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She…a short story

Photo from Pixabay   She lived alone on a very small planet…the only person, in the only house.  Her name was Minu, at least that’s what she called herself.   In truth, she was simply a She. Her lovely house … Continue reading

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Annie…a short story

“I don’t WANT to be a guardian angel,” she said, stamping her foot. “Your test scores show that’s what you are best suited to be,” sighed the angel. “Test scores don’t MEAN anything,” she said, folding her arms across her … Continue reading

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Little Jack Horner stood in the corner under a picture of pie…

“I’m in the corner because I don’t like pie.  I like cake.  I hate plums, they make my mouth want to run away and my eyes squinch up like slits, so I REALLY hate plum pie.  My mom thinks pie … Continue reading

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Street Art…

Picture from:  Pinterest Artist:  SMATES  in Moscow

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Picture from:  Pinterest   woodland houses light and airy as befits an elf or fairy draped in lace and swirls so fine I always wish that one was mine

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The raven’s lament…

    Picture from: Pinterest I posted this poem in  October of 2013   the raven sat upon his branch his beak was open wide I wish I’d met that Mr. Poe I’d have his crusty hide he made us … Continue reading

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