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From: Bored Panda

Man Is Afraid To Walk Alone In His Neighborhood Because He’s Black, And His Rant Goes Viral

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our world is not what pretend it is it never has been its core hidden in the depths glossed over is rotten kept that way by the elite but the ocean is being emptied by black, brown, white hands working … Continue reading

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Poems about Chicago and racism…a book worth reading.


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A very short story…

“Who am I supposed to ask about the book?” he asked, looking around. “The white woman in the black t-shirt,” she said, turning back to her list. “Who?” “Talk to the white woman in the black t-shirt,” she said, more … Continue reading

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Animals love each other…racism doesn’t exist…they are are more evolved than humans


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TED Talk…racism

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Okay, so…

America is a racist society, it’s a lot of other things too, but I want to concentrate on race, for the moment. So, I was giving a lecture to a packed audience, on Susan B Anthony.  I stepped up to … Continue reading

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America belongs to ALL OF US and the government needs to LEARN THAT LESSON…

Quick collage Here’s the thing.  I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life.  MY Chicago is very different from the Chicago of some OTHERS, simply because I’m WHITE and was raised on the Northwest side.  I was raised to NOT see … Continue reading

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The difference…

This is hate…a weakness that destroys everything good.   This is harmony, unity, beauty, it’s what makes America strong. Pinterest ache.tumblr.com

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