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I saw a card that said, and I’m paraphrasing, “The moon loved the sun so much that it died every night so that she could shine.”    If that’s romantic, something is very wrong with people.  DEATH is not romantic.  Let me repeat that…DEATH IS NOT ROMANTIC.  Who would want anyone to die for them and think that it was a GOOD thing  The moon never dies, it simply follows it’s orbit, just like the sun.  And sure, you may think that I don’t get it but I feel the same way about those who think they do.  None of it’s true and it’s a horrible nightmare where the moon NEVER gets the girl, since all she can do is go in a circle.  She might not even like the moon.  Maybe she thinks he’s stalking her and shuns dusk because of him.   I’ll say it again…DEATH IS NOT ROMANTIC!  Humans LOVE DEATH, in spite of what we say…that’s WHY, there are sayings LIKE THIS.   Romeo and Juliet, sun and moon…NO.  If someone said that to me it would be over.  I want someone to LIVE for me, so we can have fun.  There’s enough misery in the world that we don’t need to involve the sun and moon.

If the moon knew what people were saying about HER, SHE (the moon stands for the Goddess, by the way) would laugh her dust off.  The sun is male.  So basically She’s dying for him, so the saying is screwed up that way too.

The sun is a star.  The moon is a rock.  No romance.  No dying.  Find another way to talk about love and see if someone can come up with something that DOESN’T include DEATH and unrequited love.  Really, I will never get this kind of thing.  NEVER.


I think this is what life is for, what it’s about…it’s why we’re here…to burn and fly


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CreateThere is an old saying/belief that nothing new can be created…all we can do is recreate the same things over and over again.  Well, Spring is the time for new beginnings and I think that each time we create something it’s the FIRST time it has been created the way we have done it.  And that’s good enough for me.  So please, create as you will because every time is the FIRST time.  Every artist is unique and every creation is like no other, that’s what art is.  First Times.  Inner visions.  Communication between the artist and the viewer.  Awakenings.    Art speaks to each person as THEY are.  The artist puts his/her vision into  a work but the person seeing the work, sees it as THEY are and the artist’s vision disappears, as the work becomes personal and real for the viewer.  That’s what art is, no matter what the medium…art is always personal to the person who sees, reads or hears it.  That’s the way life is…one of a kind.


It’s a good day…

It's a good day...

enjoy yourself


Have a wonderful weekend

Have a wonderful weekend

It’s Christmas time

Christmas is the most magical time because we only celebrate it once a year.  Humans, as a group, get bored easily and anything that is repetitive (our lives) we stop seeing and just do out of habit.  If we had outdoor lights on all of the houses, all of the time, we would eventually stop seeing them as beautiful and exciting…in fact we would stop seeing them at all.  So Christmas is magical because it’s out of the ordinary.  It’s not an everyday event.  Santa isn’t sitting in the mall, in a big chair, surrounded by reindeer, everyday.  Kids would stop wanting to visit or talk to him and Santa would become part of the fixtures and disappear.  If we had Christmas trees in our homes year-round they would become meaningless.  They would be like a chair or table, just part of the furniture.  People often say that we should keep Christmas in our hearts all year long, and yes, I know they mean the giving spirit but really, we aren’t made to do that.  Giving and receiving would become old and expected or boring…it would lose it’s meaning and be taken for granted, just part of the “routine” of daily life.   Being unable to keep the Christmas Spirit alive all year long is what makes Christmas the most magical time of the year.   So enjoy this once a year celebration and be happy that we can have fun and be a little  crazy because Christmas only comes around once a year and that is exactly what makes it magical.   Fa la la la la…la la la la.

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