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This amazing art exhibit was at the Chicago Cultural Center. The potter is a disabled vet. He is anti-war and the entire proceeds from t-shirts, BOOKS and his pots, go to help others. His pots are $69 each but they are out of stock. Being among the pots is a moving experience and the horror of war is made real. His work is incredible, raw and profound. Each pot is a powerful message. 8 photographs.

I took this picture of the display but there were more on the other walls

If you are a vet or know someone who is…this is the website.  They have info for vets and ways to help them.  Look them up.

These are two of my favorite things…Jesse’s dishes…I love the texture and the the cat and 31 design. They are so fabulous.

One of Jesse’s bowls…

More of Jesse’s pottery…

Some of Jesse’s latest pottery…2 pictures


Jesse made this robot flower pot for me…in her pottery class and I love it!

Sun and Moon bowls Jesse made for me…

Another bowl from Jesse…

Jesse made this beautiful dish for me…


A lovely little bowl Jesse made and gave to me at Christmas…2 pictures

img_8040 img_8041

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