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The orange one attempted to REWRITE history in favor of white supremacists just before he left…the republicans helped him do it. More lies.

This is what not my president has been doing…warning…it may make you sick

I removed THE LINK…but read the comments if you like.

A friend of mine just sent this to me in good faith.   I removed the link.  Sorry for any inconvenience. Read the comments…it’s about Trump’s running mate and abortion.


The bottom line is that there shouldn’t be any restrictions on women’s health issues because certain people don’t like what those issues are. No one should control the health of another person because they don’t agree with the choices that person is making. Fact: women will get abortions, rich women will get safe abortions, women of lesser means may be harmed for life or even die, because they can’t get proper medical attention. Unfair laws kill women. But that’s what those who want to control women’s lives truly want. They want to punish women and they don’t care how they do it.  Not providing safe and legal abortions doesn’t stop women from having them, it just forces them to risk their lives getting one.  It’s also a way of saying that women aren’t smart enough to take care of themselves and know what’s right for themselves, so men will write laws that will take care of that little problem.  Insane.

It’s a matter of freedom, safety and what actually IS. Women with money can get whatever they need, they always could. The rest of the population has to take their chances. In a free country, where equality is SUPPOSED to exist, this whole issue is a joke because it’s simply about MEN CONTROLLING WOMEN. Men make the laws and enforce them. Meanwhile women do what they have to do in order to live their lives. Male dominated institutions such as the church are anti birth control even when people are living in cardboard boxes and their children die before the age of two months of age. How is that a good thing? Suffering and misery come from the decisions made by men who will never be pregnant, never have a child or sit there while it dies in their arms. How is that loving and caring to condemn babies to death? Or, do they just want people to stop having sex altogether. See, even the priests can’t do that. Since it’s not sanctioned by the church they simply rape children and get on with it.

Women are fully formed adults. They are intelligent and use both sides of their brains at the same time (men can’t do that). They can make decisions for themselves. Heath care should not be put into the hands of “others” but be left to those seeking care.

And why should we have a law about abortion for rape victims when there are no laws that actually STOP men from raping women? How about if we get some STRONG AND REALISTIC laws that stop men from attacking and impregnating women against their will, so that they won’t have to get abortions. I think that’s the issue that needs to be dealt with, not what women do with their own bodies. Stopping men from raping would stop the need for abortions from rape.  But hey, why put restrictions on men, right?

The thing is, women live in a war zone for their entire lives. Rape on campus is epidemic, we aren’t supposed to go out at night unless we are in a group, don’t get into elevators with men, don’t use stairwells, or go to the bathroom by yourself, don’t walk in parking lots, go to cemeteries … don’t actually do anything because women are hunted. Young  girls and boys are raped by neighbors, their fathers, uncles, friends, teachers, etc., and yet nothing is really done about these issues. But laws about abortion are a hot ticket. I’m so furious all the time about the world women have to live in that I can barley stand it. And the people who write these stupid laws are NEVER touched by the fall out. You have to look at how things affect real people, not the rich and elite. The rich and elite never have to abide by the horrific laws they put into effect. The poor do. They die as a result. It’s wrong. It’s always wrong to withhold safe health care because some people don’t like what’s going on. I can’t say this strongly enough…THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THESE RESTRICTIVE LIFE ENDING LAWS ARE NOT AFFECTED BY THE LAWS THEY WRITE.

We have been fighting for women’s rights forever and with each new administration they keep trying to make things worse. Pandering and death. That’s what it’s all about. Pence’s wife and friends can get as many safe abortions as they like and no laws will get in their way . If they don’t want to have one, they at least have that CHOICE. Not everyone does.

And what IS a non forcible rape?  How insane is THAT?   Rape IS a violent/forced act.  That’s what it IS.  There is no such thing as ‘non-forcible’ rape. 


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