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“I don’t like kids,” said the jolly fat man, dressed in the red suit.  “They’re always sticky and they look at me as if I can make all their dreams come true.” “Well, can’t you?” asked his wife, her foot … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

So, do you think Santa delivers toys to kids whose parents teach them to hate others and kill them?  Do you think he drops off nice white sheets, or brown shirts covered with nazi symbols, in small sizes, so the … Continue reading

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The conversation…

“Hey, Santa.” “Go away. I’m busy.” “Busy doing what?” “Making toys for good girls and boys,” he said, stirring his hot chocolate. “Are there any?” “Any what?” asked Santa, turning to look at the elf, who was dressed in green … Continue reading

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Never gonna happen but still…

Collage (rerun)

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I’m gonna say, “No,” to this one…although he may be a shaman of sorts, but still…I don’t think so

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This seems like a nice Santa…I like the holly behind his ear and his velvety cap…seems like a hands on kind of guy…I’ll put him on the “maybe” list


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This Santa seems nice but…I’m going to keep looking


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