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The After Party…

On their way to the After Party where there will be delicious snacks, including ice cream.  Everyone is looking forward to having time with Resa and Holly.  They have been following them around, since they arrived.  They think their work … Continue reading

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Closing remarks.

We would like to thank everyone for their amazing contribution to our Poetry Party.  It was a great success, because of all the work everyone put into it.   And, because our friends and guests are absolutely the best beings anywhere. … Continue reading

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Tide, Holly’s dog, was given special recognition, in the form of many hugs and a specially made milk bone, for being such a good dog, the whole time he was at The Coop.

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Albert and Ducky…

Albert was rescued from a bunny farm, right after he was born.   Ducky is his best friend.  They do everything together. Bunnies bunnies need a kind and loving home where we are treated with respect we are not gloves hats … Continue reading

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Resa’s Egg Dance was a smashing success from beginning to end. The chicklets loved the part where popcorn flew out of the egg, right after Resa hatched. She pecked through the shell, grew up and then returned to the shell, at the end. It was truly inspired.

  Ress’s Egg Dance was a huge hit.  The chicklets watched, as she pecked through the shell and threw popcorn leis into the crowd.  Then she sat back and popcorn flew out of the egg.  Her dance was wonderful, going … Continue reading

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Melanie’s poems are being read by Flicka, a new calf. It’s her first time on stage. She said she’s not afraid, because she’s surrounded by love from everyone at The Coop. Flicka and her mom were rescued from a factory farm…poems by Melanie speak to that time in her life.

He was named Robert and he could’ve been called Rob or Bob Robbie or Bobby or even Bert (thank goodness he wasn’t called Bert) but instead, and I never knew why, they called him E I asked him once what … Continue reading

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Kathy…two poems

how wonderful it is to have friends and guests with us to celebrate poetry and each other fun and laughter joy and kindness that’s what the world needs more of   Poem 2 cruelty has no place in the world … Continue reading

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