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Always take time to smell the flowers…

Black and white fluffy friendly Fox Terrier dog smelling fragrant white wild flower while sitting on lush grassy meadow

Photo:  Madeline Bassinder

There’s something about this photo…

grayscale photography of dog

Can you feel it?  It’s saying so many things…something different to each of us, perhaps, but this isn’t just any photo…it’s one that has a voice.


Photo:  Mauritis Bausenhart

What a sweet puppy…with beautiful eyes.

gray and white french bulldog puppy on brown floor

Photo:  Logan Weaver

Madam Butterfly…

White and Black Short Coat Small Dog Wearing a Green Butterfly Head Band

Sing Nina Simone’s, Wild is the Wind, LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME, SAY YOU DO…and I’ll be your sweet puppy…

Photo Of A Puppy

Photo:  Laura Stanley

Puppies are so adorable…I mean, look at that face…

White and Brown Short Coated Dog

Photo:  Anna Shvets


Puppy, Dog, Pet, Cute, Baby, Animal

How cute is this puppy.  I love seeing the dogs people pick out, or the people dogs pick out.  Whichever.  Certain faces or traits attract certain people, the same way we find certain people more attractive than others. I’m never sure if those things are from past lives, or just something chemical, or in our DNA.  But they do exist, no doubt about it.

Even though we’re told it’s wrong and not good for our dogs, we still carry them around, let them sleep on our beds, kiss them and treat them like our kids or friends.  Supposedly that confuses dogs, who are pack animals and need a hierarchy.  In other words, they need a top dog to be in charge.

I think our dogs and cats are the ones who keep us sane, in an insane world.  We have cut ourself off from nature to the point where we have forgotten what we are.  We make friends with squirrels and birds, with coyotes and other animals walking around our cities suburbs.  We feed them, under signs that say, PLEASE DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS, because we can’t help ourselves and we love them, even if they just want our food.

I think we are desperate to reawaken that part of ourselves that has been buried.  The love we have for our companion animals runs deep.  Often deeper than it ever has for another human being.  I remember an elderly man telling me that he never got another dog, after his childhood dog died.  He said it was the worst thing that ever happened to him.  Worse than his parents dying, or anyone else.  He still missed him and it still hurt, even after all those years.  He never recovered from that loss.  I don’t think any of us ever do.  Not really.  I think we sometimes give more of ourselves to our companions, than we ever do to the people around us.

And that’s okay.  It has to be okay, because that’s the way it is.

Puppy love…

front view of black and white puppy sitting on brown sofa

Photo:  Daniel Lincoln

Puppy…a poem

muddy paws
and nose
a job well done
the puppy
admires his


One is never too young to start playing with a stick…

Puppy, Golden Retriever, Dog, Pet

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