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The Finalists in the Santa contest…here’s how it works…

Since there is no competition at The Coop, those who remain in the, “Want to be Santa,” group will now sit around and discuss who will do it, over hot chocolate and cookies.  Usually it begins by someone saying that they’d rather do something else, or they think one of the others would be better for the job, until only one is left.  Everyone wants everyone else to be happy.  There’s so much to do, no one thinks about one thing being more important than another.  Two turkeys dropped out earlier because they wanted to work on Stage Crew and a horse said he’d rather give the guests rides around the Rubber Duck Pond.  That happened until the six above were the only ones left.  The Piglet said he’s thinking of working in the hospital so, more than likely, he’s going to bow out.  The rabbit, is thinking about doing a tumbling act with his brothers, so he’s not sure about being Santa either.  Linnie, just wanted to wear a pretty dress, so she doesn’t care at all and that just leaves the two dogs and Twigs, the chicklet.  The smaller dog, Woof-woof, thinks he may be a bit too small…so that leaves two.  We’ll just have to wait and see ends up being the ONE.

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