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Do you ever wonder why so many people are trying to escape their lives through alcohol and drugs, or any of the other things people escape into, including suicide?  Does the fact that so many people are seemingly unhappy, or … Continue reading

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I don’t think we ask ourselves enough questions…or do we ask too many?

What did we do to end up on this violent spinning rock?  Was it just an accident of sperm meets egg?  Did we choose to come here,  picking our parents and life they could give us…before we allowed our consciousness … Continue reading

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Kids, Life and Questions

“How was poetry day?” “Good.  Everyone was into it.  Mr. Mark liked my poem but Susan got so angry reading hers that he made her sit down.  She’s definitely going to become a divorce lawyer.  Lisa wrote about springtime but … Continue reading

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We have no idea…

who we are what we are where we came from where we are going why we’re here what we’re supposed to do what the universe is what’s beyond what we think is out there what IS out there whether anything … Continue reading

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Don’t most people…

read more than one book at a time like their toast dark and crispy love chocolate like to travel go barefoot whenever they can long to have the body they did when they were seventeen adore cats think summer and … Continue reading

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Do you believe…

…that we know the truth about anything …that there there has ever been an honest politician …that diversity is the answer to a lot of our problems …that America is a joke …that freedom no longer exists …that war across the … Continue reading

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Why should we be grateful, or even feel lucky, if GOOD things happen to us?  Shouldn’t GOOD things be the norm?  Is life so horrific that people are supposed to be GRATEFUL when they get a break from the terrible … Continue reading

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