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Okay, so…Quan Yin

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I like Quan Yin.  I have statues of her around my house.  She’s peaceful and keeps her eyes closed.  She keeps her eyes closed because she vowed to keep them shut, until all suffering on earth has ended.  In other words, she won’t open her eyes until we become extinct.

Here’s my problem with Quan Yin.  Keeping your eyes closed doesn’t really help anyone.  It’s kind of like fasting.  If you die from not eating, for whatever cause you’re fighting for, you just become a symbol and they make T-shirts with your face on them.  Sure people might get fired up in the beginning, but they’re alive and can actually do something, while the the other person is dead and can just relax and let other people handle the problem.  It’s pretty much the same with all the gods we make up.  It’s definitely time for Quan Yin to open her eyes and get to work.

How does sitting still, with your eyes closed, help ANYONE at all?  It doesn’t.  If she’s suffering because of the suffering going on on earth, how could she possibly believe that not looking, will help anyone, or anything?

I look at her face (there’s a statue right next to me), and she looks peaceful, I mean she’s a statue, but her appearance is peaceful.  It shouldn’t be.  She should be more like Kali, with  a necklace of skulls around her neck, I don’t see Kali helping the cause either but still, she’s at least vicious and with the program.  Maybe Kali does her thing at night, who knows.

I’ve known a lot of people who have gone through their lives with their eyes closed.  They caused a lot of harm to others, even to their own kids, but they thought it was easier not to look, rather than be present and act.

I guess Quan is from that school of thought.  It’s never easier to sit back and close your eyes, not in the long run.  If you do that, the bad guys will always win.  See, this is where it gets tricky.  WE might not win, but we can hold our ground.  I think that’s important when you’re fighting someone stronger than you are, richer, with an entire MILITARY MACHINE behind them and all the money in the world.  So, we, the little regular people, can’t just give up and close our eyes, or there will be nothing left.  Standing up to overwhelming odds still has to be done.  It’s only infants and tiny toddlers who believe that if they close their eyes, or put a diaper on their face, things really disappear.

Quan Yin needs to bloody well wake up and stand with us, with her eyes OPEN.  That’s the thing about gods, they are usually bystanders.  Well, that and the fact that we really don’t matter at all.  And the part about none of them being real to begin with…I mean surely THAT counts for them not showing up.  They don’t exist.  I think they’re metaphors, that’s all.

We need to stop making excuses for the gods we make up and face the fact that we’re in his, whatever it is, alone.  ALL the gods are pretend, that’s why they never do anything. They can’t, since they aren’t real. Made up gods are just the way men in costumes steal from people.  I’d like to know who made up Quan Yin.  I mean who makes up someone who won’t open their eyes?  Did the people who made her up think that people would feel sorry for her and suddenly become good, so she could see again?  And suffering comes in all kinds of forms, so good luck.

Having said that, we need Diana and her hounds, we need all of the Goddesses to give us, their daughters, the power to overcome male violence and inequality.  That’s really all I want for Christmas, an end to patriarchy.  That’s all I EVER want.   No one even has to wrap it.

Merry, merry and ho ho ho.

Quan Yin…

Quan Yin is a beautiful Goddess.  Once we’re gone, she’ll be free to open her eyes and do as she pleases.  She’ll be sightless for less than a thousand years, according to Hawking.  Depending on what we leave behind, she may just keep her eyes closed forever.

Quan Yin…



Quan Yin…

The Hyatt on Maui had some beautiful are work.  Quan Yin is in the center of the hotel.  Poor thing will never open her eyes.  I often wonder if she’s sorry she promised to keep them closed until all suffering was gone.  Never gonna happen…at least not here, the way we are now.  One should be careful of the promises/oaths one makes.

Quan Yin is getting ready for summer…assuming we have one


I put new Prayer Flags out for her.  I think she likes them.


Quan Yin

Quan YinThis Quan Yin sits in the tiny Zen Garden.   She’s still holding most of her color, even though she has been outside for years.  She’s peaceful and quiet.  The birds visit with her often.


Quan Yin

Quan YinAnother Quan Yin.  She also lives in my yard.  I have one more, in the wee zen garden.

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