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Okay, so…here’s the problem

The biggest problem the masses have, and the reason we don’t get very much done is…  there are so many issues.

I’ve said this before and it’s the truth.  We have a million little groups, all working for the thing/s they think are important to them.  And yes, all the issues are important to the people working for them, but there are so many issues that no one group has enough power or backing to ever get anything changed.

Resources are divided to such an extent, that all groups are pretty much powerless when working against the machine.

In order to get anything done, people would have to come together and work on one issue. They would have to pool their resources and then hammer it home.  If we continue to work on our own special issues, we are lost and will never get anywhere that will actually matter.  A group may be thrown a crumb or two but real change will never be forthcoming, unless it suits the people running the show.

Power divided can not accomplish anything.  If we work together on an issue…we can bring about real change.  The people who enslave us know this.  That’s one reason they keep the issues alive, like a juggler, keeping the balls in the air, so that we fight against each other, or don’t join together so that we’re powerful enough to make a difference.

Again:  Where are the kids fighting for gun control, so they aren’t killed in classrooms?  Where are the marches for BLM?  Where are all the groups that cause a stir, get their pictures taken, get beaten or arrested and then disappear?  They don’t have enough power or money to KEEP GOING.  To keep the pressure on.  If we ALL worked on one issue, we might be able to stay the course.

But everyone thinks their issue is the most important one and that’s EXACTLY what the people in power encourage.  They love it when we are fractured, broken into small groups, because then they don’t have to be afraid of us.  Massive outcries, are a different story.  BOYCOTTS and a constant pressure, from huge numbers of people can make a difference.

But how to pick an issue, when people are suffering, because of ALL the terrible things that are ALLOWED to happen.  Things done on purpose, to keep us in line.  Things to keep us fearful.  Things to keep us from attacking the power structure itself.

Now our country has been purposely DIVIDED and the people responsible are NOT held accountable.  It’s just one more thing.  The republican senators, like the rapist priests, and all the rest, walk free, after the terrible things they do.  But we the people, don’t have that privilege.   More and more, the difference between the freedom of the people and the actual rights of the rich, are more and more evident.  We know who the guilty ones are and we SEE that nothing happens to them for what they do.

You only have to look at the blogs to see what the issues are.  Who is fighting for what.  All important to the people working for their rights and lives, but nothing is going to happen unless we work TOGETHER.

Divided we are minnows.  Together we are sharks.

Think about it.

If we actually CARED about the environment we could all just stop using plastic bags.  No marches, no anything.  Just REFUSE to use plastic bags and get paper or bring your own.  The issue would GO AWAY IMMEDIATELY if we ALL just stopped doing ONE SIMPLE THING.  But we bitch about things endlessly and never act as a group.  People don’t care, or don’t bother.  Not all issues cost money or take time yet they can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE, and we still don’t do anything about it as a people.  How can we bring about big changes when we can’t even ask for paper instead of plastic?

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