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you know that moment when you’re out and you make eye contact with another person and something clicks and you feel as if you know who you’re looking at and you both stare at each other and smile and then … Continue reading

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Rubber stamps rerun

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always remember that we are far more than we appear to be   we are bigger brighter and whole outside of these bodies time and space   REMEMBER THAT

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our lips remember kisses no matter how long ago they were received our skin remembers caresses for as long as we live because even if the person we love crosses over the moments we shared is imprinted on our minds … Continue reading

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Artist Trading Card/ATC No matter how bad things get…if we look at our lives, we can always find some joy…that’s what we need to remember.  We can never let the bad things make us believe there was never any good.

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The goldfish knows that…

Artist Trading Card/ATC

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Watercolor pencil

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