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Okay, so…really long rant about pretty much everything…

Does the universe, or whatever you believe in, have our backs?  Do things always happen for a reason?  Is misery and suffering in our lives to teach us lessons, or the ever insane belief that without the bad stuff we wouldn’t appreciate the good stuff.  OMG  Ok, moving on…

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that for the overwhelming majority of people, if given the choice, they would say no to the horrors of life.  Most would say that they didn’t want their kids/loved ones, pets, or pretty much anyone they cared about, to suffer and die.  I’m guessing that most would agree that living in your car, or on the street, with your kids and dogs, is less preferable than living in the house you lost to the government’s greed.  I would also think that most people would say no to deadly disease or war.  Most people.  I do realize that there are those who get off on misery and love to complain and suffer.  It’s their thing and they are welcome to it.

Having said that, all of those awful things happen and I personally believe that they happen just to torture us and destroy the peace, tranquility and joy that people would otherwise have in their lives.  We make up sayings, “That’s the way it’s supposed to be,” or “There’s a reason for everything.”  Yeah, there IS a reason for everything but it might not be the reason we think it is.  The reason might be to show us that peace, love, joy and all the good things we tell ourselves are possible…are not possible at all, except for fleeting moments before the next building falls on us.

Here’s the thing.  If your children die, and your husband dies and all your friends die and every animal you’ve ever loved dies, the only possible lesson is that everything dies.  We already know that.  Another lesson could be to teach us that it’s better to live a life without anyone in it.  That way we don’t have to watch anyone die and take parts of us away with them. I know that some of you are saying, “It’s worth the pain to have them in our lives.”  No, it isn’t.  At least not for everyone

Then there are all the things in our culture that tell us to follow our dreams, dream big, and, while you’re at it,  try and overcome the fact that you’re a minority, or a woman, and there’s no real place for you ANYWHERE because all the doors are locked and bolted and any tiny inroad you make lands you on the cover of a magazine to try and show the billions of other women and minorities that someone actually made it in a rich white man’s world.  Fuck that!  Yes, that IS a run on sentence and I take full responsibility for it.

Some of you many not believe it, but I don’t have anger issues. I have rage issues.  Rage at a society that shoves stupid sayings down the throats of those who are PURPOSELY held back and don’t have a chance to do anything it says on the sighs they buy for $5.

Let’s talk porn.  Well, not exactly.   How many porn shops are in your neighborhood? I had a thing about this years ago, when I was a speaker at a American Bar Association conference.  I’m sure most of you don’t have porn shops anywhere near you, let alone down the block.  Some of you might, but not most.  Here’s why…the more money you have the less you are exposed to the ugly side of life.  Therefore, if you are a minority, poor, have less access to jobs and education, the society can put anything it wants in your neighborhood and you can’t do anything about it because they don’t care if it’s a bad example for your kids, they don’t care if the crime rate soars and it’s even MORE dangerous for you and your kids to be outside.  No once cares because the people who are pushed to the bottom aren’t worth being cared about…they don’t have money, therefore, they don’t have power.   No one know what women and minorities can do because they are never given a REAL chance to do anything…at least not in the white man’s world. And, truthfully we should not aspire to be anything like white males, we need to forge new pathways and leave them in our dust.  I was fighting with a couple of the white men, because I had the stats that showed how many women were raped and how incredibly high the crime rate was, in poor neighborhoods where porn and prostitution were everywhere.  One guy, a minority at that, said well, there were only x amount of women who were hurt, or KILLED and that was an ACCEPTABLE NUMBER.  I asked all of them if the number would be acceptable if the number included their mothers, wives or daughters.   They look away, remain silent because THERE IS NOTHING FOR THEM TO SAY THAT WON’T MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE THE IDIOTS THAT THEY ARE.   It’s easy for them to not care about dead women.  That’s why abortion is an issue.  They talk about women as if there IS an ACCEPTABLE number of dead, or damaged women.  No biggie, right?  They’re just WOMEN, after all.  Prey, slaves, there to be used and abused.  Things walking around.  I had this discussion with a guy from the ACLU when we were on TV.   Insane.  Women are less.  Other.  Worthless, except for what men want them for.  The clean-up, unpaid workers of the world.  But if  don’t think about those things.  Learn about them, our lives can be filled with gardening and nice things.  But they are our sisters.  They are us with less money and power.  We could all BECOME THEM, if the white men change the rules.  Where is our solidarity?  I never understand that part.

Money is nothing more than paper and pieces of metal.  We give it it’s value.  We pay for that VALUE, in LIVES.  Human beings are less valuable than paper and metal.  There IS no other way to look at it.  Seriously, think about it.  Paper bought people who were kidnapped from their own country and brought here to work for more WHITE MEN.  Money/paper/bits of silver and gold ARE MORE VALUABLE THAT HUMAN BEINGS, to the men in power.  It’s always BEEN that way.  They BOUGHT people.  They are still buying people.  They’re even buying us.

Getting back to the beginning, is being beaten, raped, uneducated, jobless, sick, half dead, living on the street, a lesson anyone would choose to learn?  Some would say yes.  There are those who believe that we come back here again and again, in order to experience everything this place has to offer.  If that is the case, and it might be, since we don’t have a clue what this place is for, or about, or what we’re doing here, then the place we come FROM, must be boring as hell, or we are totally into torture, violence, death, inequality and misery for the many, while the few float along on their bits of paper and metal, stepping on those who have been deemed unworthy for their lack of those very things.

So we tell ourselves to pull ourselves together.  Religious people think god takes their kids because he needs more angels.  I could say a lot about that but it’s none of my business, not really.  If that makes people feel better, have at it.  Apparently they never ask god WHY he would do that to a kid, but again, none of my business.  It’s easier for people to not ask questions and just put money in the collection plate.  Anyway, we make things up to make ourselves feel better.  None of our signs say, OVERTHROW THE EGOMANIACS WHO ARE DESTROYING OUR WORLD.  No, they tell us to try harder, to look the other way.  The tell us to dream, instead of taking action.  They tell us to shut up and be satisfied with what we have because things could be so much WORSE!  It’s like sleeping pills for the masses.  Starts in first grade…sit down…shut up…don’t think…don’t act out…never upset the status quo…the sky is blue not pink…stand in line…wait your turn, speak softly and don’t carry a big stick, stay on the path the government has set for you, don’t whine, don’t complain, or things will get worse because you have no power and they have power OVER you and everything you do, give them your earnings so they can go on vacations, or buy bigger mansions, don’t tell anyone the priest rapes you every week, DON’T TELL, DON’T MAKE TROUBLE…DON DO ANYTHING…JUST TAKE IT.   I don’t know WHY WE ACCEPT THIS GARBAGE when things don’t have to be this way.   Or, maybe they do have to be this way.  Maybe things can’t be any other way.  How do can we know?   Maybe there’s absolutely NOTHING we can do to make things different, even though things WERE different before.  Not perfect, just different.

Drugs are a problem so huge I don’t know if can ever be taken apart.  Imagine if all the drugs were stopped today.  All of them, except for antibiotics and for people in hospitals.  Those hooked on pain killers, anti-depressants, pot, heroin, coke, Molly, well, all of them.  How do you think people would react?  Not a pretty picture, that’s for sure.  People are being given addictive drugs, knowing that a great many of them will never stop taking them.  Addicts are rarely concerned with what’s happening to the rainforests.  Addicts are easy to manage…just give them more of what they want, or let them kill themselves, each other, or any innocent people they rob for money to buy more drugs.  Helping people become addicts is akin to turning on the TV so the kids won’t bother anyone.  Addicts are focused, they don’t bother the government or those in power, they just want more drugs.  It’s a win-win, for the government.

People have lost their confidence.  Well, it’s been taken away from them, actually.  Classes and books on how to be a GRANDPARENT, how to do this, how to do that.  As if no one knows how to live without instructions.  A pediatrician told me years ago that he didn’t know what was happening.  Parents were calling about things they never called about before.  His office was filled with kids who didn’t need to be seen. Parents were terrified about everything.  He said it was as if no one knew how to take care of their kids any longer.

Fear makes people give their power away (and their kids to war) to those they think will keep them safe.  The thing is, we need to be protected FROM the people we are giving our power to, because THEY are the ones who are the real danger. Everything is BACKWARD.  So an entire country stops thinking for itself and lets the idiots take over their lives.  I used to resent being considered a herd animal but truthfully, the rich white guys are right.  Most of act like cattle.  Huddled together, being led to slaughter, no one turns to the others and says, “Hey, this seems like a really BAD idea.  Can’t you hear all the screaming ahead?  Maybe, we should turn around and go the OTHER way.”  A couple of the other cows and bulls will say, “It’s gods will, he will take care of us.”  Another will say.  “There’s a reason for everything,” never thinking the reason might be to TURN AROUND AND BLOODY RUN THE OTHER WAY.

Noting will ever change if we don’t change it.  That’s the truth.  Things are getting worse.  More wars will kill more kids, more people will become poor, as the rich get richer.  More people will get hooked on drugs.  The environment will continue to be destroyed and extinction will speed up.  People will be out of work and if the government does away with money, they will know every single penny you spend, where and why.  1984 on speed, is right outside our door.

I’m just glad I’m not at the beginning of my life.  Really.  I’m way closer to the end and I’m happy that I got to live through times that were private, polite, kinder, and free.  The idea of a police state wasn’t even a thought.  The electronic age sucks, even as I type on this computer.  So much has been lost to make room for gadgets and speed.  But soon, no one will remember the past…today will be their past and they will laugh at the fact that people had laptops instead of chips implanted in their brains at birth.  That’s the way it goes.  They’ll look at pictures of people eating and snicker, while popping a pill into their mouths that contains everything they need to stay healthy.  No dishes, no need for food, or cooks, stoves, or even kitchens.  Life will evolve…until it’s over.

Well, this is a long rant and there are a lot of run on sentences but this is what I was thinking about this morning.  That and how pretty Emily is.  I was petting her for about twenty minutes.  And my tulips are fabulous and the other plants are blooming as well.  The snow is melting and it’s a wonderful day.  If I could just live in my wee bubble with my books and art and the things that make me happy, everything would be okay.  But I can’t stop thinking that I’m part of the world and the world is being fucked by a few half witted power hungry, evil, greedy, morons.  Other than that, everything is just peachy.

It’s time for lunch. I think I’ll make a salad and read, while sitting among all the beautiful plants.  I can do that because I’m a white, well educated, female who is better off  than some women who never had the advantages I had.  I can’t ever forget that. Not ever.


Okay, here’s the thing…

How is it possible that a handful of rich white, hateful, fanatical, disgusting, violent, mentally unstable, racists, sexist, homophobic, elite males can destroy an entire country…WHILE WE ARE AWARE OF IT and watching it happen?  There are nine and a half million people in Chicago (and her suburbs),  and five idiots in Washington.  I DON’T GET IT. We’ve already had a Hitler, now he’s back doing it again, right in front of us. I don’t like reruns.

We need to SHUT DOWN THE COUNTRY.  We need to strike. Peaceful resistance (at least on our side).   No one go to work, no one give a cent to the bloody government.  Not a penny.  I’m not saying it will be easy.  We can pay our bills, as long as we can, but no taxes, records or anything.  If the morons want to see things fall apart, that’s a better way to do it. Barter, swap, whatever.  Just CUT THEM OUT.  They are trying to destroy us anyway, so at least this way, it will be our choice, not something that’s DONE TO US by THEM.  We would have to work together (problem number ONE).  We would have to work together and not become scabs.  Unions walk out, why can’t we?  The new Holocaust is walking down the streets in DC and laughing it’s ass off at how much they can do to us without us fighting back.

This is what Mockingjay and all the other RUN/FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE films have been trying to teach us.  Find a place, dig in and watch out for drones.  Eat off the land (that will do me in for sure), and do the best you can until Donald Sutherland is removed.  We need the people in films to be real.  We need X-Men and Women, and the guys who fought Terminator, and we need John Wick. I’ve said that before but it’s true, he’s my HERO big time.   We need heroes with weapons, who KNOW HOW TO USE THE WEAPONS THEY HAVE. We need the VETS who went to Standing Rock.  We need all the VETS who know what war is like.  The VETS who are willing to fight FOR us, not against us.  We need HEROS, or just ordinary people with courage (heroes), and the will to end the destruction of America.

I know all the nice people are thinking of ways to save the world with love and prayers but we to have a world left to love, so I would appreciate it if you would let the people in the streets get on with things because no one ever changed a thing by smiling, not when it comes to people like Hitler, Stalin and all the rest.  Look at history and you can forget Gandhi because this is NOT India a million years ago and we don’t have that much time. Life is different here. not my president doesn’t even know what love is. He’s into waterboarding, so love him all you like but you won’t change anything.  I’m going with Wick.

Honestly, if things get to that point where we have to run, I’d probably end up on an ice floe.  We don’t actually have ice floes in Chicago, but I’m trying to say that I’d be left behind, or I’d leave myself behind, or dash to Canada. I would be completely unable to feed myself (and I’m a vegetarian, so I would hide the animals from those who were hungry, which would make the hungry people kill me, just to prove a point, or to get to the rabbit I was sheltering.  No matter how I look at it, things don’t look good for me.  But I’d rather go down fighting.

I’ve written about this before, but MY farm is the grocery store.  I’ve never been camping in my entire life, and I will never understand what picnics are about.  Why people would carry food from one place to another just to eat on a blanket, or bench, is something way beyond anything I can imagine.  As kids, sure, make a sandwich, put up a tend in the yard and go for it.  But  I’ve know adults who brought food in Tupperware containers to a picnic and then brought the containers home to be washed.  A lot of trouble, just to eat somewhere else. When I HAD to go to picnics, I would stop on the way and pick up something to eat, then throw everything away when I left.  That made sense and no one would die from bad egg salad. People always tried to feed me the food they made and brought but I refused, since that would be completely unfair to them.  I don’t know why they weren’t okay with what I was eating anyway.  They loved their container stuff.  So, I passed on noodle salad and all the other things in Tupperware.   Yeah, not into that, so it might be hard for me to live off the land. I have no idea which leaves/berries are poison and which ones are not. Surviving off growing things, while in the wilds of the city or suburbs, means that I would starve, or poison myself. I have books on how to survive in the wild but I’ve never opened them. I’m not sure I even know what the “wild” is.  If it’s Wisconsin, then I’ve been there.  I’m saving the survival books for an emergency but by then, of course, it will be too late.  I think they show a person how to fix a broken leg with a branch and I don’t think I would like that either.  If someone tried to kill a possum or squirrel, I would have to fight them and I don’t imagine it would take that long for some big guy to knock me down.  I used to be able to fight but that was a long time ago.  As for water, I think you’re supposed to run rain water through cheesecloth, to purify it, but I don’t know if that’s true and I don’t carry cheesecloth around with me.  Truthfully, the only time I’ve ever used cheesecloth,  was to make curtains for Halloween.  I can ride a horse and I might be able to fight someone long enough for an animal to escape but where would we get chocolate?  If you’ve never been around a person who is addicted to chocolate when she doesn’t have any…it’s not a pretty picture, believe me.  In that condition I might be able to take the big guy down.

In the movies, people don’t seem to have to deal with any of those questions/problems. There’s always a doctor, a hunter, a scout, a kid, sometimes a scientist, or a guy with knives that come out of his hands. People seem to work together against the bad guys, in the movies. For me, it’s Wick all the way.   He’s real, dedicated and focused.  Bond would be in a tux and I just can see him getting grubby, unless he’s bleeding from somewhere and that’s a different story altogether.  Wick could clean up washington in a few minutes and then people who liked picnics could eat on the lawn, in front of the white house, afterwards.

I still believe that we are someone’s science experiment and we truly are in a big aquarium. How else can you explain it?  WE CANNOT ESCAPE OUR CAGE, TANK, ENCLOSURE, PEN, OR WHATEVER YOU’D LIKE TO CALL THIS PLACE.  We don’t have a clue as to what’s going on.  Hitler was a moron and he hasn’t changed, except now he’s orange and he doesn’t have facial hair…yet.

Boycott the country.  Boycott our government.

Attack on Liberty…Street art and Okay, so…America is no longer opening doors and building bridges…it’s closing it’s borders and building WALLS



I watched a video of a  crowd being detained at one of the airports. Protesters, yelling and holding up signs, were  trying to help the people, as government workers held a large group of in-coming people at bay.  A man, who was being held back, kept saying, “America, the land of Freedom,” his eyes were filled with tears.  He held up his arm and said it again and again.  A woman, who may have been his wife, stood next to him. Looking at them I was horrified and disgusted at what this country has become.

A thousand years ago, when I was in first grade, I learned that America was called the, “Melting Pot.” I was happy that I lived in a country where everyone was welcome.  I was happy knowing that if people were afraid, they could come here, because America, and Chicago, would protect them and keep them safe.  Childish thoughts, for sure but they meant something to me and I never lost that feeing.

I grew up with a large mixture of nationalities in my neighborhood.  As kids, we didn’t care about nationality, or religion.  We played in alleys, on streets, in parks, backyards, vacant lots, and on the back/front porch stairs. Girls played baseball as well as the boys did and no one thought anything about that either.

Now I’ve lived long enough to see my country rot from the inside.  Like a corpse, with icky worms (government officials) coming out of her putrified underbelly.  I feel like apologizing to the entire world for what we have become and for the fact that we have allowed hate and greed to destroy what was once a strong and beautiful country, a country that stood for freedom and goodness.

In case no one has noticed, the real terrorists are in Washington.  Government terrorists are THREATENING American citizens.  They shot at peaceful Native Americans’ at Standing Rock.  Used water cannons on them.  OUR GOVERNMENT DID THAT TO IT’S OWN PEOPLE!   The American government is a threat to the planet, (environment). The destruction our government is  causing, not only to our own country and citizens, but to the rest of the world, is inexcusable and pathetic.

Now we, AS AMERICANS, know exactly what it’s like when terrible people in other countries give the rest of the people who live there, a bad name.  I want to say, “But we aren’t ALL LIKE THE PEOPLE IN GOVERNMENT AND THEIR FOLLOWERS.” Because let’s face it, it has come to that.   It truly is, us vs them.

Maybe we should ask Native Americans’ what they think about foreigners and deportation.  If they wanted to deport foreigners from THEIR country, we would all be gone, which would be very good for every living thing left behind.  I suppose I would be expected to go to Italy, or Sweden, but why would either one of those countries want an American?   Why would any country want any of us, especially now that our dollar is worth so little and there’s NO gold to back it up?

AMERICA IS VIOLENT.  We start illegal wars for oil, for art, for greed and for power. We KILL FOR THOSE THINGS and yet we talk about terrorism?  Think SCALE!  WE DESTROY OTHER GOVERNMENTS, COUNTRIES AND PEOPLE and don’t think twice about it.  We destroy our own children and loved ones, for profit.  Profit for the rich.

Well, here we are…divided, and you know where that leads, right?   We have already fallen. I’m just hoping that we can get up again.  I’m thrilled to see all the people in the streets fighting back.  That’s my side…the side where people fight against tyranny and hatred. I know exactly where I stand.  What about you?


Okay, so…

What if we all stopped working on ourselves?  What if we simply accepted ourselves the way we were and stopped chasing things long enough to actually LIVE?  I know that’s a radical concept but think about it.  All this introspection and the four million books on meditation, self-help, problem solving, finding your inner child, being HAPPY, knowing how to love, learning how to break up, get divorced, get married, get WHATEVER, is driving everyone INSANE.  This is all NEW.  People just used to LIVE.

When I was growing up we (the kids I hug around with) lived everyday.  When we had problems, WE DEALT WITH AND GOT THROUGH THEM ALL BY OURSELVES BECAUSE WE COULD THINK.  Adults were not in the picture…they didn’t even know where we were.  We didn’t get help, we were expected to find our way through whatever happened and guess what…WE DID.  There were no books to read that could help us solve our problems, or MAKE problems for us by pointing out something the author thought was missing in our lives.  Nothing was missing, because no one told us there was something missing.

There wasn’t a single sign in my house when I raised MY kids.  Not one.  No…BE HAPPY, DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS LOOKING…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.  We all danced like no one was looking all the time because we never thought ABOUT NOT DOING THAT.   We didn’t think about who was looking either. The things on my fridge were about firefighters who saved cats from burning buildings.

Seriously, the biggest thing that’s wrong with everyone IS THAT PEOPLE THINK THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WIH THEMSELVES.  

Believing that makes everyone stop living and start looking for something that’s not there.  It also makes money for the authors of all those books, the teachers who lead all the seminars, the speakers, the gurus, the sign makers and mostly for the people in power, since they never have to worry about anyone looking at what’s going on because everyone is too busy looking for whatever they think they are missing.

What waste of energy, money and life.  Chasing happiness, thinking we need to be bigger, better, richer, more beautiful, and all the rest is an ADDICTION.  Thinking those things causes dissatisfaction and the inability to actually see who we are.  The media is driving people to feel unfulfilled by telling them that there’s so much more to life that they are missing.  The fact is:  there will NEVER be enough of anything.  The people who are playing everyone need to keep people wanting more so they can keep making money.  There IS NO END GAME.

I’m just sick of having people talk about what’s missing and how we should all try to be better at everything we do.  We need to give more, be more, do more, be kinder to ourselves and everyone else.  The kindest thing anyone can do for themselves is to stop thinking about what they SHOULD be doing and just be themselves.  If you’re at peace and satisfied with yourself, the rest comes naturally.  You don’t have to remind yourself to be nice to others, to smile at others, or to do anything at all.  All of those things are part of life. It’s only when you believe in scarcity and lack, that you need to be reminded to be kind.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.

Road rage…

George Carlin once said that when we are driving everyone else is either going too slow or too fast.  He’s right.  That kind of thinking can lead to Road Rage.  Not everyone has Road Rage, of course, but for those of us who do, driving can be a tad stressful.

Okay, show of hands…how many of you have pictured yourself ramming the car in front of you, over and over again, until there’s nothing left but bits of metal scattered across the street?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Ever dream of taking a baseball bat and just smashing the car ahead of you, to make yourself feel better?  That’s another tell.  Gripping the steering wheel until it cracks in your hands may be another one.  Grinding your teeth or thinking about pulling off the road until the slow guy goes away, might be another.

The street going to Debbie’s has a lot of one lane roads.  I HATE IT WITH A PASSION.  Sometimes I actually go out of my way to drive faster and on a wider highway.  Seriously, you just need one Nebish to go 12 mph and suddenly there are 100 cars behind you and everyone is banging their head on their steering wheels.  It doesn’t matter if we SHOULD be patient, we aren’t and that’s a fact.

And I love that the law tells us to have a certain distance between vehicles.   If you leave ten inches between your bumper and the bumper of the car in front of you, two other cars are trying to squeeze in.  How unrealistic IS that stupid expectation?  Where do the people who wrote that one…LIVE?  Perhaps in a town with ten other cars.  Try doing that on an expressway going 85 mph.  No, it doesn’t work.  If that law was enforced every single person who lived here would be in court.  EVERY SINGLE PERSON, except for the person driving in front of me yesterday who was going UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT! Deep breaths, deep breaths.

Road Rage isn’t something a person CHOOSES to have.  It has no positive benefits.  It’s an automatic reflex that you only notice once the screaming has started.  It is not gender, or age, specific.  I think it’s a personality trait.  And if you think you don’t have it, it might seem that way because of where you live.  If you move to a place with nine and a half million people, you may find out that your calm and patient personality was due to location, rather than your sweet and peaceful inner spirit.  Yes, yes, I could be totally wrong on that count but hey, I’m just sayin’.









Okay, so…


Do you think humans evolved to work in cubicles for low wages, or even for high wages, 40 to 60 hours a week?  Do you think the masses evolved to struggle endlessly and wait for the weekend, or the one day they might have off?  Do you think that humans learned to stand upright and invent language, so they could kill each other, or sit on a couch and watch endless hours of television, because they are exhausted from being abused by their government, bosses, culture, the police, bills, the NEVER ENDING RULES AND REPETITION OF EVERYDAY LIFE?

And who says that life is a gift?  Someone made that saying up.  What was the person comparing life to?  Death?  We don’t know what happens next.  Once they die, people might actually hate themselves for staying here so long.  WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING.  This really could be a prison planet, an experiment, an (ant) people farm.  We don’t have a clue.


Life is chaos.  If you’re not good at handling chaos, life can be difficult.  Either way, life can be difficult.  We are lied to about everything.  Find the right person, do this, do that, do this again, keep trying, never give up and you’ll eventually be happy.  And the hamster keeps running in his wheel and never gets anywhere.  Actually, sometimes the hamster falls off, but like good little hamsters everywhere, he gets right back on the wheel to nowhere.

When someone dies, they say, “He was a good worker, only took one vacation in his entire life.  He was a good father, even though he worked all the time to provide for his family, and rarely got to see anyone, or do anything.  He was a good man because he gave his life to the system that strangles people and sucks the life out of them.  Everyone liked him. He will be missed.”  But the next guy in line has already moved his stuff into his desk, so that they can hook him up to the system and start draining him.   Some people love their jobs, of course, and more people are able to start their own companies than ever before, which is fabulous.

Still, the masses, are slave labor for the elite. Rich people don’t pay taxes, while poor people do. That’s so no one can ever get ahead and scare the rich people. It’s just one more way to keep people poor.   Then, due to prejudice, hatred and idiocy, some people aren’t even allowed to work for minimum wage, which is now an amount lower than what people on minimum wage made in the 50’s, according to the standards of today.  Poor people are too tired to start a revolution, they are trying to survive in a world that is FILLED WITH ABUNDANCE!  Abundance is also controlled by those in power.  The elites/powerful CONTROL WHO SUFFERS.  They control who makes money and who doesn’t.  They control who gets health care and who gets minimum care.  EVERY THING THAT HAPPENS TO US IS CONTROLLED BY SOMEONE ELSE.  Now the insurance companies control what you do at work, or out of work.  I really hate that.  Freedom is not what people think it is.

I wonder how people were brainwashed into believing that life is a gift, in the first place?  Even as we kill everything we see, some people are still saying that life is a gift. I bet some hunters even feel that way.   Maybe, like everything else, that GIFT is only good for certain beings.

Why do we believe we should be happy when there is violence and suffering all around us? I wonder how anyone ever bought into the idea that this was a good place. From the very beginning there were rich and poor.  Peasants (who killed themselves until the catholic church made it a sin, so they could have people in the pews and pennies in the collection plate).  Yes, yes, babies being born (and dying/living in cardboard boxes), and weddings (and divorces), and delicious food (for some), and good health care (for some), and wealth (for a few), and shelter (for some), and clean water (for some), and good educations (not so much for any one). Well, I could go on but you can see what I’m saying.  I won’t go into violence against women, children, animals and the environment.

We are led to believe we should be happy, or at least find happiness, in a place where PEOPLE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE HAPPY because much of what people need is controlled by others.  

We don’t know for sure that this is a good place.  We don’t know what happens after death.  We don’t know that the way we live is the best way to live.  And we refuse to understand that we are constantly being manipulated and used by those in power.  The media alone is the best brainwashing tool ever invented.

I don’t know how long our species will survive.  Climate change, the US trying to take over the world, when they can’t even run the country.  Can’t even imagine.

Look, we have been TAUGHT to ignore the BIG picture and instead, concentrate on what’s right in front of us.  By doing that the bad guys get a free pass.  There is a big picture and there are guys behind the curtain.  Until we face the facts, we will march, like good sheep, to our deaths, figuratively, or literally.  Just remember to smile for the cameras that are everywhere because face recognition lets them know where you are at all times.

We can’t change things if we don’t see, or admit, what’s going on.  Believing nice little sayings won’t save the planet, or help anyone.  We are becoming more and more isolated from each other, even as we are in communication with people from all over the world.  More and more we sit in dark rooms and live on line, often cutting ourselves off from the people who are all around us.

I want to see people rise to a level where they can live without suffering because they have the most basic of things.  I’m just sick of the way things are.  I’m sick of the fact that  the wars never end.  That violence never ends.  I’m sick of the poverty that exists when it doesn’t have to be that way.  I’m sick of greed and lies and believe me when I say that I’m really sick of stupid sayings.


Okay, so…

I constantly see sayings and quotes that tell everyone to let compassion guide them, or to let the love in their hearts do whatever they want them to do.  Those words are so far removed from the reality of the world that I can’t believe anyone even understands what they mean.   The thing I like most about this stuff is it NEVER TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO, OR HOW TO DO ANYTHING THAT CAN MAKE THEIR WORDS WORK IN TODAY’S WORLD.  Instead they just go on and on and on telling people to love and give and blah, blah, blah.  How about one single concrete thing that ANYONE can do to make the war torn, hate filled, misogynist, racist, agist, greedy, violent, insane government run world different.  None of those saying mean anything.  They are ridiculous and they don’t change a thing.

Action changes things, not wishful thinking about compassion and kindness.  Verbs, think verbs.  We need to stop talking and start doing.  Boycott, write letters, get groups together who are liked minded and want to WORK for change.  SUPPORT those businesses who are compassionate and environmentally sound.  Realize that when you spend your money you are supporting the beliefs of the the owners.  There are huge stores that sell stuff for lower prices.  They hate women, gays and many other segments of the population.  They underpay their employees and don’t insure them, yet, people buy from them.   Customers support THOSE TERRIBLE  BELIEFS AND PREJUDICES with their money.  Worse yet, the owners use customer money to support causes most of us are AGAINST.  By supporting those places people are also supporting the belief that it’s okay to underpay, not insure and hate large segments of the population.

The words on signs and in books do not work in the real world.  Businesses that support war, that poison our water, that pollute our air,  and have hateful prejudices against others, need to be stopped.  Signs and words won’t stop them.  If you are against something you have to act.  You have to actually DO SOMETHING.  Talking and complaining about it won’t CHANGE ANYTHING.  Wishing things were different won’t change anything.

Buying paper products that are dyed to match your bathroom decor poisons water, even the white color.  We have to think about what we can DO to stop the bad things from happening.   If a lot of us DEMANDED that paper products stopped being dyed, by buying products that were environmentally safe, those huge polluting companies WOULD CHANGE OR GO OUT OF BUSINESS.

See it’s UP TO US to change things.  WE are the only ones who can do it.  The greedy people are happy to take our money and poison us.  Our government loves having wage slaves to keep deep in debt while they rake in the money.    They get kids in debt with college loans that WILL NEVER GO AWAY EVER.   We MUST DEMAND CHANGE THROUGH ACTION.  You don’t have to demonstrate, you don’t have to stand in the street or chant or do anything you don’t want to do but if you buy anything, that money is going to people who may be funding things you oppose with a passion.

SILENCE=DEATH…that’s a sign you can believe.

Violence and bullies are everywhere.  Not just on line and in schools but in business, government, and the places you shop.  We can make a difference.  Write letters to those you support, write letter to those you oppose.

Those signs teach people to be meek.  The meek will never inherit the earth.  The meek will work for the non meek and be killed when they are no longer needed.  Big dogs on the block, remember.  We have to be REALISTIC about the kind of world we live in today.  A world where our own government sells arms to countries that kill our own soldiers.  A world where cyber bullies talk kids into killing themselves because they aren’t pretty.  A world that LIES.

The businesses who pollute were supposed to be fined and they were given a certain amount of YEARS to poison us.  It’s been ages and they are still doing it.  The reason that’s possible is because money is more important than the health of the planet or our own health…just ask the people who were just poisoned in Flint, Michigan.  Where does compassion and love fit in there?  Should we be compassionate for the people who drank the poisoned water, or the people who KNOWINGLY poisoned them?   Are any of the bad guys in jail?  Are they sill in their positions and getting paid?

If we don’t face the problems we have we can’t act on them.  We can’t bring about change.  Pretending that everything is okay won’t make everything okay.  The world has changed and we have to change as well.  It’s not 1930 when people heard the news on the radio and they were having the war to end all wars.  Kids were nicer to each other,  they played outside and rode bikes.  They played games and everyone ate dinner together, really, at the same time.  No one was exhausted from gymnastics, and ten million other after grade school activities, kids were busy looking at bugs and climbing trees.   This is a different place.  A place where people can go into a school and kill students and teachers.  Where kids are driven everywhere and live in dark rooms looking at screens, after their adult supervised activities, because they don’t normally get to actually PLAY anymore.  Life has become dangerous for everyone, everywhere.  Travel is available to everyone, the internet connects all of us.  Different times.  Compassion and love…uh, nice idea but how will it stop the destruction?  HOW?  In case you haven’t notices those who try to run on those platforms are murdered.  We need new tactics.  We need to use our power to spend the money we have by supporting those who have values we believe in.   We need to actively participate in what’s going on.  Otherwise we need to sit down and watch TV,  read stupid signs on the wall, or do whatever people do on the internet and let the world fall apart around us, because nothing will change unless we change it.  Hey, I’m just saying.


I’m at a different Barnes and Noble’s today. I need something extra for a baby gift, so I came to get a couple of fun books.  It’s late and I’m hungry, therefore, I’m getting a broccoli/cheese quiche.  The quiche is just okay, but this isn’t Paris so….  The cheesecake looks good and I’m thinking about it.  It’s dark and gloomy outside (nothing new) and a nice bright, slice of strawberry cheesecake may cheer me up.

A woman at one table has a terrible deep, dry cough like the one kids get when they have whooping cough.  I’m not sitting anywhere near her.  An older woman is reading magazines and her mouth is hanging open.  Two long haired blonds are talking and pointing all over the place.  A guy is holed up in the corner with his laptop and another older man is doing something with spread sheets, using the books from the store.  A woman just sat down with a magazine, dessert and coffee.  Another guy, has his laptop and he’s also going through the store’s magazines.  A man just joined the open-mouthed woman and she didn’t even look up, or close her mouth.

This Barnes is much busier than the one by my house.  It’s part of an outdoor mall that has really great stores.   The cafe area is much larger and they need the space.

I was wondering…do you think women would rebel and start a war if chocolate disappeared?  I do.  I think that without chocolate, especially DARK chocolate, our outrage would come to the surface and all hell would break loose.  I’m going for dessert, just so I don’t start something.

I chose a Chocolate Blackout cupcake.  It’s from the Cheesecake Factory and OMG!  It’s fantastic.  See, that’s what I mean, I’m being drugged by chocolate and now I have no desire to fight.  Well, at least not until the cupcake’s gone, that’s for sure.

All the people in the cafe (except for me), are using the books and magazines for their own purposes.  When I, along with a group of other women, had our own independent bookstore, women would come in and read our books to their children and then leave.  Not only that…they didn’t clean up after themselves, or their kids.  Of course we couldn’t stay in business.  Boarders couldn’t beat the abuse from customers either.  When interviewed one of their employees said something like…”how can we stay in business, people use the books, read things in the store, and don’t buy anything.  They come here and decide what they want to read and then order the books from Amazon.  It’s their own fault we are going under.”

BOOKSTORES ARE NOT LIBRARIES!  Once the books in bookstores are read they become USED BOOKS.  Bookstores are businesses…businesses need to make money to keep their doors open.  People are abusing the only bookstore we have left.  It upsets me because I don’t want them to go out of business.  NOT A LIBRARY.  Buy it, or leave it on the shelf.  The thing is, the people who abuse bookstores would never stand for someone doing the same thing to them, wherever they worked.  How about wearing a dress around the store, or shoes, meeting people for lunch in the shop’s cafe and then putting the clothes and shoes back, when your date is over and you are ready to leave.  Then coming back next week and doing it again.  THAT’S EXACTLY THE SAME THING.  EXACTLY.   You can do it with anything.  It’s WRONG to read the magazines and use the books without buying them.  I wanted to stand on my chair and say that to EVERYONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO WERE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOKSTORE.  It’s not okay…it’s evil.  I had a bookstore…believe me…it’s WRONG,  thoughtless, and EVIL.  It puts bookstores OUT OF BUSINESS AND IT DESTROYS THE MERCHANDISE.

Well, my cupcake is gone and looking for a place to live somewhere on my body.  It will probably settle down on my hips or thighs and, since I never have anything to say about it’s location, I am forced to put up with any choice the cupcake makes.  Just one more unfair thing in life.  If a man ate the same cupcake (men really do need to eat more chocolate), the calories would simply drain out of the bottom of his feet and he would lose three pounds by the time his fork hit the plate.  See, that’s what I mean, life is so NOT fair.

Really, it isn’t.

Here’s another insane quote/saying…


Quote/Picture from:  Pinterest

OMG!  This is ridiculous beyond belief, since NO ONE knows what life would be like without all the misery and suffering.  MAYBE, nothing good comes from anxiety, grief or melancholy.  MAYBE, life would be fantastic and wonderful and filled with joy and happy people, if those things disappeared.  We see sayings like this and try to believe that the horrible things that happen to us are okay because we get something from them.  But what we get from those things can be horrifically destructive and it’s not a person’s fault if they don’t bloody rise above it and learn something wonderful.  Misery sucks.

What if we could just live and die, without all the garbage?   Maybe life would be spectacular for EVERYONE!  Maybe people would stop committing suicide, drinking, doing drugs, beating each other, killing each other, if they weren’t so MISERABLE.  Who really CARES what lessons we learn from suffering?  I DON’T!  Suffering is destructive and no one would voluntarily line up to do it.  I’ve said it before, the only thing you get from misery is misery.

Imagine life without suffering.  Can you?  Is suffering EVER better than NOT suffering?  WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM MISERY, except that we want it to STOP?   Does it make anyone stronger?  Would any of us sign up for misery to GET that kind of strength?  The parent who is depressed/melancholy and  can’t take care of the children and ends up killing her/himself has learned that s/he didn’t want to stay here, so maybe the lesson to be learned was meant for those left behind, right?  Maybe the parentless children are stronger because of it or MAYBE it just ruins more lives.

I want to learn from happiness.  I don’t want to learn any pretend lessons misery can teach me because I DETEST MISERY WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING!  We try and make ourselves feel better by saying meaningless things like this quote but to me it’s just insane and makes some people look for the lessons that don’t actually exist.  They feel like failures, when they just suffer and can’t find anything good about it.  Can’t find the lessons that are supposedly there to learn.

WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING! We make stuff up, BUT WE DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW IF WE LEARN ANYTHING GOOD FROM SUFFERING.  WE DON’T KNOW IF WE WOULD LEARN MORE FROM JUST BEING HAPPY.   There is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF that suffering is a good thing, in any way at all.  NONE.  I recommend that you avoid suffering and misery like the plague that it is.

I think it’s time that we allow people to stop pretending (for those who are) that suffering is okay.  I think people should be allowed to say that suffering sucks and then get on with things.  We do miserable people a disservice by telling them that they will learn something positive from being miserable.  I think we should finally let go of that pretense and just face the fact that suffering and misery are not a good teachers.

Okay, so…

What would happen if we, collectively, stopped watching and caring about the lives of people on TV and in magazines?  If everyone stopped wanting to know what the “stars,” did?  What if no one watched REALITY shows but instead had fun in their OWN reality? What would happen if we completely IGNORED politicians and their LIES?  If we simply turned our backs on the media, the greedy, the unrealistic and the lies…what then?  We know we can survive without watching, or looking at them.  It wasn’t like this before…people weren’t inundated with all this garbage until recently.  THIS KIND OF THING CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT OUR CONSTANT ATTENTION.  Just like the stars we no longer wish to see…they disappear.  WE could make them ALL disappear if we just stopped the continuous and insane need for watching other people LIVE.

People listen to the debates knowing they are lies and fake.  We don’t truly elect anyone, that’s a joke.  Why listen to them talk?  What is the point? The illegal laws are passed in closed rooms and the men in charge do as they please, for themselves, and there is nothing we can do about it, no matter how much we watch them.   The time people waste watching other people live,  is time lost out of their own lives.  It doesn’t make any sense.  We make the stars (movie or political) what they are.  Who cares who is divorcing who?  We all have kids, we know what kids are, so what’s with the 10 page spread of someone else’s kids?  How can that possibly mean anything to anyone else’s life?  Magazines sell garbage and lies and people buy it, ingest it, believe it and CARE about it. Stars make millions of dollars because people want to look at pictures of their kids. They sell their children to people who want to see them.  Why?  You can see pictures of most everyone’s kids for free.  We can stop all of that selling, by just shutting it our of our lives.  Watching people lose weight, hoard, have surgery and I don’t know what else.  What is the POINT?  How boring are our lives that people need to watch other people live?  Seriously, I dream of a time when no one cares what anyone else is doing or saying.  When people are interested in what THEY THEMSELVES are doing and saying.

What if, instead of watching pictures of refugees and starving people in lands we will never visit, we stopped watching television and made sandwiches for the homeless in our areas and distributed them?  What if we hooked up with groups that fed people or did other things that helped the people where we lived?  What if we  taught kids how to read?  What if we made a difference rather than remaining passive observers who just watch and talk about issues we can’t possibly do anything about?  What if we turned off the news for good?  What if we changed the world by our absence?   What if we did something and thought for ourselves and lived our OWN lives, instead of watching other people live theirs?  What if we just stopped giving them attention?  

Maybe, if we did something, rather than watch other people do nothing, we could make the world a better and more beautiful place.  My granddaughter volunteers at the animal shelter and while she gives her heart to the cats, she truly glows for having spent time with THEM.  We might all feel better ourselves if we DO something.  Maybe, by feeding the homeless, by helping the poor and by helping the animals where we live, we could actually make a difference.  Maybe we could have a better world, if we stopped looking at others, and just got up and did what we could where we lived.  If everyone did that, little by little, things would change for the better and people might reconnect and become involved in real life and not life on a screen or the glossy pages of the rags. Hey, I’m just sayin’.



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