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Okay, so…

If energy cannot be created or destroyed, then energy was already here when the universe came into being.  It had to be, since energy cannot be created.  The universe didn’t simply appear from a singularity, from no time and no space. Stuff was already here so things could kick in.

There’s just no way the big ban can make sense.  I am not a scientists, astronomer, or physicist, but the BB DOESN’T WORK, even to me.


There Was No Big Bang Singularity – Forbes › startswithabang › 2018/07/27
I just found this article…and it makes some sense.  I don’t believe there ever was a big bang.  I know this won’t matter to a lot of people but it’s interesting and akin to the world being flat.  We have to get over thinking that what we say is true, really IS true and not just what we know so far.
It’s time to admit that the big bang didn’t happen.  I know scientists don’t like to be wrong and they hold on to things with both hands but really, it’s time to let it all go and face the facts.

Gravitational flow…

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Okay, so…

Nothing exists but this moment, and this moment, is only a moment long.  Each moment is pushed into the past by the next future moment in line.  Nothing else exists, at least that we know of.  Now, if we can time travel and go backward, or forward, that may prove the theory that everything is happening at the same time.  Think multi-level, lucite, chessboard.

What if what we consider to be “life,” is nothing more than a film strip where all the cells are flat, except for the one that is being shown in that one moment?  So, the film is turning on the reel and the past is being shot out the back, while the future, which already exists, is getting closer and closer to the MOMENT when it will BE the cell expressing itself NOW.  That doesn’t meant the other cells aren’t happening, aren’t existing, it’s just that their MOMENT has either passed, or not yet arrived.

Do you know what I mean?

It’s not predestination, but the future is happening forever and the past goes on forever, as well.  If that’s a possibility, when people die, in this moment, they won’t be part of the cells in the future, but perhaps they are still living in the cells of the past.  Driving their Model T’s, wearing clothes from the flapper era, or living in caves and putting their hand prints on the walls and painting aliens next to them, as well as a gnu or two.

If we can’t SEE the past, or the future, how can we say they do, or not exist.  How can we know what they are?  How do we know where they come from, or where they go?  Are they nothing, or just things we can’t see?   Just because we don’t have the ability to see anything but the MOMENT we are in, doesn’t mean that something else doesn’t exist.  Why do we think we know what’s on either side of our moment?

What if, on a brane (membrane), which carries an alternate universe, or a parallel universe, we simply continue?  What if the branes are so close together, that when we are out of our bodies, we just move to a different one?

Supposedly, there are universes in Strings?  Are we currently living in a String?  How can we know?  We can’t.  That’s the thing.  We can’t know anything at all.  Not about the big questions.

Some scientists think there have been multiple BIG BANGS, others don’t think there was ever a BIG BANG.  No one knows.  We can measure radiation, sounds, but no one knows anything for sure.

We may be asleep somewhere else, dreaming this life.

Some scientists say the Universe is oval.  Lololol  Others say it’s infinite.  Still others say that if we could go through a spinning black hole we would probably end up in a different Universe altogether and never be able to get back here.  If that’s true, and I reallllly hope that it is, there are more Universes than we can even imagine, since black holes are at the center of every galaxy, including the big one in the middle of our Milky Way.

The more questions we ask, we find out that we don’t know very much at all.

The laws of physics might not mean anything, anywhere else.  I think they know something that travels faster than the speed of light.  I’ll try and find out what I saw, and let you know.

Currently, with the equipment, tech, we have, we can’t answer much at all.  Although, compared to what we knew 200 years ago, we know a lot.  It’s just that what we know, doesn’t answer a lot of the questions we have.  Quarks can be fun but they don’t prove the universe has a shape, or that it never ends.  Our brains can’t handle something that has no ending, no edges, something that goes on FOREVER.  We aren’t wired to understand that on a level the makes sense. We are always waiting for someone to enter, stage left.  No ending…ever.  We can’t even imagine eternity.  We need endings and edges.  Anyway, Each new, gigantic, telescope on a mountain, above the clouds and pollution, with little oxygen, tells us something new.  But it doesn’t tell us what we want to know.

Future generations will look back at us and shake their heads.  Cutting edge only lasts for a VERY short time.

So, while we’re doing whatever we’re doing today, our great grandparents, whether you know who they are, or not, may be busy, somewhere in the past, doing whatever people did during that time.  The people in the future are getting on with things as well.

We just have a tiny window to be in this moment.  I think we should use it more wisely, but what do I know.  Truth, except when it’s personal. doesn’t exist.


My friend Candy just sent this to me…it’s excellent…WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WAY WE SEE NATURE

Do you think that in a million and a half years someone/thing will be digging us up and making casts of us to see what we were?


I’m ASSUMING (always a silly thing to do), that we will be gone long before that. The sun has another 6 million to go before it turns into a Red Giant and vaporizes everything so, maybe some other species will someday land here and their archeologists will sort of “dig in,” and see what used to live here.  Maybe no one will care, after all dinosaurs were a lot nicer than we are.  Maybe more fun as well.  They may have had lots of parties and gotten along well with some of the ones they didn’t eat.  No made up gods to fight over, no money, work or greed.  Might have been nice to live during those times, well, except for being trampled or turned into breakfast, I mean.

I read a great book that shows the picture of a shoe print, stitching and all, that was found in the same layer of stone as the dinosaurs.  No one knew what to say about that…but it was there anyway.  I love that.  Didn’t make front page news either…didn’t make the news at all.  I guess it just wasn’t important enough to tell everyone that a human had been checking things out and left a shoe print behind in a place where no shoe print should have been possible.  That’s the news for you…some things never change.

Time…I was just thinking about time yesterday

TIME is a component quantity of various measurements used to sequence events, to compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and to quantify rates of change of quantities in material reality or in the conscious experience. 

Time doesn’t exist everywhere…not in space, or even here on earth.  To us, as humans, time only goes in one direction…forward.  We can remember the past but backward doesn’t actually EXIST.  The past and the future happen almost at the same time.  Each microsecond passes as the future rushes in and moves out.  Our memory of the past is there but the reality is gone,there’s nothing thee, nothing waiting behind us.  We can’t go back to the past, or change it in any way.  We can’t go forward either, which means we are locked into the moment in the most literal sense possible.

The future is anyone’s guess, even if it’s an informed guess.  We assume, and take for granted, that tomorrow will show up and that we will be part of it but we can never know for sure.  The thing is…physics tells us that everything is happening at the same time. Time slows down, speeds up and stops.  But what is time?  Entropy speeds and so time does time but cosmologists don’t know why.  Things break down, things SEEM to move in a direction (the Arrow of Time), but what’s really going on and WHY does time appear to only go in one direction?  We are always moving toward chaos, toward breakdown.  But time can’t actually be explained.  We can’t see it, feel it, or taste it,we can only see the result it leaves behind.  We see day and night, seasons, growth, aging, death, but those are the things time leaves in it’s wake, time is something we don’t understand.  As the above definition states…”Time is a component quantity of various MEASUREMENTS used to sequence events…”  In other words, we can measure time, using clocks and the things we can see, but we still don’t understand what time IS, or how entropy has changed from the very beginning of time. Time, whatever it is, leaves a trail and makes us look at things in a way we seem to understand, even if it doesn’t actually make sense.  Like a lot of things…time is just weird.

The Black Knight Satellite…

It has been circling the earth (as far as we know) since the 30s but some think is’ 13,000 years old.  It’s orbiting the earth in the polar orbit which makes it an observational satellite.  Astronomers have heard strange radio signals coming from it and we have seen it when our people are up there.  No one knows who put it there or what it’s doing but it’s definitely NOT from earth.  There are pictures of it.    The government was not happy when the story broke and people found out about it in 1954..   So what is it?  Who put it there?  What is it doing and why?  Observing but why and for who?

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