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My kind of Barbie…

I reallllly don’t like zombies.  They truly creep me out…big time.  But for some reason, the zombie Barbie is less dangerous than the one below  Even zombie Barbie has perfect hair, however. This Barbie is far more dangerous to a … Continue reading

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We are simply drops in the bucket of life.  Always stretching and changing shapes, mixing our colors and bumping into each other, over and over again.  When we hit, our colors blend, become something new, and on and on it … Continue reading

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Control…it’s all about control and power over others…

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This is from Seth Godin today…the high lightening is mine.

  Make things better I’ve come to realize that this is a controversial statement for some people. Two issues, it seems: Better implies that what we have right now is imperfect. Better requires change, and change is scary. Better might … Continue reading

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any subject or issue that you’re afraid to look at or discuss has power over you only you can take your power back

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of all the things that are withheld from the masses by the rich and powerful   the cruelest are lack of freedom opportunity and idleness   why do we put up with it

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Holly just said that pence wants to stop all abortions, including those in cases of incest. Notice how all the moronic talk is aimed at controlling women AND female children, since pregnant children, due to their fathers, or other men, … Continue reading

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Excellent speaker…excellent TED Talk about Power…

Why ordinary people need to understand power

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Okay, so…power

Power is always corrupt.  Power over others starts with parents.  Parents are the first line of defense used by rich, white, males, to make sure the coming generations are kept in line and keep the status quo safe and secure. … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Picture from:  Pinterest This is what women look like to me.  This is what men fear.  Their laws, expectations and rules, are lies that bind our wings and stop us from flying.  This is what women look like to me … Continue reading

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