three Animals Crossing the Country Road

Photo:  Amelie Lachapelle


Photo:  Ainur Knakimov

Sheep…a wee story

while I don’t know any sheep
this one
looks enlightened
as if she understands
all the secrets
of the universes
each and every one
and that’s why
she appears to be
she knows
it’s all an
but the sun is warm
and the grass is sweet
and that is


Photo:  Jacob Amson

A very short story about a lamb and life in general.

“Yes,” said the lamb.  “I know a girl named Mary.”

“Do you follow her to school each day?” asked the man.

“Why would I do that?”

“I thought lambs followed Mary to school.”

“I don’t. The school’s right over there,” said the lamb, looking across the street. “I’ve never seen lambs at the school.”

“So you aren’t the lamb in the nursery rhyme?”

“What nursery rhyme?”

“The one about Mary and her little lamb.”

“I’m unfamiliar with that rhyme,” sighed the lamb, “and I’m busy, so what do you want?”

“I just thought…” stammered the man.

“I think you should go away,” said the lamb, “or I’ll call my mom and dad.”

“I thought lambs were nice.”

“We know humans are deadly.”

“Not all of us,” he said.

“BAAAAAAAAAAAH  BAAAAAAAH,” wailed the lamb.

The man turned and ran, as two huge sheep quickly made their way toward him.

Life’s like that, you know.  We don’t really know which lamb the rhyme was written about, and we never know which humans are deadly, until it’s too late.



Photo:  Jessica Fadel




A sheep in dog’s clothing…

Sheep, Herd, Dog, Livestock, Grazing

Photo:  Pixabay

And then he started singing…I WANT TO BREAK FREE, by QUEEN…and…

and the others joined in
singing their little
sheepling hearts out
I want to break free
I want to break free
I want to break free from your lies
You’re so self satisfied I don’t need you
I’ve got to break freeand Queen’s song
became a standard
for sheep everywhere
the humans never really
got it
so nothing ever changed
for them
but the sheep were much
happier and they now sing
the song
in three point harmony
and enjoy it very much
as they run for freedom
and break the bonds
of human shearing



Photo:  Agnieszka Kowalczyk

Can I help you?

the ewe looked at the human
a camera in his hand
my lamb and I are busy
she said softly
and would like to be left
in peace
this is OUR home
you see
and you were not invited


Photo: Andrew Svk

Which of these is NOT a sheep…I think we finally found Waldo.

Sheep, Herd, Dog, Livestock, Grazing


The talk…

Sheep, Lamb, Farm, Pasture, Livestock

“I’m sorry, Sweetie,” she said.  “This really is, all there is.”

“It’s not enough for me, Mom.  All we do is stand around and eat grass.”

She rubbed her face against his.  “I know, baby.  I know.”



Photo:  Pixabay







The gathering…a short story about bells and sheep.

herd of white sheep

The flock got together to try and figure out how to get the bloody bells off of their necks.  They were going insane.  Not only did the bells constantly make noise with every step they took, it they rang when others walked as well, so there was never any peace.  They wanted to kill the farmer who put the bells around their necks, but didn’t see how that would solve their problem, even if it would make them all very happy.  Someone suggested attaching a bell to HIS neck and that got a smattering of baaaaa’s.

After a half hour of grazing, Alberta, the black sheep in the group (she’s in the back, on the right), said they should bite the straps off of each other. All the sheep thought that was a great idea, but they were a bit twitchy taking advice from the black sheep in the family.  After all, she never followed the rules and refused to consider herself a member of the HERD.  She said she was an individual, not a group.

After much baaaing and walking around, they all agreed to try.  So they started gnawing on the strap that held the bells around their necks.  Eventually, they worked the leather into a thin enough strip that they could catch it on a branch and pull it until the strap broke.

The black sheep was happy to have helped.  When everyone was bell free, she said she was striking out on her own, because if she went back to the barn, the man would just attach another bell to her neck and she wasn’t having any of it.

The other sheep considered that fact and decided to follow her.  Sheep like to follow someone, it makes them feel safe, even if it’s not for their own good.  The black sheep turned to the others and said, “This is what the government is all about.  One side removes the bells, and the other side, not only wants to put the bells on us, they want to tighten the strap until we can’t breath.  It’s time we have a third party, the freedom party, where sheep have a say in what happens to them.”

The sheep grunted and started walking after the black sheep, toward whatever was waiting for them.


Photo:  Jürgen Scheeff

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