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RESA, made up this fantastic menu plaque, as well as the luscious yummy dessert, for the Paris Cafe…the line was long but no one minded waiting. THANK YOU RESA

A designer goody from Resa.  The chicklets are truly anxious to try this delicious looking macaroon.  When they are ready to make them, Resa will show them what needs to be done.  The cafe will be packed. THANK YOU RESA!!!!

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Resa’s Egg Dance was a smashing success from beginning to end. The chicklets loved the part where popcorn flew out of the egg, right after Resa hatched. She pecked through the shell, grew up and then returned to the shell, at the end. It was truly inspired.

  Ress’s Egg Dance was a huge hit.  The chicklets watched, as she pecked through the shell and threw popcorn leis into the crowd.  Then she sat back and popcorn flew out of the egg.  Her dance was wonderful, going … Continue reading

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The following is from Resa…She’s doing the chicklets fashion show.

The Chicklets have made renditions of some of my Art Gowns. They are gorgeous, and it was a fabulous fashion show. Full report is out in about 2 -3 days on Art Gowns!

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You just have to see this fantastic video, of her amazing work…by Resa (Grand Lux and Murals/Queen’s end). She is a costume designer extraordinare.

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I made this for Resa to help celebrate her 1,000th post. She’s fabulous and please check out her post (I reblogged it) and see the graffiti dress she made…

When I look at the fantastic art on her blog and then this…LOLOLOLOL  She’s a good friend, you can tell, because she included me:)  OMG so funny.  Brilliant artwork and chicklets.  Thank you Resa…seriously, you have a big heart and … Continue reading

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