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The After Party…

On their way to the After Party where there will be delicious snacks, including ice cream.  Everyone is looking forward to having time with Resa and Holly.  They have been following them around, since they arrived.  They think their work on stage was amazing and hope they come back for future parties.  Tide was a big hit, and not just with the other dogs.  He’s very sweet and the chicklets had fun playing with him.

Just a note to explain the blue chicklet.  She’s very young and was in the craft room, where she found the easter egg dye.  So…she’s blue for awhile.

A HUGE thank you to all who have joined in with the chicklets, Resa, Holly and the rest of us, to make the Poetry Party a smashing success.  Thank you for your ability to join the chicklets in their daily lives.  I’m so grateful to all of you.

A special thanks to Holly and Resa for their amazing support and laughter.  Love them both.

Thanks to Melanie for getting her poems to me in time.  Thank you MELANIE!!!  Love you.

Closing remarks.

We would like to thank everyone for their amazing contribution to our Poetry Party.  It was a great success, because of all the work everyone put into it.   And, because our friends and guests are absolutely the best beings anywhere.

The talent was more than we could have ever hoped for and having humans with us was new, exciting, and wonderful.  We would like to thank them for coming and bringing their companion animals with them.

We can never thank them enough, for making our party a smashing success.

Now, when everyone is finished chatting, there’s ice cream and treats, a sing-a-long, games, more snacks, and then story time, after which, the pajama party will begin.

Thank you one and all.


Tide, Holly’s dog, was given special recognition, in the form of many hugs and a specially made milk bone, for being such a good dog, the whole time he was at The Coop.

Albert and Ducky…

Albert was rescued from a bunny farm, right after he was born.   Ducky is his best friend.  They do everything together.


bunnies need a kind
and loving home
where we are treated
with respect
we are not gloves
hats or coats
we are not clothing
or food
or decorations
we are living
more loving
and sane


by Ducky

ducks love water
we swim and float
watch out for boats
and get our food
from water

water is where ducks live
and humans
are poisoning it
where will we go then

Resa’s Egg Dance was a smashing success from beginning to end. The chicklets loved the part where popcorn flew out of the egg, right after Resa hatched. She pecked through the shell, grew up and then returned to the shell, at the end. It was truly inspired.


Ress’s Egg Dance was a huge hit.  The chicklets watched, as she pecked through the shell and threw popcorn leis into the crowd.  Then she sat back and popcorn flew out of the egg.  Her dance was wonderful, going through all stages from birth to a return to the egg.  Beautiful.

Melanie’s poems are being read by Flicka, a new calf. It’s her first time on stage. She said she’s not afraid, because she’s surrounded by love from everyone at The Coop. Flicka and her mom were rescued from a factory farm…poems by Melanie speak to that time in her life.

He was named Robert
and he could’ve been called
Rob or Bob
Robbie or Bobby
or even Bert
(thank goodness he wasn’t called Bert)
but instead, and I never knew why,
they called him E
I asked him once what the E stood for
and he said it stood for absolutely nothing
but that is ok ’cause E stood for many things

E was all about Equality, for women and children
he helped many escape from the clutches of evil men
who had them ensnared in seemingly endless cycles
of domestic abuse

E was a enthusiastic lover of animals and
fought for their rights to simply live their lives
he helped many escape from the clutches of evil men
who had them enslaved in factories and cages
awaiting certain death

He was named Robert
and he could’ve been called
Rob or Bob
Robbie or Bobby
or even Bert
(thank goodness he wasn’t called Bert)
but instead, and I never knew why,
they called him E
I asked him once what the E stood for
and he said it stood for absolutely nothing
but that is ok ’cause to me, E was everything



Poem 2:
by Melanie

you say it is the sunshine you crave
it is shining
you just can’t see it from your dark cave

you say you need the warmth, the light
it is shining
you just don’t give yourself the right

you’re not willing to go outside,
outside yourself, outside the “comfort”
of what you already know is no good for you

you say it is the sunshine you crave
and it is shining
as brightly for you as it ever was

if only you’d open your eyes,
your heart,
your mind



Kathy…two poems

how wonderful it is
to have friends
and guests
with us
to celebrate poetry
and each other
fun and laughter
joy and kindness
what the world
needs more of


Poem 2

has no place
in the world
we can stop it
by not doing it
stop eating us
stop the torture
of other living beings
for our sake
as well as your own

The bunny agreed but did not want to read a poem of his own.

Holly was fantastic. The chicklets loved her and her poem (which is below). Holly is a bit shy, so Betty and Lara went on stage with her. Tambourine music was played throughout and was just perfect. It was wonderful.

First, thank you to the Chicklets for putting the poetry reading party together and for inviting me.

I brought Tide with me, he is going to stay outside with Emily but not too close. He left a

Milk Bone by her door so she will know he is open to conversation if she feels like it.

I’ve brought black scarves (Stevie Nicks style)  and purple berets for everyone and tambourines should anyone be inspired to shake a tambourine.

(clears throat)

I wrote this poem for you.  

I want it to be perfect,

its verses soft as  bunny ears

and chicklets sweet as candy corn

beneath the star lit tents.    

Let’s shake our tambourines

to Resa’s famous Egg Dance

and float some feathery  kisses to Gigi

For bringing us all here. 

See you at the party, love ya, Holly

Joyce and her little sister Sandie opened the party…

Sandie, on the right, got into her mother’s mascara.  Her sister, told her not to do it, but you can see the results.  The bad news is, Sandie likes it and wants some of her own.  She’s thinking of going into the beauty industry, or at least into doing make-up for the parties, or Halloween.  Halloween was her sister’s idea.  They did a wonderful job welcoming everyone to the POETRY PARTY.

FYI…the Poetry Party has begun…

Holly and Resa are a huge hit and the chicklets can’t wait to see them on stage.  Music is playing and everyone is in high spirits.   All of the committees did wonderful jobs and things are truly perfect.

The night will be full of surprises and no one knows the order in which the poems will be read, except Marcy, because she’s the announcer chicklet.

Pictures tomorrow.

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