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Please look at this entire post. Other religions are stepping forward to protect abortion rights, as well. The Jewish religion and others. So abortion is protected by religion. From: Bored Panda

Surprising Tactic In The Fight To Preserve Abortion Rights In The U.S. Comes From None Other Than The Satanic Temple, Which Upholds Religious Abortion Rituals

Okay, so…

Most people like the daytime.  A lot of people equate night with evil, or scary things, but that’s simply because we can’t see in the dark.

Here’s the thing.  If we could see at night, but not during the day, we would love the night and be afraid of, or dislike, the daytime.  It’s all about being able to see.

We put all kinds of meanings on things because we ourselves are limited in so many ways.  The things we believe aren’t true, or real, they’re just things we’re afraid of, or don’t understand, because of all the lies we’ve all been told.

We can’t see without light, not without infra red night goggles, so that makes things scary.  It’s as simple as that.  The night itself isn’t bad, and daytime isn’t better than the night, it’s our physical lack of night vision that make us believe the things we believe…not the things themselves.

It’s like that with everything.   We just don’t think about the things we believe, we just believe what we have been told/taught.  We need to stop that and instead, start looking at whether what we were told/taught, by parents, schools, CHURCHES, or anyone else,  has any validity at all.  All the lies about race, women, and everything else…all the lies, made up by others, FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT, and taught to the next generation who believed them without thinking, have brought us to this horrible mess we’re in right now.

Our mistaken beliefs CAUSE the bad things to happen.  As long as the lies exist, we will never have peace, love, or understanding.  Anything that is NOT LIFE AFFIRMING and for THE GOOD OF ALL AND THE HARM OF NONE, is something that needs to be changed.  That’s one way to tell if someone else is getting a pay off for keeping things the way they are, instead of making them better.  Hate is taught.  Lies have always been passed off as truths from our government and religious institutions and yet the masses, who have been taught from birth, not think for themselves, swallow the lies whole and that teaches them who to hate and how to think.

It’s very sad and very deadly.  You can tell, by all the dead bodies.  Did any of us know any people from Viet Nam?  Did we HATE them and want to kill them before we were lied to about them?  Everyone who goes to Viet Nam today tells us that they are kind and gentle people.  Generous and sweet.  Lies lead to hate and death for absolutely no other reason than the men behind the lies, who grow rich and powerful over the dead bodies of those we love.

It’s happening right now, in the streets.  We can see it being played out by a moron in the white house.  His hate unleashed, his need for attention and power causing tantrums and violence, which he eats up and blames on others, when it’s like food for his hateful heart.

It’s pathetic and leading to a world of division, more hate and death.  While he sits on his thrown of ego, directing his republican goons, looking at his own face in his fun house mirror.

And just where is the ACLU?  Remember all the money that was poured into that organization when the moron was elected?  What have they done?  NOTHING AT ALL, as far as anyone can tell.  I mean he’s been here for four years, so…I guess anyone can be bought.

Evil is on the rise.  Evil, defined as those who lie and twist reality for their own good, not caring who they kill or trample on their way to power.

Meanwhile, a deadly virus is being used as a political weapon by the moron, who cares nothing for anyone’s life but his own.  He’s the darkness some people need night goggles to see.  I wish it were that simple.  We could pass goggles out to his followers, who might be horrified by the truth of what they would see.  But then again…like follows like, and bird of a feather, right?

People still bring their kids to priests.  So, I guess the truth doesn’t matter in the least.  Raped children/lambs, kids committing suicide, priests walking away free.  None of it matters to brainwashed people.  They are able to overlook evil and see it as holy, ordained by some invisible, made up god.  When you think of it that way, there is no hope.  None at all.  Morons on the white house, rapist priests, protected by the church, bad killer cops, destroying the names of good and honest police officers.  And lies everywhere, especially with the technology we have today that can show people saying things they never said, being places they never were and making reality up for whatever reason they like.

In case you haven’t noticed…we’re in trouble.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.

From: Candy

Okay, so…

It has been said that Chicagoans have an accent.  People from Chicago can’t hear it, of course, but I don’t doubt that it’s true.  I love New York accents, even though New Yorkers can’t hear their accent either.  It’s that way for everyone.  I met someone from Australia and couldn’t understand a word he was saying, even thought he was speaking English.  But that’s true of a lot of people I hear who come from down south as well.

Here’s the thing.  We seem to be unable to understand that like accents, we are where we come from.  Our beliefs and world views are from Chicago, New York, Australia and from down south.  We don’t CHOOSE to be born in those places and sound the way we do, we are simply born in those place and end up sounding the way we do and believing the things we do.  If people who aren’t from Chicago, were born in Chicago, they would sound like they came from Chicago and be part of what we are, because they would be FROM Chicago.

If I was born and raised in NY then I would be the way New Yorkers are.  Same goes for Australia or anywhere on the entire earth.  We’re only different from each other by chance.  So when the French say that American’s smile too much, it’s only because they aren’t Americans.  If they were Americans they would smile a lot as well.  Why don’t people get that?

Yes, we’re different from each other, but only because of where we come from.  We could be anything, depending on where we are planted.  Get that part?  In the beginning, when we’re born, we COULD BE ANYTHING because basically, WE ARE ALL THE SAME.  It’s only when cultures brainwash and insist that we become the way they want us to become, that we stop being one people.  But, in reality, we START OUT AS ONE PEOPLE.

Religion, Education, The Establishment are corrupt and filled with lies, which they pass on to innocent children, so they can kill each other in wars and hate each other for stupid reasons, like their flags, the color of their skin, the shapes of their bodies, the gods they were FORCED to believe in, or the gender they love.  That’s when we show our cruelty and insanity.

In the beginning, we could become anything.  Adults take that innocent openness and turn it into whatever they want to.  Any of us could have become the very thing we dislike, but for the conditioning we’ve had.  Horrifying as that may be…it’s the truth.  It won’t change anything, but it’s something to think about.  We start out as one and are TAUGHT to be what we become.

Picture:  Pixabay

Gangs…street and religious

Gang, People, Young, Street, Graffiti, Asphalt, Boys

Gangs are a complex subculture
that cannot be understood
by those
who haven’t
been in one
or been exposed
to certain lifestyles
that’s true for all subcultures
including religious sects/gangs
both have uniforms
belief systems
and rewards
a sense of belonging
hand gestures
and so many other things
it’s just that street gangs
are considered outlaws
and religious gangs get tax breaks
and amass huge fortunes
while protecting rapist priests
street gangs promise to take care of you
while you’re alive
religious gangs promise to take care of you
when you’re dead and you can’t sue them for
making stuff up
the biggest difference between the two
is that street gangs
don’t lie and about what they are
religious gang do

The Pope…

I just saw the pope say that he’s against EXCLUSION.  Is that a joke?  The pope against exclusion?  How many women are priest?  How many women hold positions of power in the catholic church?

How could he say that with a straight face?   The catholic church is all about exclusion.  He also said he was against the killing.

Quote from: Mary Daly

Quotes about Inadequacy (84 quotes)


God…in 2020.

“Can I talk to you?”

“Why?” she asked, looking him up and down.

“I’m god and I’m here to judge you.”

“I don’t think so,” she snorted, sitting on a stool.

“Excuse me?” he said, shocked.  “I’m god.  Arn’t you in awe?  Don’t you want to drop to your knees?”


“Yes.  I’m GOD.”

“I don’t believe in you.”

“You can’t not believe in me.  I’m standing right here.”

“You could be anybody.  I don’t believe in god, therefore, you aren’t god to me, so buzz off, I’m trying to eat my pizza.”

“You should be thrilled just to see me.”

She choked, waved her hand in front of her face and reached for her drink.  “Dude, move away from my table, or I’ll call the manager.”

“I’m here to judge you.”

“”Don’t care.  Judge away.”

“I don’t understand,” he said, adjusting his halo.

“Look,” she huffed.  “If you’re homeless, there are places you can go to get help. Maybe they can even help you get your meds.  If you really are god, you still won’t matter to me because I’m not into god.  How you feel about me, or see me, is of no interest to me at all.  Not even the tiniest bit.  If you are god, I’d like to beat the crap out of you, so you’re lucky I think you’re just another nut job.”

“I could send you to hell.”

“Have you looked around this planet lately?”

“What about the ten commandments?”

“What about them?”

“You have to live by them.”

“You need to pay a lot more attention to your flock,” she snickered, popping a mushroom into her mouth.

“What does that mean?”

“Your representatives are raping kids, telling one lie after another to cover up their evil ways and they are richer than you are.”


“Been on vacation, have you?”


“Your costume wearing representatives, squeeze poor people for money, instead of parting with their own, even though there are homeless people all around the vatican area.”

“What’s a vatican?”

“A billion room castle where your guy lives. He has a bullet proof car too.”

“How can you not believe in me?”

“You don’t really exist.  Sorry about that.  Really, I am. Have a french fry.”

He took one, after she shoved the plate toward him.

“If you went to the vatican right now, it’s in Italy, by the way, they’d never let you in, unless you paid for a tour, and got in that way. You don’t look rich, you’re not with the mob, you’re not a lawyer, or a person who is in acquisitions, if you know what I mean, so you would be useless to them, even though you’re supposedly their boss.”

“Do you really want to beat me up?”

“Definitely.  But since I don’t think you’re real, it’s out of the question.”

“What if I can walk on water?”


“What if I can turn water into wine?”

“What if you can?  And don’t even bring up the poor fish and loaves story.”

“How do you know so much about me, if you don’t believe in me?”

“God’s everywhere.  Huge money maker. God’s REALLY BIG BUSINESS, and no taxes need be paid, since the modern day peasants will be worked to death to pay them.   Easy way to control others too.   But there are a lot of gods.  You’re just the god for some people.  If you WERE god, I mean. People are no longer illiterate and afraid of everything.  What’s god gonna save us from?  Ourselves?  That ship sailed a long time ago.  We are what we are.  No need for gods any longer.  That whole lightening bolt and smiting thing, doesn’t scare anyone.  Now we use Glocks, viruses, bombs and politics.”

“You have a bad attitude.”

She laughed and lobbed a piece of tomato at him.

“Thank you for the compliment.

He sighed.  “Do you believe in any of those other gods?”

“No.  I’m a grown up.”

“What’s that supposed to mean.”

“It means, that I believe in me and take responsibility for myself and I don’t believe that any god worth his flappy, rope sandals, would let people suffer the way they do.  That’s why, if there was a god, and I met him, I’d beat him to a bloody pulp.”

“Good thing I’m not him, then, right?”

“It is, because you’d also be a sexist pig.”

“So, god’s not such a nice guy, is that what you’re saying?”

She stared at him. “Haven’t you been listening?  God doesn’t exist.  There is no god.  There is no guy.”

“What about the devil?”

“What about him?”

“Do you believe in him?”


“What about evil.”

“That’s what this place IS.  Were you born yesterday?”

“I’m older than that.”

“Duh.  I was being facetious.”

“How about the Goddesses?”

“We are everywhere.”

He nodded.  “That’s what my wife said.”

“Where’s your wife?”

“In heaven.”

“Oh, sorry.  Even though I don’t believe in heaven, I’m sorry she’s gone.”

“She’s not gone, she’s in heaven, waiting for me to come home.”


“She is.  Why would I make something like that up?”

“This whole thing is made up.  Nothing’s real.  We make it up as we go along.  Well, men make it up and everyone else suffers because of it.”

“But I really am god and my wife is waiting for me. She probably has dinner ready.”

“Whatever you say.”

“That’s sarcasm, isn’t it?”

“Pretty much.”

“I bet there’s someone in this pizza place who would recognize me and worship me and do what I tell them to do.  Some of them have crosses around their necks and crosses drawn on their arms.”

She got to her feet and said, “Hey.  Listen up.  This guy said he’s god and he believes you’ll know him and think he’s worth worshipping.   He said that you’ll do what he tells you to do, because he’s…god.”

After the boo’s died down and he wiped the food stains off of his clothing, the best he could, he sighed.

“Anything else you’d like to try?”

“I think I’ve seen enough.”

“Oh, I don’t know. Want to walk through some of the neighborhoods on the south side?”


She chuckled.  “If you’re god, maybe the bullets won’t hurt you.”

“I think I’ll pass.”

She made chicken noises and some guy walking past her table, shoulder bumped him hard.

“You people are nasty,” he said, rubbing his arm.

“Gee, I wonder how we got that way?”

“It’s not my fault,” he said quickly.  “I gave you free will.”

“Well, we’re using it, to not believe in you.”

“I didn’t actually think about that part.”

“You supposedly sent your own kid, to die for you.”

“He died for YOU.”

“I don’t think so.  I think you were just scared to come here yourself.  Parents are supposed to protect their kids.  But those who don’t, are just emulating you.”

“I thought you didn’t believe in me.”

“I don’t.  I don’t even like you as a person.”

“I could call down the angels.”

“So they can fight your battles for you?  Like your kid did?  Besides, the people in this joint could take out the angels.”

“You don’t know what your talking about,” he said, shaking his head.  “No one can take out an angel.”

“When was the last time they were here?”

“What do you mean?”

“What?  Were there like six people on the planet?  How many of those people had more than a rock or stick for  weapon?”

“Angels can’t be killed.”

“IF they existed, I bet we could make them really unhappy.”

By now others were listening to their conversation.

“Are we gonna fight angels,” said one guy, excitedly.

“No,” she said.  “Sorry, but this person is just one bottle short of a six-pack.”

More boo’s went up, a few slices of bread were thrown at him, but then everyone went back to what they were doing.

“If you want to have people believe in you, you’ll have to stain the side of a building, so that the stain kind of looks like one of the pictures people think their god looks like.  You can make a statue cry,  by putting a tube inside the statue.  You can show up in the shape of a potato, or put your face on a piece of toast, or any number of things.  People will believe all of that and even pay money for it.  They will stand in front of a wall, for hours, just to see the face of god. A face that no one has ever seen, of a god, that doesn’t exist.  They won’t believe in you, no matter what you say, but they will believe in those things.  Actually, there are probably a few homeless people outside who might try to get you to acknowledge the fact that they are god.  You’d be better off trying to pass as one of the Beatles, or Elvis.”

“Elvis is dead.”

“No one’s positive about that.  There are still sightings.”

“He’s dead, believe me.”

“I’m teasing you.  I don’t care about Elvis either.”

“Do you care about anyone?”

“Cats, dogs.  All of the animals, actually, plus the plants.  The environment too.”

He nodded.

“If you’re god, get rid of the plastic floating around in the ocean that’s the size of Texas.  That’s something I’d like to see.  Do something useful.  Clean up the oceans and rebuild the ice so the polar bears are okay.”

“You’re going to be disappointed.”

“Not really, since you don’t exist.”

“Right.  I don’t exist.  Do you exist?”

“I have no idea.”

He laughed.  “You’re not easy.”

“That’s what all the guys in this place will tell you.’

“It was nice talking with you.”

“If you say so.”

“I’ll see you.  Eventually.”

“I don’t think so.”

He walked down the aisle to  the door.  A few people booed and some threw things at him, as he passed, but it wasn’t a big deal.

Jake came over to her table and said, “What if he really was god?”

“Do you care?”

“No. Do you?”

“Not even a little.”

So he sat down and they finished her pizza.




Okay, so…

Here’s the thing:  How do people expect to change ANYTHING, with love and kindness?No one ever says HOW  love and kindness will change anything, they just keep repeating it over and over and over again, as if by SAYING IT, something will actually happen.  That is the definition of insanity, remember?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to turn out differently.  Surely you’ve heard that before.

HOW will love and kindness change climate change, the declining animal population, loss of habitat, sexism, racism, the cost of living, the homeless situation, poverty, war, gangs, well, you get my drift.  All the people that keep saying love and kindness is what we need,  never say HOW they expect it to work.  They don’t EVER tell others what plan they have come up with that will do anything at all.

Helping someone carry their groceries isn’t changing the world.  Being nice, isn’t going to stop human trafficking.  It’s certainly not stoping priests from raping innocent children and men from raping their own children and beating, or killing, their wives or partners.  It’s not freeing an entire race held down on purpose by a white government that is filled with hate, greed and obsessed with power.  Nope, it’s not doing a single thing as far as the big picture is concerned.  And no, all the nice people will never be able to SPREAD what they consider niceness, around to everyone else.

As long as people believe that love and kindness is the answer to ANYTHING, we have no hope at all.  Being UNREALISTIC doesn’t change what is.  Wanting people to have enough food, doesn’t put bread on their table.  Praying about it, loving them, does NOTHING AT ALL to help people in need.  I don’t know why people don’t see that.

If people are truly loving and kind THEY WILL WORK TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM THAT MAKES PEOPLE SUFFER IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Why don’t they get THAT?

Minimum wage isn’t enough to live on.  Giving people handouts doesn’t solve anything.  People need to be paid a fair wage, so they can TAKE OF THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES.

WAR is constant.  CONSTANT.  There is no longer a TIME OF PEACE.  War makes money and because of that,  it will never end.  So, maybe all those who think that love and kindness are the answers, should go to the front lines in a war zone and be kind and loving there.  Then, maybe they will see how useless those things are, when it comes to SOLVING THE ACTUAL  PROBLEMS WE HAVE. Let them look at the wounded, destroyed and dead kids laying on a battle field.  What good would their love and kindness BE on a battle field?  Would they tell the people getting shot that they should be loving and kind, or that they themselves are loving and kind? HOW would that help ANYONE AT ALL?  Wouldn’t it be better to work to END WAR and stop TALKING about love and kindness.  I think ending war is the most loving and kind act people can do, but ACT is the key word.  Not TALKING about ending war, doing something about it.

How can people not see that no one cares about love and kindness in Washington or government or the church?  They care about money and power and they LOVE IT when people walk around talking about love and kindness because they KNOW THAT THOSE PEOPLE WILL NEVER STOP THEM FROM GETTING MORE MONEY AND POWER.

Terrified people, relying on what they were taught…to be passive, quiet, to take it, to believe that love and kindness will solve the problems of the world, won’t change the world into a better place.  And I hate to say it but some of those kind and loving people beat and torture the people in their own families, by the way.  A serial rapist, who raped people in churches, lived across the street from a friend of mine.  He was a big deal in his local church, was well respected, until they caught him.  Then his wife and their three daughters changed their name and move away, because daddy was a very bad man.  Everyone in his community, though he was  thought he was a kind loving man.  He was a rapist.

Love and kindness should NOT stop people from taking action.  If you LOVE someone you do what you have to do stop horrible things from happening to them.  You don’t just talk about your kid being beaten up in school, you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, at least you do if you want the beatings to stop.

People are so conditioned to OBEY, that they still support the catholic church and bring their children there.  If there was a school, where children were being raped repeatedly, I wonder if people would keep letting their kids attend.  What do you think?  Oh wait, of course they would, since they still bring their kids to church, a place where kids were repeatedly raped.

People SAY they care about children but they do NOTHING when they are raped across the globe by lying priests and higher ups who not only let it happen, they covered it up.  Higher ups who used the money, given by their  FLOCK, to pay off families, buying their silence, while using more of  the money to pay lawyers to cover things up.

Church parking lots are still full.  People don’t actually care enough about what happened to innocent CHILDREN to do anything for them.  Instead they show those children, by their continued obedience to the church, that what was done to them, doesn’t matter.  There is NO OTHER WAY to look at it.  There are no excuses for supporting an institution who allowed children to be raped on a regular basis for centuries and LIED about it and did not STOP IT.  Some of those kids killed themselves.  But parking lots are full.  How is that possible?  There are no excuses, so don’t even.   “Bring unto me your little children,” has a whole new meaning.  There are no logical consequences for what was done.

The catholic church, and the serial rapist priests, are proof of just deep brainwashing and conditioning goes.  When people can turn a blind eye toward the abuse of untold numbers of innocent children, in EVERY SINGLE place there was a catholic church, throughout the entire world, there is no hope for us.  The lives of children were destroyed, and people continue to go to church.  How can there be hope for us as a species, when people are too weak and blind to stand up for innocent children?  THERE ARE NO EXCUSES.  NOT FOR THE PRIESTS, THE CHURCH, OR FOR THOSE WHO CONTINUE TO SUPORT AN INSTITUTION THAT ALLOWED CHILDREN TO BE DESTROYED.

Here’s the way it works:  Everyone, sit down, shut up, raise your hand, and don’t make trouble.  That’s what kids are taught in school and they grow up to believe that’s how they should act.  Do you understand how pathetic we really are?  How deep the control over us goes?  People have to break through all that crap if they want to stop what’s happening.  But they won’t.  That’s the saddest part of all.

What’s happening now is like watching a huge fire where there hoses laying around everywhere, but someone said, “Don’t turn on the hoses,” so instead of DOING SOMETHING TO STOP THE FIRE, everyone stands around and watches everything burn to the ground.  That’s exactly what I see.  There ARE answers, but people would rather watch everything be destroyed, rather than go against what they were told to do, and turn on the hoses.

You want to stop kids from being raped by priests.  Shut down the church.  If you won’t do that, then don’t bring kids to church where priests are.  Don’t let priests in your home, where they also raped children.  Don’t let priests take your children on “outings,” where they also raped children.  Don’t let them near priests for any reason.  DON’T TAKE THEM TO A PLACE WHERE THEY SEE YOU SMILE AND BOW TO PRIESTS.  How hard can that be to understand?  The answers are there, no one will turn on the hoses.  People can’t turn on the hoses because their minds have been compromised and they are not allowed to think for themselves.  Most people are so damaged, they can’t even see the hoses.

In the end, the love and kindness people just try and make themselves feel better. Believing that they are doing something,  takes away the need to do actually do anything.  That’s part of the conditioning.  To make people believe that by doing nothing, they are doing something.  Keeps the bad guys safe, cozy and free to whatever they please, knowing that no one will every turn on the hoses.  Knowing that no matter what they do to children, even it it kills them, nothing will happen to them, or to the institution that protects them.

The government doesn’t have to stop sending out kids to die in wars, because we let them TAKE THEM.  Everything that’s happening is because we don’t do anything to stop those who are in charge, from burning everything to the ground, including our children and their future.

Well, as Porky Pig always says:  THHHHHT’S ALL FOLKS.  Remember, you reap what you sow.

What’s with this stuff? Religious people might want to skip this…seriously, just move on.

Okay, so ANGELES WE HAVE HEARD ON HIGH?  Are the people hearing them high, or are the angels high?  I don’t get that part.  I don’t get a lot of things people say, or sing, during the holidays.  I don’t think anyone even knows what they’re saying, they just say things automatically, like all the stuff in hymnals and religious rites.  No one knows what it means but no one really cares either.  Just like in school, when you have to memorize things that are meaningless.

Someone will tell you it means angels are singing high up in the sky, or somewhere in the universe, but that’s insane, since there’s no sound in space, so they’d have to be close and some of the angles are nasty, so who wants to hear them anyway.  Maybe I don’t hear angels singing because I don’t believe in them.  I’m not sure.

People seem to need protection, while they’re here, and that protection is always invisible, unless you know some cool biker guys, like the ones who rescue kittens and stop bullies from hurting little kids.  Now those are things I believe in.  Not the invisible, pretend things who never do anything at all.  Why do people believe in invisible things in the first place?  Fear, I guess.  I’d be more afraid of hearing angels sing on high, than anything else, actually.

Now, if someone said cats were angles or other animals, I could believe that, but the definition would have to be laid out in front of me.

And what about SILENT NIGHT HOLY NIGHT.  Holy?  Really?  You have to believe in more strange and crazy things to go along with that stuff.  And why don’t people realize that not everyone believes in HOLY, since some men made that stuff up as well.  What IS holy and who defined it?  Some people believe in holy, heaven, and hell, but no one knows where those things are.  No maps appear in the Atlas.  Although some will swear they have visited, or are currently living in those places.  I guess everyone can be right, or everyone can be wrong, depends on your attitude.

I believe in Unicorns, although as a concept.  I don’t ask them for anything, or believe I’ll see them soon.  I don’t expect them to rescue me.  Nothing in the world is actually defined so that everyone can agree or understand the definition.  Most people think other people are crazy never realizing that if they had been born into a different family they would not be who they are now, and they would believe entirely different things BECAUSE NOTHING IS REAL AND WE MAKE IT ALL UP.  LOL  I try to remember that when I think about what religious people believe, the costumes they wear, the smoke they blow up the aisles and all the gold on their alters.  They believe a lot of things that astound me, like drinking a person blood and eating their body, even if it is a wafer.  How does that make any sense?  Wine and a cracker=magical transformation, which they don’t believe in.  Would you do that if someone you loved died?  Would you want anyone to do it to you after you were dead?  Who thinks of things like that?  Cannibals that’s who.

Everything is MALE, patriarchal and mean.  Poor Mary, shoved into an alcove on the side of the church when, in fact, none of their beliefs could have happened WITHOUT HER.  But, being female and, therefore, despised, she’s meaningless, and was just used for their evil plans.  Must have pissed all of them off that they couldn’t have birthed their own god and left women out of it entirely.  But I think even they knew they couldn’t get people to believe that, although, they did a good job with the virgin birth.  Too bad DNA testing wasn’t around.  How would Joseph and all the men have gotten out of that one?

Other religions are even crazier than the one’s we have here.  And every single one believes in invisible, made up things, and they are all run by men.  That should alert EVERYONE that something is wrong.

None of that took on me.  Even as a child, I used to watch people and think they were crazy. Putting handkerchiefs on their heads and kneeling and making gang signals with their hands.  No matter what kind of church I was in, I couldn’t believe that grown ups were doing the things they did.  I still don’t.

Christmas for me, is all about lights, presents, cookies and snowpeople.  It’s fun. No births, or magi.  Definitely not a camel in sight.  I do have a couple of sheep from a dime store (see above photo) manger my grandmother used to have.  I like sheep.  I think I have a camel too.  They’re made of chalk.  I threw the people away.  Magi?  Glorified rich guys AGAIN.  Trying to cash in on the bottom floor of their new man-made religion.  I think the shepherd just wanted the stable back for his sheep.  But I threw him away anyway.

See, MEN think EVERY LIVING THING SHOULD WORSHIP THEM, even other animals, you know, the ones they slaughter and eat, or use to carry heavy loads and work for them until they die.   Cuz that’s what male religions are all about.  Slavery to men.  Yeah, no.  I don’t think so.  Never in a million years.  But other people don’t feel the way I do.  I’m against slavery in all its forms.  I’m against brainwashing and conditioning.  The use of animals, who have no choices and the denigration of women.  Yeah, I hate all that stuff, so Frosty and Rudolph, hot chocolate and things like that are Christmas to me.

I’d steal all the animals and let them run free, or give them a good home with lots of food, pets and hugs.  I’d tell Joe to own up to being a father and stop acting all innocent.  I’d tell the wisemen to walk and give the camels a break.  I’d tell them about proper gifts, I don’t care what century it was and what their gifts meant at the time. She needed DIAPERS AND BIBS.

I saw a a picture of Santa, the other day.  He was on bended knee, with his red hat in his hand, looking at the baby in the manger.  Insane.  Absolutely silly and gross beyond belief. Poor Santa can’t even have a day to himself.  Pretty soon the reindeer will be bowing and scraping.

So, if you hear angels singing on high…you might want to keep it to yourself or, at the very least, be sure you can pass a drug test.

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